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Wu Chang 无常 Impermanence Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

Chinese Song Name: Wu Chang 无常
English Tranlation Name: Impermanence
Chinese Singer: Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong
Chinese Composer:Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong
Chinese Lyrics:Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

Wu Chang 无常 Impermanence Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wang Fei 王菲 Faye Wong

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

yè fēng wēi liáng 
夜 风   微  凉
The night wind is cool
shù yáo yuè huǎng 
树  摇  月  晃
Shake on sway tree   
yún ér zài fēi 
云  儿 在  飞
Cloud on the fly
wǒ zài xiǎng 
我 在  想    
I'm thinking of
shuǐ liú huā ér xiāng 
水   流  花  儿 香    
Water flows and flowers smell sweet
yí piàn yè sè fàng xīn shàng 
一 片   夜 色 放   心  上    
A piece of night color put heart
xǐ zhōng dài yōu àn zhōng yǒu guāng 
喜 中    带  忧  暗 中    有  光    
Joy with sorrow and darkness with light
zěn me dù 
怎  么 度
What degrees?
zěn me liàng 
怎  么 量  
How about the amount
tián yě shān gǎng 
田   野 山   岗
Tian wild mountain  
měi lì zhī xià de qī liáng 
美  丽 之  下  的 凄 凉  
The chill under the beautiful
wú cháng 
无 常    
No often
nǐ kàn nà shān sè hú guāng 
你 看  那 山   色 湖 光    
Look at the mountain lake light
nǐ kàn nà lán tiān bái yáng 
你 看  那 蓝  天   白  杨   
Look at the white poplar in the blue sky
kàn bú dào yì sī miǎo máng 
看  不 到  一 丝 渺   茫   
There is not a single speck in sight
nǐ zài kàn hǎi tiān bì làng 
你 再  看  海  天   碧 浪   
Look at the sea, the sky and the waves
nǐ zài kàn wǎn xiá shǔ guāng 
你 再  看  晚  霞  曙  光    
Look again at the evening glow
jīn bú zhù cōng cōng máng máng 
禁  不 住  匆   匆   忙   忙   
Don't hurry
bǎ xī wàng liú gěi shī wàng 
把 希 望   留  给  失  望   
Leave hope for disappointment

Some Great Reviews About Wu Chang 无常 Impermanence

Listener 1: "Impermanence, as the beginning of The Album, is distinct from previous works. "Impermanence" is a song with a strong sense of nature. On the one hand, this kind of nature is the integration of large guitar elements and simplification. The guitar should come from Zhang Yadong. On the other hand, the lyrics are simple, with "mountains and lakes" and "blue sky and poplars" hardly ever appearing in her previous works, and "Slim" with a trailing voice that matches the way she sounded 94 years later. In addition, dou Wei's style of arrangement is easy to think of a Sunny day with similar emotional colors."

Listener 2: "Faye Wong's beauty is noble and uniquely recognizable. The eyes are very round and very bright, the teeth are very neat and white, the smile is as innocent as a child, it is amazing, the middle groove is very deep and sexy, the lips are very angular. The figure is more beautiful do not want, bone sense beauty, more than Shu Qi's figure, the voice of more people. Always love Faye Wong."

Listener 3: "when he was in a hurry to passers-by 🕺 fable impetuous singing for senior fans.Fe consistent philosophizing reiki leaked a mess 🧐 night wind cool shake month sway treeThe hills and desolate field impermanence I think 🥰"From a Listener: "see you, not to say that you would have heard means you have the spirit to understand, to copy western pop music and Chinese pop music was born, and you say" shake "soil is born in mainland China in the limit, that time is just a feeling about in the countless pirated tapes, reference is inevitable, but I don't think similar is copying, punk music or metal, for example, their drums and arrangements are similar, but you can say who is who in copy? Can I say that Faye Wong copied Dou Wei's The Sunny Day? "Black dream", "sunny days" the style of the two albums I dare not say dou wei, I never said such a thing, but he does have a lot of innovation is the other Chinese musicians have no, he didn't have the western directly to score at least Chinese word and issued out, and this kind of thing, the period was island beautiful snow feed Shirley wong does often do. What's more, Dou Wei's style is not fixed at all. He has played many styles, including modern folk music. He never sticks to the same style. I just said dou wei's "sunny days" album "impetuous" style influenced the faye wong, including "impetuous" on the packing instruction of all show the style of the album infinitely close to the style of dou wei, was joined the faye wong on style of his own style, nor did I create faye wong said dou wei, said only suffering in style influenced the faye wong, let her has been improving in the music, before met dou wei, Shirley wong do just to sing love songs."

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Vivian He
Vivian He
I am a music love.There was a time before when I was particularly fond of listening to rap music, and the good lyrics always had some realistic implications. But now what I listen to more often is pop music.It's more soothing.I hope to share some of my favorite music with you guys!


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