Xing Fu Lu Shang 幸福路上 Happiness On The Road Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Cai Yi Lin 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai Du Xin Yan 杜鑫艳

Xing Fu Lu Shang 幸福路上 Happiness On The Road Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Cai Yi Lin 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai Du Xin Yan 杜鑫艳

Chinese Song Name: Xing Fu Lu Shang 幸福路上
English Tranlation Name: Happiness On The Road
Chinese Singer: Cai Yi Lin 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai Du Xin Yan 杜鑫艳
Chinese Composer: Mi Qi Lin 米奇林 Lin Jia Qing 林家庆
Chinese Lyrics: Li Chao Xiong 李焯雄 Lin Huang Kun 林煌坤

Xing Fu Lu Shang 幸福路上 Happiness On The Road Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Cai Yi Lin 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai Du Xin Yan 杜鑫艳

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

dù xīn yàn : xiàn zài   hǎo ma 
杜 鑫  艳  : 现   在    好  吗 
Du Xinyan: How about now
nǐ shī luò zài nǎ yí cì   bān jiā 
你 失  落  在  哪 一 次   搬  家  
Which move did you miss
dàn tài yáng měi cì là xià 
但  太  阳   每  次 落 下  
But every time the sun goes down
yī rán wǎng shàng pá 
依 然  往   上    爬 
Then climb up
xīn de zhī yā 
新  的 枝  桠 
The new branch fork
lái zì jiù de shāng bā 
来  自 旧  的 伤    疤 
From old wounds
yǐ wéi xìng fú   bú zài zhè zài bié chù 
以 为  幸   福   不 在  这  在  别  处  
Happiness is not here or anywhere else
zǒng shì mǎn zú   bié rén yào de mǎn zú 
总   是  满  足   别  人  要  的 满  足 
There's always enough to go around
yí lù zhuī zhú 
一 路 追   逐  
Chasing a road
yuán lái shì wǒ pà hé zì jǐ dú chù 
原   来  是  我 怕 和 自 己 独 处  
For I fear to be alone with myself
wǒ yòu shì shuí   wǒ què shuō bù qīng chu 
我 又  是  谁     我 却  说   不 清   楚  
I don't know who I am
cài yī lín 、 dù xīn yàn : ài de lǐ wù 
蔡  依 林  、 杜 鑫  艳  : 爱 的 礼 物 
CAI Yilin and Du Xinyan: The gift of love
wǒ zhù nǐ xìng fú 
我 祝  你 幸   福 
I wish you well
wú lùn nǐ zài hé shí huò shì zài hé chù 
无 论  你 在  何 时  或  是  在  何 处  
It doesn't matter where or when you are
mò wàng le wǒ de 
莫 忘   了 我 的 
Don't forget me
zhù fú 
祝  福 
I wish happy

Some Great Reviews About Xing Fu Lu Shang 幸福路上 Happiness On The Road

Listener 1: "Those who have dreams and dare to pursue them, even if they fall down and get hurt on the way to pursue their dreams, will be brave enough to get up, but also don't forget… Our first loyalty, don't forget that there are still people applauding you behind you, brave to chase you… The sun in my heart!"

Listener 2: "A person has a culture, there is a temperament; People have a point, there is a point of popularity; Where there is an open mind, there is wisdom; A person has a point of experience, there is a point of career; A man has a tribulation, he has a skill. Every point accumulated now will be converted into achievements in the future!"

Listener 3: "This song is the theme song performed by Jolin Tsai for the animated film of the same name, On the Road to Happiness. It tells a touching story about a little girl's efforts to grow up and pursue happiness. In keeping with the warm theme of the film, Jolin tsai integrates herself into the story, interpreting fast songs or love songs with a different voice. At the end of the song, Jolin combines the classic song "I Wish you Happiness" by feng Feifei, the famous queen of the song. She pays tribute to her predecessors and expresses her blessing with the most pure and simple singing. At the 54th Golden Horse Awards on November 25, Jolin will perform her song "On the Road to Happiness" in public for the first time, and perform a crosstalk performance of "The Queen of Time: Happy Memories" to pay tribute to her predecessors. The news, once exposed, has aroused strong expectations from fans."

Listener 4:"As long as do not die, do to die: all say that living is tired, but no one likes to die, all say that money is hard to earn, but no one gives it up, all say that the world is full of tears, but few people become monks, all say that feelings hurt, but everyone is looking for. Between men, than a car; Between women, than the face; Between the old, than children; Between husband and wife, than ability; Between the poor, than warm; Between the rich, than make money! Tired? Tired! Dead? Not dead! Do it before you die! One of the most popular phrases of 2018, "If you don't die, you die", is that nothing else matters.Tired, just right. Proof alive!! That's life!"

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