Xin San Xiao Yin Yuan 新三笑姻缘 The New Three Smile Love Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Xin San Xiao Yin Yuan 新三笑姻缘 The New Three Smile Love Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Xin San Xiao Yin Yuan 新三笑姻缘
English Tranlation Name: The New Three Smile Love
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer:  Gu Yue 古月
Chinese Lyrics:  Zhuang Nu 庄奴

Xin San Xiao Yin Yuan 新三笑姻缘 The New Three Smile Love Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wǒ ài jiāng nán duō měi jiāo niáng 
我 爱 江    南  多  美  娇   娘  
I love Jiang Nan more beautiful jiao Niang
huá fǔ yā huán fāng míng qiū xiāng 
华  府 丫 环   芳   名   秋  香
Washington maid name Chou-heung   
nà táng bó hǔ fēng liú háo fàng 
那 唐   伯 虎 风   流  豪  放
That Tong Pak Fu is romantic and unrestrained
ài shàng qiū xiāng chàng fèng qiú huáng 
爱 上    秋  香    唱    凤   求  凰  
Love chou-heung sing phoenix seek the phoenix
qiào qiū xiāng qiū bō yì zhuǎn 
俏   秋  香    秋  波 一 转    
Qiuxiang qiubo a turn
táng bó hǔ xīn shén dàng yàng 
唐   伯 虎 心  神   荡   漾   
Tang Pak Fu was in a flutter
yuè lǎo tā cóng zhōng bāng máng 
月  老  他 从   中    帮   忙
The old man lent him a hand  
táng bó hǔ huá fǔ zhuī qiū xiāng 
唐   伯 虎 华  府 追   秋  香  
Tong Pak Fu chou-heung 
yí xiào hún piāo 
一 笑   魂  飘   
A smile soul gone with the wind
zài xiào duàn cháng 
再  笑   断   肠    
Im laughing off again
sān xiào yīn yuán 
三  笑   姻  缘   
The three laugh because rim
sān xiào yīn yuán wàn gǔ yáng 
三  笑   姻  缘   万  古 扬   
Three smile wedding edge wan ancient Yang

Some Great Reviews About Xin San Xiao Yin Yuan 新三笑姻缘 The New Three Smile Love

Listener 1: I try to remember Teresa Teng, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s, mainland China in 2000, Hollywood in the 1930s… I am not a person who CARES about chasing stars, but with deep love, think of it and feel surprised and moved, or can immediately count. In such an era of many choices, it is not good to obsess too deeply and care too much.”

Listener 2: "In recent years, Chinese national opera culture has been almost forgotten by the young people. However, a foreign girl sings the song xinsan Marriage with opera elements in such an elegant and charming way… More unexpected is that a large number of 90, 00 postmodern young boys and girls exclaim: the original opera songs can be so good! They were also surprised to find that Teresa Teng had sung the song when she was 16 or 7 years old in '71."

Listener 3: "occasionally want to change the taste, as the in the mind will be delicious to eat, this is the sense of freedom people buy some things to isn't good, sit-down is heat feels delicious, good taste buds enjoy the sweets and bitters are best, with Teresa teng Deng Ma along the years what all good, never had different opinions, a bowl of beef pho, a Vietnam of French bread, hand tore to bone salt baked chicken, fish head furnace, sugarcane shrimps, eat."

Listener 4: "One year, Teresa Teng went to the army to perform. At the end of the song, they tried their best to applaud, including a small soldier put the slap red. The crowd heckled Teresa Teng and asked her to kiss the little soldier. The amiable Teresa Teng really kissed the little soldier on the cheek. The little soldier said excitedly that he would never wash his face in his life.“

Listener 5: "launch in honour of Teresa teng's 65th birthday, is the preferred Teresa teng fans collection‼She is a singer, but also a cultural symbol ‼in the feelings of wild s mission times endorsement of Teresa teng, with its sweet sense of song, touched the hearts of so many people ‼"

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