Wo Hai Pa 我害怕 I’m Afraid Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue

Wo Hai Pa 我害怕 I'm Afraid Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue

Chinese Song Name: Wo Hai Pa 我害怕
English Tranlation Name: I'm Afraid
Chinese Singer: Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue
Chinese Composer: Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue
Chinese Lyrics: Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue

Wo Hai Pa 我害怕 I'm Afraid Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Xue Zhi Qian 薛之谦 Joker Xue                                      

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wǒ hài pà nǐ de xiāo xi 
我 害  怕 你 的 消   息 
I fear your ruin
bù jīng yì bèi shuí tí qǐ 
不 经   意 被  谁   提 起 
Who picked up without meaning
xiàng céng tiē zhe wǒ ěr biān de qì xī 
像    曾   贴  着  我 耳 边   的 气 息 
Like the breath that was close to my ear
wǒ hài pà mǒu gè xuán lǜ 
我 害  怕 某  个 旋   律 
I'm afraid of a certain law
dài wǒ huí mǒu gè cháng jǐng 
带  我 回  某  个 场    景   
Take me back to a scene
nǐ shuō rú guǒ yǔ tíng le wǒ men jiù zài yì qǐ 
你 说   如 果  雨 停   了 我 们  就  在  一 起 
You said that if the rain stopped we would get up together
wǒ hài pà mǒu tiáo jiē dào 
我 害  怕 某  条   街  道  
I'm scared of some street
yǒu nǐ liú xià de jì hao 
有  你 留  下  的 记 号
 There's a number you left
huì zì yǐ wéi shì nǐ duì wǒ de xū yào 
会  自 以 为  是  你 对  我 的 需 要  
It is what you want of me to do for myself
wǒ hài pà nà duàn lǚ xíng 
我 害  怕 那 段   旅 行   
I was afraid of that trip
jì xù zài wǒ de mèng lǐ 
继 续 在  我 的 梦   里 
It goes on in my dreams
wǒ hái xiāng xìn nǐ shuō de 
我 还  相    信  你 说   的 
I believe what you said
lí kāi de yuán yīn 
离 开  的 原   因  
The cause of departure
zuì jìn wǒ 
最  近  我 
The most close to me
biǎo xiàn de hái ké yǐ 
表   现   的 还  可 以 
It can also be displayed
zuì jìn nǐ 
最  近  你 
The most close to you
yǐ zǒu dào le nǎ lǐ 
已 走  到  了 哪 里 
Where were we
bié zài yì 
别  在  意 
Don't be in Italy
suí biàn wèn wèn ér yǐ 
随  便   问  问  而 已 
Ask questions at your convenience
dōu guài wǒ 
都  怪   我 
I'm to blame
cái xué huì le ài qíng 
才  学  会  了 爱 情   
I learned to love
wǒ hài pà zhéng lǐ xíng li 
我 害  怕 整    理 行   李 
I'm afraid of cutting corners
wǒ hài pà guān dēng xiū xi 
我 害  怕 关   灯   休  息 
I'm afraid to turn off the light and rest
wǒ hài pà róu róu yǎn jing 
我 害  怕 揉  揉  眼  睛  
I was afraid to rub my eyes
jiù cuò guò le nǐ 
就  错  过  了 你 
I was wrong about you
wǒ hài pà rén cháo mì jí 
我 害  怕 人  潮   密 集 
I'm afraid of the crowd
wǒ hài pà shān chuān xiǎo xī 
我 害  怕 山   川    小   溪 
I'm afraid of mountains and streams
wǒ hài pà wǒ zài fù jìn 
我 害  怕 我 在  附 近
I was afraid I was coming
què zhǎo bú dào nǐ 
却  找   不 到  你 
But I can't find you
rú guǒ wǒ 
如 果  我 
If I
diào rù le hái dǐ 
掉   入 了 海  底 
Fell to the bottom of the sea
shì fǒu nǐ 
是  否  你 
Whether you
huì yǒu yì sī gǎn yìng 
会  有  一 丝 感  应   
There will be a feeling
bié zài yì 
别  在  意 
Don't be in Italy
suí biàn shuō shuō ér yǐ 
随  便   说   说   而 已 
Just say what you like
bié yǒu yā lì 
别  有  压 力 
Don't have pressure
wǒ zhǐ xiǎng jiàn jiàn nǐ 
我 只  想    见   见   你 
I just want to see you
wǒ hài pà nǐ de hū xī 
我 害  怕 你 的 呼 吸 
I'm afraid of your breath
wǒ hài pà tài jìn jù lí 
我 害  怕 太  近  距 离 
I'm afraid of getting too close
wǒ hài pà bié rén tí dào nǐ de mì mì 
我 害  怕 别  人  提 到  你 的 秘 密 
I'm afraid no one will mention your secret

Some Great Reviews About Wo Hai Pa 我害怕 I'm Afraid

Listener 1: "Xue zhiqian's song 'I'm afraid' is still composed, composed and sung, which is the most beautiful 'three quotations book'. Xue zhiqian is still very serious about making music. He never forgets his original intention. This song is different from the previous style of painting, less bitter, but more fresh, modest and unique voice and small fresh tunes, quiet, but deeply Pierce the listener's heart, super pleasant to hear!"

Listener 2: "Ten years ago see Stephen chow, a Chinese Odyssey, can laugh heartless creature, but now we watch unconsciously tears, want to save the purple xia, it is necessary to defeat the ox demon king, want to beat the ox demon king, it must become a sun wukong, want to be the Monkey King, you must forget the desires, the looks be like simple, difficult is that the same turn, is the so-called gold hoop, how to save you, wearing a gold ring, how to love you, just as in real life, if one does not work, how for you, in fact every one of us is the carefree sovereign treasure before, just as the growth of the age, had to wear, shifting picked up great, To become sun wukong is to assume all the responsibilities and never return to the supreme treasure of the past. At the end of a Chinese Odyssey, there is a saying, "look at that man, how strange he is, just like a dog". Like a dog is to give up the world's men and women love, no desire no thought, conscientiously walk on the road to the west of the supreme treasure. He such as you and I, put away the temper temper no longer capricious naughty, only to dream about. One hundred years of life, who never made heaven, who never head tight hoop, who never love the upper floor, who never alone on the road. Once left us only a step away from the people, once missed, after even reincarnated as a hero, wearing gold clothes and armor, foot colorful auspicious clouds, a leap of ten thousand miles, also may not be able to catch back. Years later, I realized how hard it was to turn around…"

Listener 3: "The world is noisy and all around is false… The world is too dirty for your kindness… I can't forget the first time to sing me cry. Can't forget the first time let my single cycle of people… Can't forget the first time you set your avatar to be a star… Can not forget the first time the song in the mobile phone 40 capital is a person's… Like old xue so old age, the person character again good to explode of person already very few… He persisted for 10 years, although he was not treated gently by this world, he still treated this world well… He just want to red, but too red, so many people black… He worked hard in the show to be funny, just to live up to the modest friends of his hope… He bought the rights to the music, but he didn't want to make his friend's money… He has experienced a lot, through the world, so his singing can always let people fall… Sorry, I fell too deep, poisoned already deep… All in all, words and all in all, I'm not going to lose my fans just because of a few pictures and a few words."

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