Yuan Quan 圆圈 The Circle Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yin Qing 尹清

Yuan Quan 圆圈 The Circle Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yin Qing 尹清

Chinese Song Name: Yuan Quan 圆圈
English Tranlation Name: The Circle
Chinese Singer: Yin Qing 尹清
Chinese Composer: Shu Zi 树子
Chinese Lyrics: Shu Zi 树子

Yuan Quan 圆圈 The Circle Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yin Qing 尹清

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

shēng huó xiàng yí gè yuán quān 
生    活  像    一 个 圆   圈   
Life is like a circle
zhè lǐ nǎ lǐ shì zhōng diǎn 
这  里 哪 里 是  终    点   
Where in here is the terminal point
yì quān yi quān yòu yì quān 
一 圈   一 圈   又  一 圈   
Round and round and round
xiě ā  xiě chéng yí gè yuán 
写  啊 写  成    一 个 圆   
Write it as a circle
yí gè liǎng gè sān gè quān 
一 个 两    个 三  个 圈   
One, two, three circles
bù tíng bu tíng shì zhōng diǎn 
不 停   不 停   是  终    点   
No stop, no stop is the end point
xià gè lù kǒu zhuǎn gè wān 
下  个 路 口  转    个 弯  
Take a turn at the next corner
wǒ yòu bǎ nǐ zài yù jiàn 
我 又  把 你 再  遇 见   
I saw you again
yí zhèn fēng chuī lái 
一 阵   风   吹   来  
A gust of wind is blowing
chuī ya chuī guò lái 
吹   呀 吹   过  来  
Blow and blow
tīng jiàn xiào shēng qǐ 
听   见   笑   声    起 
I heard laughter
huā kāi zài xīn lǐ 
花  开  在  心  里 

Flowers bloom in my heart

Some Great Reviews About Yuan Quan 圆圈 The Circle

Listener 1:"See tomorrow two went to see not specially to see who listen to this voice was really moved from the last season of wang jingli to Yin qing found particularly like long hair small brother delicate and slightly elegant but personally feel wang jingli's singing level is not as clean as Yin qing gao Yin qing's voice is clean and clear have healing system instant intoxicated among them"

Listener 2:"Young heart is always looking for the paradise of dreams, searching and then back to the origin. Will be satisfied to find that this is the original heaven."

Listener 3:"May all love like a circle, draw a perfect arc back to the beginning."

Listener 4:"Can not find a reason to bother you, I disappeared you do not know my existence; I cry you can't see my scars; I gave up you can't see my pay, I silent you can't hear my heart? Why to forget a person is more difficult than to like a person; Why is beautiful thing always can be so short however, why do you cherish that person that thing to leave you more far instead? Is the day you call me, voice tell you my number has become empty, you will not lose, will not miss me, if one day your mobile phone, no longer have my information, my phone, you will not be very happy. It's hard for us to have a chance to meet again. Will you be upset and miss me? If one day you can go to my heart, you will certainly shed tears, because it is full of you give me sad, if one day I can go to your heart, I will also shed tears, because it is all you do not care, already know my role, but I always hold a fantasy, in the end, or hurt myself. I'm just a traveler in your heart. Looking back on the past bit by bit, this relationship is like an hourglass, even if you have invested more, pay more, the sand will be a little bit of the flow, to the last hold in the hand is just a wisp of wind, and they have been blown dry by the wind of the tears! Miss you, is a kind of pain, faint pain! Not often, but lingering, miss you, is a kind of, unforgettable pain! Not often, but still deep! Think of you, never know tired, but extremely painful! Unconsciously has been into the blood, tore heart crack lung pain is not the past, but the memory! But so what? There's no reason to bother you anymore. To bear the pain alone. Myself is how not to give up, time is slowly passing, but why my love for you is not reduced, why? Every time will open the interface to chat with you, but every time there is nothing to send you, can not find a reason to bother you! I love you so much, no matter how much it hurts, I don't want to try to forget it. No matter how much it hurts, I can't get out of my beautiful memories. My heart is slowly blocking this relationship and locking her in my heart forever"


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