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Yin Yang Jue 阴阳诀 Strategics Of Yin And Yang Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Shuang Sheng 双笙

Chinese Song Name: Yin Yang Jue 阴阳诀
English Tranlation Name: Strategics Of Yin And Yang 
Chinese Singer: Shuang Sheng 双笙
Chinese Composer: Kong Hou Mo 空候墨
Chinese Lyrics: Zhao Hao Yang 赵浩阳

Yin Yang Jue 阴阳诀 Strategics Of Yin And Yang Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Shuang Sheng 双笙

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

liú lián wú tóng jiù tíng yuàn 
流  连   梧 桐   旧  庭   院   
Liu Lian Wu Tong old courtyard
chán mián mèng hún zǒng xiāng qiān 
缠   绵   梦   魂  总   相    牵  
Entangling dream soul always pull
yī rén yuǎn shuǐ lián shān 
伊 人  远   水   连   山   
They are far away from the mountains
lí hé kǔ shì bēi huān 
离 合 苦 是  悲  欢   
Separation is joy and sorrow
qǔ lán shān gū dēng yè nán mián 
曲 阑  珊   孤 灯   夜 难  眠   
The curved diaphragm keeps the lamp awake at night
xíng lù nán yáng guān lèi wèi gān 
行   路 难  阳   关   泪  未  干  
Road hard Yang pass tears not dry
zhí niàn yīn yáng zǒng wú duān 
执  念   阴  阳   总   无 端   
Obsession with Yin and Yang always has no end
shén mó qiān fāng wú míng yàn 
神   魔 千   方   无 名   焰  
God and magic have no name
wàng shān hé jǐ láng yān 
望   山   河 几 狼   烟  
Wangshan river several Wolf smoke
cǐ xīn cún hóng huāng yuǎn 
此 心  存  洪   荒    远   
This heart keeps the flood far away
cāng shēng nán shuí rěn shēn dú ān 
苍   生    难  谁   忍  身   独 安 
God can't bear to be alone
zhòng lèi jiǔ zhàng jiàn duì qīng tiān 
重    酹  酒  仗    剑   对  青   天   
Lethe will fight the sword against green heaven

Some Great Reviews About Yin Yang Jue 阴阳诀 Strategics Of Yin And Yang

Listener 1: "the Yin and Yang of sung by double sheng, for the film" the mood of strategics of Yin and Yang "theme song, the song melody deeply and with thick antique lasting appeal, at the same time with xu some sad and helpless, concise and refined lyrics, just a few sentences, then outline the elegantly separation, miss, melancholy picture scroll, apply colours to a drawing of a kind of sad mood, will be a swordsman river lake grand show incisively and vividly, countless feelings include, together with two sheng that kind of sweet and with some hoarse voice, worth listening to song ~"

Listener 2: "sheng new song" tactic of Yin and Yang "is really don't have a taste, it is a challenge to the elements, the combination of the words, brief but rich in meaning, song kind of emptiness and mysterious feeling, touching county, like the call in miles, as from the depths of the soul," rivers, far of universe, obligation, battle sword to the sky "is free and easy sort of momentum, and visible filar silk sorrow mood, plus double husky sheng magnetic, delicate expression of emotion, unreal blurred, is very contagious, looking forward to the movie"

Listener 3:"Ten years of life and death two boundless, do not think, since unforgettable. Thousands of miles lonely grave, no words desolate. Even if meet do not know, dust face, such as frost temples. Night to dream suddenly return home, xiao Xuan window, is dressing. Care of silence, but tears thousand lines. Expect to be heartbroken year after year, the moon night, short pine. "

Listener 4: "This song has the feeling that I have to complete a task even if no one knows. And it was done in isolation. There is a reunion, called small rise at the beginning of the discrete table with two, when the high school examination were taken into the city. Three is cooler, four is longer. On the moon alone drink sigh cold bed, tears look qing xiang. One world, two wounds, a cup of bitter wine burning sad, not aware of the day and…… Sad to pass through."

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