Wu Hua Ke Shuo 无话可说 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪

Wu Hua Ke Shuo 无话可说 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪

Chinese Song Name: Wu Hua Ke Shuo 无话可说
English Tranlation Name: Have Nothing To Say
Chinese Singer: Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪
Chinese Composer: Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪
Chinese Lyrics: Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪 Li Yan Xin 李炎欣

Wu Hua Ke Shuo 无话可说 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Yi Hao 张洢豪

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

dào dǐ biàn le mú yàng 
到  底 变   了 模 样   
The pattern changes at the bottom
biàn dé yì shēng bù xiǎng 
变   得 一 声    不 响    
It went silent
shuí shuō dì xīn yǐn lì jiù yào xià jiàng 
谁   说   地 心  引  力 就  要  下  降    
He who says the heart of the earth will go down
zhèng fù liǎng jí cí chǎng 
正    负 两    极 磁 场    
Positive and negative magnetic fields
míng zhī dào bú huì xiāng zhuàng 
明   知  道  不 会  相    撞  
You know you won't bump into each other
pīn mìng kào lǒng gǎi bù liǎo fāng xiàng 
拼  命   靠  拢   改  不 了   方   向  
You can't change the direction by working hard together
dī xià tou děng nǐ kāng kǎi jiě náng 
低 下  头  等   你 慷   慨  解  囊   
Lower your head and wait for you to open your purse
jiù lián má yǐ yě cháo xiào wǒ kuáng wàng 
就  连   蚂 蚁 也 嘲   笑   我 狂    妄   
Even the ants laughed at me for being crazy
nǐ liú hǎi bù tíng yáo huàng 
你 刘  海  不 停   摇  晃    
You never stop shaking
jìng zhē zhù le guāng 
竟   遮  住  了 光    
And hid the light
bú bì duō shuō wǒ zhī dào jí jiāng 
不 必 多  说   我 知  道  即 将  
I will not say more than I know
tān kāi lái shuō jiù bǎ tā sī pò 
摊  开  来  说   就  把 他 撕 破 
Spread it out and tear it open
jí shǐ wǒ men yì qǐ shǎ xiào guò 
即 使  我 们  一 起 傻  笑   过  
That made us laugh silly once
dāng chū wú huà bù tán dào wú huà kě shuō 
当   初  无 话  不 谈  到  无 话  可 说  
When the beginning of no words not to talk about nothing to say
zài bù shě yě zhí hǎo zǒu dào zhè 
再  不 舍  也 只  好  走  到  这  
Don't give up also just good to go here
dào dǐ biàn le mú yàng 
到  底 变   了 模 样   
The pattern changes at the bottom
biàn dé yì shēng bù xiǎng 
变   得 一 声    不 响    
It went silent
ān jìng děng shuí néng wéi wǒ bāng qiāng 
安 静   等   谁   能   为  我 帮   腔    
Anjing is waiting for someone to help me

Some Great Reviews About Wu Hua Ke Shuo 无话可说

Listener 1: "this song is very good, also very like to listen to, zhang 洢 hao has long not forget gratitude, to thank all the people finally, thanks to the old xue Ming helped 洢 1 hao, thanks to the 2 most like family maomao, thank the teacher chose 洢 hao qingfeng-xiangguang fracture… The most touching is finally said to be a prosperous time esteems iconic ✌, this movement carried shengshi esteems Liao Juntao Ming 1, clock Yi Xuan… When they were eliminated all did the same action, that is ✌, so many times in Ming 2 洢 hao can do this action, hope 洢 hao in the later time can also bring us more good works, has always supported so Ming 1 player, come on!"

Listener 2: "I think it's a song about friendship, not romance. A good friend is one who, even after a long time without contact, still has endless topics to talk about. There may be thousands of reasons for what goes through this process, but what remains in our hearts is the blessing for each other: I wish you good, even if later you have nothing to do with me.

Listener 3: "I always felt that summer was long over. We all have a new life, Teacher MAO is going to have a concert, Teacher Liao has a new album, Nannan participated in a new variety show, and many of our unique children in the golden age. Although we may not see them now, they will certainly appear in front of us in the most proud way. So in fact, it's just me, it's just some of us don't want to walk out of that crying and laughing dream. Unwilling to get out of the summer of 2017. 洢 zhang hao children attend two since tomorrow, all this criticism and malicious really is too big. He is the face of tomorrow, is the representative of midsummer, he will do anything in the name of "bully". A little higher is said to be a bully, sing a midsummer mix is to sell feelings, a little bit of a life let her go to this is said to be black screen brush tickets, why? Just because he came in the first season, he's going to be denied everything? But he just wanted to sing. He's going to tomorrow Two because he has so many, so many songs he hasn't sung yet. He needs this stage."

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