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Xiao Fang Niu 小放牛 Small Cattle Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Xiao Fang Niu 小放牛
English Tranlation Name: Small Cattle 
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer: Unknown
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknown

Xiao Fang Niu 小放牛 Small Cattle Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

sān yuè lǐ lái 
三  月  里 来  
Three months to come
táo huā hóng   xìng huā bái   shuǐ xiān huā ér kāi 
桃  花  红     杏   花  白    水   仙   花  儿 开  
Peach blossom red apricot blossom white narcissus
yòu zhǐ jiàn nà sháo yào mǔ dān   quán yǐ kāi ya fàng ya 
又  只  见   那 芍   药  牡 丹    全   已 开  呀 放   呀 
Only to find that the peony medicine and peony had been opened and released
yī dēi yī yō hēi 
咿 嘚  咿 哟 嗨  
Eep, eep, hey
lái zhì zài   huáng cǎo pō qián 
来  至  在    黄    草  坡 前   
In front of the yellow grass slope
jiàn yí gè mù tóng   tóu dài zhe cǎo mào 
见   一 个 牧 童     头  戴  着  草  帽  
He saw a shepherd boy with a straw hat on his head
shēn pī zhe suō yī   shǒu ná zhe hú dí 
身   披 着  蓑  衣   手   拿 着  胡 笛 
With a demoiselle over her body and a whisk in her hand
kǒu ér lǐ chuī de quán shì lián huā ér nà luò ā  
口  儿 里 吹   的 全   是  莲   花  儿 那 落  啊 
Mouth son inside the blow is the lotus flower son that drop
yī dēi yī yō hēi 
咿 嘚  咿 哟 嗨  
Eep, eep, hey
wǒ shuō mù tóng gē nǐ guò lái 
我 说   牧 童   哥 你 过  来  
I said, boy shepherd, come here
wǒ wèn nǐ wǒ yào chī hào jiǔ 
我 问  你 我 要  吃  好  酒  
I ask you I want good wine
zài nǎ ér qù ya mǎi ya   yī dēi yī yō hēi 
在  哪 儿 去 呀 买  呀   咿 嘚  咿 哟 嗨  
Where to go buy eeeeeeeeee Hey
mù tóng gē wǒ kāi yán dào 
牧 童   哥 我 开  言  道  
Brother Shepherd, I said
wǒ zūn shēng nǚ kè rén ér   āi nǐ guò lái 
我 尊  声    女 客 人  儿   哎 你 过  来
I say, lady, come here
wǒ zhè lǐ yòng shǒu yì zhǐ   jiù nán zhǐ běi zhǐ 
我 这  里 用   手   一 指    就  南  指  北  指
I point to the north and the south with my hand
qián mian de gāo pō yǒu jǐ hù de rén jia 
前   面   的 高  坡 有  几 户 的 人  家  
There were several families on the high slope ahead
yáng liǔ shù shàng guà zhe yí gè dà zhāo pai ér 
杨   柳  树  上    挂  着  一 个 大 招   牌  儿 
A big card hung on a poplar tree
āi nǚ kè rén ér   āi nǐ guò lái 
哎 女 客 人  儿   哎 你 过  来  
Hey guest son hey you come over
nǐ yào chī hào jiǔ jiù zài xìng huā ér cūn mǎi ya 
你 要  吃  好  酒  就  在  杏   花  儿 村  买  呀
You can buy good wine at the apricot blossom Village
yī dēi yī yō hēi 
咿 嘚  咿 哟 嗨  
Eep, eep, hey
nǐ yào chī hào jiǔ jiù zài xìng huā cūn 
你 要  吃  好  酒  就  在  杏   花  村  
You want good wine in apricot blossom

Some Great Reviews About Xiao Fang Niu 小放牛 Small Cattle

Listener 1: "I think Teresa Teng can sing any song that sounds good. It's a pity that the queen of the first generation only left too soon, but her beautiful voice often echoes in my ears."

Listener 2: "The story goes that Zhang Guolao heard that Lu Ban had built a zhaozhou Bridge, which is known as the best bridge in the world. Zhang Guolao was not convinced, so he invited King Chai, the god of wealth from Shangnan Road, to try the quality of Zhaozhou Bridge. This day, Zhang Guolao rode a donkey, while Chai Wangye drove an Audi. Zhang Guolao used spells to load the sun and moon on the donkey's back. Chai Wangye put three mountains and five mountains in the trunk of an Audi. Zhang Guolao was riding a donkey in front of him, while Chai drove behind him. When the Zhaozhou Bridge creaked, it was about to collapse. Lu Ban jumped into the river and drowned himself!"

Listener 3: "Little Cattle-herding cow is a classic song from Teresa Teng's time, and the doll has a good sound. Worthy of the Chinese people's talent, music, song, genius."

Listener 4: "Teresa Teng's music combines eastern and Western musical elements, fuses national and popularity, and creates her own singing style, which has influenced many famous singers of later generations. Gas voice is an important singing feature of Teresa Teng. On this basis, she has formed a unique delicate and subtle vibrato and a characteristic cry voice. She has absorbed the articulation process of Chinese folk songs and operas that pay attention to the words, rhymes and sounds. She is good at using appoggion, Boing, glide and other embellishing techniques to express the different charms of songs, forming a euphemistic, refreshing, beautiful and fluent singing style full of national characteristics. Her voice is gentle, mellow, delicate but not broken toughness, broad range, singing the natural transition of each sound area, coherent and unified voice, almost can not hear any trace of breathing. Teng strives for perfection in mastering the melody and rhythm of different songs, carving the timbour, comparing the strength and releasing the emotion, etc. She handles even a small turn carefully and appropriately."

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