Ying Zi 影子 The Shadow Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yu Ke Wei 郁可唯 Yisa

Ying Zi 影子 The Shadow Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yu Ke Wei 郁可唯 Yisa

Chinese Song Name: Ying Zi 影子
English Tranlation Name: The Shadow
Chinese Singer: Yu Ke Wei 郁可唯 Yisa
Chinese Composer: Huang Guo Lun 黄国伦
Chinese Lyrics: Huang Gui Lan 黄桂兰

Ying Zi 影子 The Shadow Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yu Ke Wei 郁可唯 Yisa

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

nǐ yǒu gè míng zi 
你 有  个 名   字 
You have a name
wǒ zhǐ shì gè yǐng zi 
我 只  是  个 影   子 
I'm just a shadow
nǐ de xīn yǒu gè yǐng zi 
你 的 心  有  个 影   子 
Your heart has a shadow
wǒ zhǐ shì gè míng zi 
我 只  是  个 名   字 
I'm just a name
shuō bù qīng chu   shén me yì si 
说   不 清   楚    什   么 意 思 
I don't know what it means
zhè jiàn shì bìng fēi jiě shì 
这  件   事  并   非  解  释  
There is no explanation for this
kàn bù qīng chu   shén me wèi zi 
看  不 清   楚    什   么 位  子 
I can't see anything clearly
zhǐ shì yì chǎng   cuò yǐ wéi shì 
只  是  一 场      错  以 为  是
It's just a mistake to make it right
zǒng shì fù zhì zhè ài qíng 
总   是  复 制  这  爱 情   
Always to restore the love
yòng rú chū yì zhé de mó shì 
用   如 出  一 辙  的 模 式  
Use a pattern to make a rut
yǎn xiāng tóng de shì wú xiū yòu wú zhǐ 
演  相    同   的 事  无 休  又  无 止  
There is no end to acting in the same way
zǒng yǐ wéi sù zào wǒ jú zhǐ 
总   以 为  塑 造  我 举 止  
He lifts me up to make me
chéng wéi nǐ yì zhí xiǎng yào de yàng zi 
成    为  你 一 直  想    要  的 样   子 
Be what you've always wanted
rú cǐ yì kāi shǐ yào hé shí tíng zhǐ 
如 此 一 开  始  要  何 时  停   止  
When does this start and stop
rú cǐ yì kāi shǐ yào hé shí tíng zhǐ 
如 此 一 开  始  要  何 时  停   止
When does this start and stop  

Some Great Reviews About Ying Zi 影子 The Shadow

Listener 1: "The song 'Shadow' by Yu Kewei shows her singing characteristics deeply. Her voice has a characteristic that makes people feel special but not lose her delicate sense of girls. The layered feeling in "Shadow" is like that she spreads out her love injury thoroughly, burns it to the scorching sun, and finally gives herself a special medicine to quickly heal her injury and pull away from the pain. But there was a lump in her throat at the end of the song that moved people."

Listener 2: "Yu kewei's voice is warm and the song 'Shadow' is very heart-wrenching. It's too bad that she didn't break through. Her singing has the characteristic of "moistening things quietly", she will show us her nine years of experience, she is really a very good singer, her appearance will certainly set the most prominent starting tone for future singers. Come on, Yu Kewei, be stronger and harder in the future, fans will call for you!!"

Listener 3: "Yu Kewei sings this very vividly. Grudge, lament, unwilling, wronged, but love is hot and deep. The final attitude and struggle of a woman in love. This calculate me to yu Kewei of face up to, before probably because of the relation of her timbre, did not pay attention to too much. The treatment of this song is really clean, no more and no less tightly controlled, but often clean and delicate song can sing to your heart.”

Listener 4: "There really is no reason to miss someone. When I think of it, I am filled with your shadow, your voice and your smile. I like this, has been intoxicated in such a trance, obsessed with this sweet. When you become a habit, become a second thought can not stop, I know your shadow has been deep into the bone marrow, become a part of my body, can no longer give it up. No appointment, no smile, no emotion when we met. Everything is so casual, is so familiar, the memory of the picture, the scene in the dream, to such a familiar point. In a trance, it seems almost as if he were caught, blankly, in an ancient painting of you, with your clothes flapping like snow.“

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