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Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang 在那遥远的地方的地方 In That Distant Place Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Luo Bin 王洛宾 Wang Luobin

Chinese Song Name: Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang 在那遥远的地方的地方
English Tranlation Name: In That Distant Place
Chinese Singer: Wang Luo Bin 王洛宾 Wang Luobin
Chinese Composer: Wang Luo Bin 王洛宾 Wang Luobin
Chinese Lyrics: Wang Luo Bin 王洛宾 Wang Luobin

Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang 在那遥远的地方的地方 In That Distant Place Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Luo Bin 王洛宾 Wang Luobin

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

zài nà yáo yuǎn de dì fang 
在  那 遥  远   的 地 方  
In that far away place
yǒu wèi hǎo gū niang 
有  位  好  姑 娘    
There's a nice girl
rén men zǒu guò tā de zhàng fáng 
人  们  走  过  她 的 帐    房  
People passed by her counting-house
dōu yào huí tóu liú liàn dì zhāng wàng 
都  要  回  头  留  恋   地 张    望
Look behind you
tā nà fěn hóng de xiào liǎn 
她 那 粉  红   的 笑   脸   
Her pink smile
hǎo xiàng hóng tài yáng 
好  像    红   太  阳   
Like the red sun
tā nà měi lì dòng rén de yǎn jing 
她 那 美  丽 动   人  的 眼  睛   
Her beautiful eyes
hǎo xiàng wǎn shang míng mèi de yuè liang 
好  像    晚  上    明   媚  的 月  亮
 Like the bright moon at night
wǒ yuàn liú làng zài cǎo yuán 
我 愿   流  浪   在  草  原   
I wish to wander on the grassland
gěi tā qù fàng yáng 
给  她 去 放   羊   
Go herd the sheep with her
měi tiān kàn zhe nà fěn hóng de xiào liǎn 
每  天   看  着  那 粉  红   的 笑   脸   
Look at that pink smile every day
hé nà měi lì jīn biān de yī shang 
和 那 美  丽 金  边   的 衣 裳    
And the beautiful gold dress
wǒ yuàn zuò yì zhī xiǎo yáng 
我 愿   做  一 只  小   羊   
I wish I were a lamb
gēn zài tā shēn páng 
跟  在  她 身   旁  
Stay with her
wǒ yuàn měi tiān tā ná zhe pí biān 
我 愿   每  天   她 拿 着  皮 鞭   
I wish she had a whip every day
bú duàn qīng qīng dǎ zài wǒ shēn shàng 
不 断   轻   轻   打 在  我 身   上  
 Hit me gently

Some Great Reviews About Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang 在那遥远的地方的地方 In That Distant Place

Listener 1: "Sometimes I like a song not just because it sounds good, but because When I hear the song, I can recall something very touching, and the emotion in my heart is much bigger than the meaning of the song itself. Lonely in the song of the green mulberry but full of the strength of the utmost upward. Perseverance and courage. Every Chinese can say proudly that the place where I stand is China, And I am proud of China. Write the chapter of life with the sunshine state of mind. Life because of the sun and bright, the years are shallow, if the heart has sunshine, life is safe!"

Listener 2: "grow up, are crowded in the supermarket, is busy along while made who all can't eat a meal, is widely divergent, is as chaos during the day and the night life is getting better and better, but that happiness is more and more far from us, when I was a child cried and cried and smiled, grew up smile smile wept, is each New Year flower similar, different days"

Listener 3: "In that far away place, long time, who has not waited for whom? On the world of mortals road, who has not been crazy for love! How much I want to have each other, a total of life walk, walk all over the mountains and rivers, walk all over the north of the Yangtze River… On the world of mortals road, who can accompany, hand in hand hundred years? Suddenly look back, through a season of flowers, persistent I want to read, deeply attached to the fleeting years, more vicissitudes of life, a sigh, a bit of sorrow and joy, research ink unforgettable, writing sentiment long! Those scattered memories in the wind, dense thoughts like a dream, can not be cut off. If this life is destined to meet, I will lie on the autumn waters, with you to share the stranger flowers bloom and fall, to see the world amorous feelings sweet, avoid the world's troubles, and you hold hands through a porridge and a meal of tedious, never tired of looking at each other, white head is still! "

Listener 4: "It was full of passion and vision, dreaming about the future. The song has not changed, life is gone forever. It's hard to listen to these songs again. Remember that performance, is this song, everything is too fast, now listening to this song is full of nostalgia. Good simple good deep sincere, strong penetrating voice! The quiet of the heart in the dust settled the feeling! "

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