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Xi Zang De Hai Zi 西藏的孩子 Children In Tibet Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Ba Jin Wang Jia 巴金旺甲

Chinese Song Name: Xi Zang De Hai Zi 西藏的孩子
English Tranlation Name: Children In Tibet
Chinese Singer: Ba Jin Wang Jia 巴金旺甲
Chinese Composer: Ba Jin Wang Jia 巴金旺甲 Dan Dan 旦旦 Ba Ya 巴雅
Chinese Lyrics: La Xian Jia 拉先加

Xi Zang De Hai Zi 西藏的孩子 Children In Tibet Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Ba Jin Wang Jia 巴金旺甲

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

chuī dòng nǐ fā sī de 
吹   动   你 发 丝 的 
Blow your hair
bú shì qīng fēng 
不 是  轻   风   
Don't is a light wind
ér shì liū zǒu de suì yuè 
而 是  溜  走  的 岁  月  
But is the slip away year month
chōng mǎn nǐ yǎn kuàng de 
充    满  你 眼  眶    的 
Fill your eyes
bú shì lèi huā 
不 是  泪  花  
Don't is tears flower
ér shì shēng huó 
而 是  生    活  
While was living
yáo yuǎn de hú shuǐ 
遥  远   的 湖 水   
Far away from the lake water
qīng lín lín 
清   粼  粼  
Qing Lin Lin
gāo sǒng wū dǐng 
高  耸   屋 顶
High house roof  
líng shēng shēng 
铃   声    声  
The bell sound sound
nǐ shì óu ěr huì kū qì de hái zi 
你 是  偶 尔 会  哭 泣 的 孩  子 
You are my weepy child
bō guāng zài yǎn lǐ 
波 光    在  眼  里 
Wave light in the eye
líng shēng zài xīn lǐ 
铃   声    在  心  里 
The bell rang in my heart
nǐ shì xī zàng de hái zi 
你 是  西 藏   的 孩  子 
You are a child of Tibet
róng huà zài shǒu xīn de 
融   化  在  手   心  的 
Melt in the heart of the hand
bú shì xuě huā ér shì mèng xiǎng 
不 是  雪  花  而 是  梦   想    
Not snowflakes, but dreams
zhàn fàng zài liǎn shàng de 
绽   放   在  脸   上    的 
It's split in the face
bú shì xiào róng ér shì zuì měi de lí xiǎng 
不 是  笑   容   而 是  最  美  的 理 想    
Not a smile but the most beautiful idea
shān shàng de jīng fān 
山   上    的 经   幡  
Prayer flags on the mountain
gāo gāo piāo 
高  高  飘   
High high wave
lù shang de rén men 
路 上    的 人  们  
People on the road
xī xī rǎng 
熙 熙 攘   
Xian xian above

Some Great Reviews About Xi Zang De Hai Zi 西藏的孩子 Children In Tibet

Listener 1: "We have to go through some bad days before everything gets better, it may be a long time, it may just be waking up, so be patient and give good luck a little time, and believe that everything will be good in the end, and if it's not, it's not the end."

Listener 2: "Maybe, keeping such a love without destiny will make us both feel very tired, but I have no regrets, in this life, to be able to do so, my heart is full! What makes me more gratified is that When I think of you, I will allow myself to be quietly in a daze."

Listener 3: "After a conflict occurs between people, the more people come forward to persuade the conflict, the less it can be resolved and the less likely it is to be resolved. So to be still, to be quiet and to think, to be wise, to speak to others, that is the wrong way to solve problems, that you cannot solve the real problems of life."

Listener 4: "in fact people all like listening to music is a lonely people, but can't find can talk to object, can only through the comments here, hope to be able to agree to find the people here, music has its own story, just like everyone has each person's story is the same, we are all in the life traveler, life is like a open the train journey, no one can accompany with yourself in the end, those beautiful scenery, also can only be a person enjoy,"

Listener 5: "In fact, most people who like to listen to the music are emotional people, sometimes they are sad, sad, confused and have no one to tell. In a quiet night, I wear earphones to repeat my favorite song, and my mood rises and falls with the melody of the music. Perhaps a moment, maybe you shed tears, because think of their own too much sad, think of let you happy, let you sad something someone. A song makes you listen to it over and over again, partly because it sounds good, but mostly because you understand what it means."

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