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Which High Quality Latest Chinese Song Do You Like?

In such an impetuous society, it is not easy to find a few songs with connotation.The release of every latest Chinese Song, basically, is not through emotional thinking, lyrics modification, careful editing of the melody.Consequently, the song is without emotion.The word of the song is empty.The melody of the song is machine-made or irregular.Next, I found three latest Chinese songs of high quality, all of which have stories and can resonate with people.Let's hear it

"Forget", A Song that Hit Our Heart

Mao Buyi, the mainland Chinese male singer, born in October 1,1994, launched the original song "Forget"in July 29th. In 2017, everyone was familiar with him on the program "The Tomorrow Children".In September 23rd, he earned the championship in the final of "The Tomorrow Children".The soul of the song is the lyrics.The soul of the lyrics is eight glasses of wine, respectively, to the sun, the moon, the distance, hometown, tomorrow, past, freedom and death.This song vividly expresses a person of past regret and future melancholy, the pursuit of freedom and the reality of the helpless.

Most of the people who have been hit by this song have gone through the time without any foundation, and they are all alone in the field.In the familiar place, you lost the protection of parents and the school.There is nobody that can protect you.Nobody will give the direction to you.No one waits for you to wander.You may have some spiritual sustenance.

Although it is ridiculous in other people’s eyes, it is the motivation that supports you to bite and stick to it.Especially for those who are drifting in a second – and second-tier cities, it is especially true that the words and phrases prick the lungs.

This word, in extreme terms, compresses and represents the process of a person's ideal life and death into a few short drinks. The effect is similar to the little match girl, which makes you feel the extreme difference in a short time.The sense of hierarchy is similar to the little match girl, from the general call of the drumstick of the calling of the mother.

The chorus of Mao star, as if from a drunk to the process of sobering. The chorus of each section before the two is mutually corresponding. The lyric“one salute the rising sun, the other salute to the moonlight”correspond to the next sentence “arouse my yearning, gentle the cold window”.

The last sentence is explaining the last sentence.The" rising sun" correspond to"yearning"."moonlight" correspond to "cold window". Each paragraph is the same, but it is more powerful and deeper than the content of a paragraph."Hometown" corresponds to "kindness" and "remote" corresponds to "growth"". "Tomorrow" supports my body, "past" heavy shoulders.

Turn each relatively simple thing or phenomenon into an abstract and meaningful image in the second sentence.And in the end, “one cup salute to freedom/the other cup salute to death/forgive my ordinary/dispel the confusion”.The wine is almost awake.

Thanks to freedom, forgiving my ordinary. Only death can dispel confusion. After a round of good reverie, I thought that I had put my soul in place, and when I woke up after a drunken dream, I became clearer about the practical joke and my own smallness.

It's a bit of a satire on Quixote. Drunk people do silly dreams, stupid things, they should be absurd people.However, in a real society, the people who do silly dreams and do stupid things become the majority, and the minority obey the majority. Of course, most people cannot say that they are absurd.So, the rest of the poor sober people, can only say that your sober is absurd.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  kuān shù wǒ de píng fán

Chinese:  宽   恕  我   的  平   凡 

English:Forgive my ordinary.

The “宽 恕” means “forgive”. The “我 的” means “my”. The “平凡”means “ordinary”.

“Simple Song”,The Interpretation of Peace And Beauty

Recently, Wang Feng, after “I was Five Years Old”, once again sent out a song that was not so rock -“Simple Song”.As you can see, Wang Feng, who wanted to be Bob Dylan, is gradually recovering the original simplicity.From this song, we can hear the feeling of the winter sun—he and Ziyi sat in the yard basking in the sun. After the age of 40 Wang Feng also gradually understands enjoying life slowly.

“I want to sing a simple song / for you / unrelated death and unrelated sadness/ Just a simple song / for you / in the boring days /no longer sing about lost / everything is in this song/in this simple song.”There is no doubt that Ziyi has really changed Wang Feng a lot.

As a fan, we would be willing to see the creators can truly reflect their feelings of life. And in the last, Wang Feng's work have fully reflected his spirit of rock and roll and critical spirit. At least, when we listen to this song, we can hear the warmth and a peaceful interpretation of the beauty.

The expression of songs is very diverse.The song "Simple Song" not like Wang Feng's previous songs that talk about life and death,it is just the vehicle to express his true love.After experiencing the ups and downs of life, Wang Feng does not have the sharp eyes of youth, but more of the old man's unique tenderness.

If “nowhere to place”is a song written to find a confidant, then "Simple Song" is written between husband and wife’s ordinary and happy life. It is not about love or hate, not about separation, which is only about the winter and summer, only about fuel.What we see is the family life of Wang Feng and Ziyi, and two people embracing each other in the lazy afternoon sun.

In the past, Wang Feng what we knew was extroverts, and his song pursues heroic heroes.However, Wang Feng always has a soft place inside.He wrote "Sunflower"to his daughter, “nowhere to place” to Ziyi, and "Mother", which are very impressive.

This time, Mr Wang first is to seek the breakthrough on tone, putting the band sound aside, with piano as skeleton.Pipe Music is the luster and temperature of the whole song.There was no percussion instrument chasing back, and the song was almost 7 minutes long.In the instant of the fast food, such narrative space is a luxury.On the song arranger work, Wang Feng also showed his sensitivity to the tone color and the imagination of the picture of the song space.

Listening to Wang Feng's singing, in the distance is the beating of the waves.Close to hear it, as if it is whispered in the ear, which like the flickering light or walking on the beach in tiny steps.Wang Feng's voice is plain and powerful, which is a song about a lover, Zhang Ziyi, as well as a song for himself. If you want to use the current popular language, "Simple Song" shows a non greasy middle-aged people's appearance.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  wǒ xiǎng chàng shǒu jiǎn dān de gē

Chinese: 我    想     唱     首     简   单  的 歌

English: I want to sing a simple song

I want to cut off the world with stone.

The “我” means “I”. The “想 ” means “want to”. The “唱”means “sing”.The “首”means“ a”.The “simple”means“简单的”.The “song”means“歌”.

The so-called resonance is in fact we see our own life in the shadow of the other words.There are a lot of things that do not have much significance, but live together if adding our experience into it.In other people's stories, we flow down our own tears.The most touched people aren't other people's stories, but the thought of his own story in other people's stories.

Because he is the protagonist of his own life, the most important thing is himself, just like the things he likes, the reflection is his own shadow.If there is a song that makes you speechless, it must be you who move you.Next –The latest Chinese song to be introduced is also sung by Wang Feng, which is "I was five years old that year".

"I Was Five Years Old That year",A Song That Tell The Growth in Detail

"I was five years old that year" is Wang Feng's 2017 latest single.On October 12th, officially launched at 10 in the morning, the song with six sections of the structure of the chapter, with ten years as a recall scale, tells the growth record of each Chinese people in detail.

At 10 a.m. on October 12, 2017, Wang Feng's new song, "I was five years old", was officially released as the first hit of the twelfth album.Previously, he issued 4 countdown posters continuously for new songs to do warm-up propaganda, and said: “Give me 10 minutes and 46 seconds, and I'll give you the world”.This time, Wang Feng does all the work of the album by himself.

Therefore he closed for five months, put off a lot of performances and notices, and creation at home, working 8 to 10 hours a day.In preparation for writing the song, he used a month after the software on more than fifty thousand tons.His song with six sections of the structure of the chapter, with ten years as a recall scale, tells the growth record of each Chinese people in detail.

It's a long song for a song, but it's too short for a lifetime. "I was five years old that year" was very different from Wang Feng's other songs. Its melody and lyrics are not the best of all Wang Feng's work, but it's touching and sincere. In this song, he did not attempt to look at the world from any other person's perspective. He was just recalling the fragments of life:

“At the age of 5 he lives in the building and firstly touches the violin.At the age of 15, learned to smoke. At the age of 25, he fell in love with Bob Dylan.At the age of 35,he achieved success and wins recognition but was not happy.Until forty-five years old, he finally with love, children together, found a warm shore.”This is Wang Feng's personal story. In this song, I can hear the shadow of Wang Feng's previous music.

Sharpness is the reason why Wang Feng's music is of high quality and high yield, which are probably the root of his suffering. A person like him, although for commercial reasons to be close to the entertainment circle, and even began to play dumb, accept "not on the headline"

This kind of ridiculous, but his heart must be very sensitive and proud.In his heart, how could he be the same as the rest of us.He has been criticized and separated from several women who live and grow, and is always influenced by these reasons.

Seemingly irresponsible and selfish, in essence, the former partner is often unable to communicate with him in an equal spirit. Falling in love with artists''s work can cultivate sentiment, but falling in love with artists themselves can become big trouble, because they are too special. They can feel more details of the world, more struggle than ordinary people. Besides, they become artists, not because they are moral models.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:nà nián wǒ wǔ suì

Chinese:那 年   我 五 岁 

English: I was five years old that year

I want to cut off the world with stone.

The “我” means “I”. The “五 岁” means “ five years old”. The “那 年”means “that year”.

Music is the art that people voice their feelings. Whether singing or playing or listening, music is related to and connected with people's emotional factors.But in today's rapidly developing society, each latest Chinese song is almost lack of a little emotion but with a bit impetuous, missing a little meaning and left only empty.Only a few songs are of high quality. Therefore, this requires singers to calm down, slowly create and create good work for people to listen to.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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