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Where to Download Chinese Music Free (2024 Update)

After you learn more thing about Chinese music, maybe you don’t want to just see find the background knowledge about those songs but want to hear more music about it. Our task of today is introducing some great Chinese music website which can download the Chinese song free.After you reading this article, you can answer the question What’s the best website to Download Chinese Song or Music?

But if you are not in China, when you get Chinese music download and you may be receiving a message like “This music is currently not available in your country”.We also have a solution to help you the problem like this.

In this article, we would like to try our best to find many Chinese websites which can provide download Chinese songs serve.First of all, we wish to show our service first.

Echinesesong.com: The Best Chinese Music Download Serve For You (But Not Free)

Sorry for the free service stopped because many people have the request, we now only provide the charge download.You should pay for us $ 1 / per song download.You should pay for this link https://paypal.me/echinesesong. For example, If you want to download 10 songs, you should pay  for  us $10. But if you have been our memeber, you can download Chinese songs free.

After you paid for us, you should send an email to [email protected] like this.

We would download it for you in just 24 hours or a few days.Just enjoys the service you want.Our task is building a list websites that can download music and without signing up or leaving an email.So you can download them comfortably.Please remember this service only provide for the private using and not the commerical use.

Important Note: We recommend that you download the free songs by the following websites.When you face the Chinese songs that are hard to find or need membership to get it,you can use our website’s service to get them as quickly as we can.

Before you reading followed article, you should see the video which can help you broke the ips limitation when you wan to download Chinese music out of China.Just remember the way is not only can be using in kuwo, but also you can use it in all Chinese music websites we have introducted.

All of Chinese music website can be divided into 2 type.The first type is that you need to download the music consumer software from those music websites and then you can download music from it. This type website is the famous music website in China and has the abundant musical resource which can match your random needs.The second type is that you don’t need to download anything except the songs from those website.Nonetheless, those website have the limited amount songs and serve for the special Chinese music type.You can choose the Chinese compatible music website which can satisfy your need from our list as follows.But all of them have detailed steps to tell you how to get the songs from those websites.

We provide the definite guide in every website to help search for the way to get your love music. Whether you see the video or follow the graphic interpretation, you can download the music what you want.

1.Baidu Music:The Best Chinese Music Portal(Need Client Software)

Baidu Music is part of the best Chinese music portal.It provides thousands of legal and high quality music.Also it has the best ultimate musical sound effect and musical experience.In fact, you can find the best authority music chart and the fastest exclusive starting song.Meanwhile, you can enjoy free music videos and the best humanized music search engine.Because Baidu is the best and largest search engine in China.Not only it can help you locate the latest song which you like but also help you find the original music and newest musical experience.

If you have known something about Chinese music player,you would find that the Baidu Music is from the Baidu old pc music player QianQian Listen.So if you download this old music player,you could update it to the new one.Nonetheless, all of the song from the website can need to play all music player because all music format is MP3.So you don’t worry about it.Otherwise you can find the music community which collects more musicians from folk.Just enjoys it.

Here are the 4 steps that make up the songs download from Baidu Music:

Step 1: Enter http://music.baidu.com/

Step 2: Enter Chinese Name Which Chinese song you want to download,and then tap the “Eenter” or click the “百度一下” button.It would should the result what you wish to search.

Step 3: Click the download button on the search result and the it will show an alert which tells you that you must download the Baidu Music PC client.So you must download and assemble the Baidu Music software in your computer by clicking the “下载新版客户端”.

Step 4: After you have installed the Baidu Music, just open it and follow the steps in the picture to get your song.

Important Note: When you use this Baidu Music,you don’t need to sign in and just close the prompt dialog box and then you can use it normally.

2.KuGou Music: The Most Popular Music Player in Chinese Music(Need Client Software)

Kugou Music is the most popular music player in China.Unlike other single music player,Kugou music player like a small website because you can find music and download it.It also has thousands of documents which share with thousand worldwide people.The player has the function that auto-match Chinese lyrics for every song you play.After our testing again and again, we find that it is the fastest download speed that it has.None player can arrive the speed that it has.It also is the first music player that has the additional function.The audition function can help you conveniently chose the song as far as it possible and help you decrease the number which download the loath song.

Otherwise the recreational homepage will provide plenty of entertainment news.Also you can find some Chinese, Europe,America,Japan and South Korea new CDs.

Meanwhile, we recommend you enjoy one of the fantastic new functions for the latest version music player.That’s the actual radio which has the sexy girl or gentleman who sings the song for you.You can choose one song and then select a Chinese singer to sing the song for you, but you are required to pay for your choose.However, you can hear it free without choosing a singer.We think that it is the best creation of the music player.

The additional special function is the lyrics show.The lyric show is made in the lyric and the singer photo.The lyrics play with the song’s rhythmic.We think the function like the karaoke in the ktv.You can download the pc version or go to the Google play or iTunes to download the app for you phone.Both the two versions have the same functions so you don’t need to worry about it.

Here are the 5 steps that make up the songs download from KuGou Music:

Step 1: Enter http://www.kugou.com

Step 2: Input your favorite Chinese song’ name to the search bar and then click the search button or just tap the Enter keybord to find.It will display the result in the page.

Step 3: Moving your mouse to the song which you want to download.When you hover the mouse on the result, you will discover that the song which you hover will show a menu with a download button.Then just click the button to download the song you want.

Step 4: After you click the button, it will have a menu that asks you choose “打开客户端” or “下载客户端”.The “打开客户端” means that if you have the KuGou software in your computer and you should click this button.But if you don’ t have software then you should click the “下载新版客户端” to get this software to your computer.

Step 5: Anyway you should install the KuGou software in your computer and then you can get the Chinese songs free download.Imputing your favorite Chinese song’s name and then click the search button to have your result.You will find that some songs have the sign “¥” which means you should pay the bill when you want to download it.In China, sometimes different Chinese music websites have different music copyright for different songs.When you face the payment for some songs, you can choose paying for it or choose other Chinese song downloads which our lists to get you songs free.

3.Kuwo Music: High Quality Chinese Song Downloader(Need Client Software)

Lots of people always want to spread their web music resources out to improve their streaming opportunities; but if you’re the kind that prefers to stick with one location for all your needs all the time, then Kuwo is probably a good bet for you. It doesn’t have the massive resources which Baidu or KuGou is capable of accommodating, but if you’re just looking for music, it has almost everything you need.That’s why it calls that it has all of Chinese music and has the fastest speed of its update.We think that this is the most important thing for you if you want to find the latest song.In China like the music show:I am A Singer,The Voice of China.

Kuwo has a neat slick interface which puts everything within reach of your fingertips, so you won’t find yourself bungling trying to steer. It remains updated fairly regularly, so while it won’t cover every possible scenario, it’s a reliable service for your music needs.

It also has the pc version and you can go to Google play or iTunes to download the app to your device.

Here are the 4 steps that make up the songs download from Kuwo Music:

Step 1: Eneter the http://www.kuwo.cn/

Step 2: Input your favorite Chinese song’s name in the right input field,and then click the search button or click the Enter keyboard.

Step 3: When you enter the song’s result, just click the download button for Chinese mp3 download.You will find that it auto download software which calls “kwmusic_web_6 .exe” without any tips on your browser.

Step 4: In fact, you would find even you have downloaded and installed it on your computer.It still download this software again and again.We think it’s a bug in the website.Just ignore it and use the software on your computer.

4.QQ Music: The Chinese Music Website From China Famous Social Website(Need Client Software)

QQ Music is part of the subsidiaries of the Tencent company.Tencent company has two famous social software:QQ and WeChat.Both of them are widespread social software in China.

QQ Music is released on mobile, tablet and computer. And most importantly, your players synch instantly on all your phone with a QQ account.It is a musical internet platform.With a lot of tracks on QQ Music, the appropriate music is always at your fingertips whether you’re drawing up, playing or relaxing.

Diversified ways are available to find music you will love. The newest hits, the artists or DJs you like, smart advice based on your listening history, your next favorite songs wait for you.Otherwise you can find your favorite mobile phone ringtones here and download it as your ringtone.Meanwhile, sharing with your QQ and Wechat friends or within your online social network, music pulls you closer.

You can find it at here or Google play or iTunes.

Here are the 5 steps that make up the songs download from QQ Music:

Step 1: Enter https://y.qq.com/

Step 2: Input your favorite Chinese song’s name which you want to get free Chinese mp3 download in the input box.Clicking the search button or tap the “Enter” keyboard to get the music search results.

Step 3: Moving your mouse to the song you want and stop the movement.You will see some button appear.You would find some extra menu in this song where you stop the mouse.Sometimes when you download some copyright limited Chinese music, it will alert the message that “版权方要求下载此歌曲需付费,开通会员畅享千万歌曲”.It means that song free download is not authorized in this software.If you wish to download it you must sign it and take apart their vip server.

Step 4:When you faced the problem, just use other websites we have a list on this page.Or you can send an email to us and we will download it quickly for you.You can download other free music by installing the software on you computer.The “打开客户端” means you can open your computer’s QQ music software if you had it before.The “下载客户端” means you can download the software.

Step 5: Just input the song name and search.In the result, you should hover your mouse the song which you wish to download then you can see the download button.Being in the button you can download the song in your computer.

5.Xiami Music: Chinese Mp3 Music Download From Alibaba Group(Need Client Software)

In fact,most people think the Xiami Music is the platform that more people share their favorite music with others.It was developed by 2009.You can search for and share your favorite music with your friends.Further musical websites don’t have the unique function.It is an outstanding music sharing platform.Now the Chinese music platform belongs to the Alibaba Group.Probably all of you know that Alibaba Group is the most important e-commerce website in China.It has more platforms for its growth.

After our testing,we find out that the Xiami Music is the best suitable music player that is suitable for your mobile phone.So you can find it at Google Play and the iTunes.

Here are the 9 steps that make up the songs download from Xiami Music:

Step 1: Enter http://www.xiami.com/

Step 2: Input Chinese song’s name to search the song you want.And then tap the “Enter” keyboard to get the result.

Step 3: When you click the download button, you will find out that it will ask you to sign in the website.

Step 4:If you don’t have an account, just click the “新用户注册” and you will redirect to the register up page.

Step 5: When you enter the register page,just follow the steps to complete register.Choosing your phone number country and input your phone number.Moving the dray to the right side and check the button at the bottom.Finally clicking the “下一步” to complete the final step.

Step 6: In the final step, you will receive a verification code in your phone. And just input the verification in the input field “验证码”.Then input your password into the “设置密码”,and input password again in “确认密码” input field.Finally, input your nickname for the software.Clicking the “下一步” to finish all of the steps.

Step 7: Just come back to the song result page and click the download again,you would find the same way which we have introduced before.You should download the software and install it on your computer.

Step 8: After your installation, you can follow the same approach we have introduced before to get the your love songs.Remember you should choose the right platform version for your device.

Step 9: Just follow the final step as follows to get the song you want.You would see that you not only can download the Chinese music but also some great music from other countries.

6.NetEase Music:Chinese New Music Website With Great Music Reviews(Need Client Software)

NetEase is part of the best portal site in China.NetEase Music is a new music product because it was established in 2013.It breaks out the traditional Chinese music model.Because you can find its main musical elements are the song list,DJ show,social and location.NetEase Music focus is on discovering music and sharing it.

The music company always protects its music copyright and have taken many cases to court with other companies like Kugou.In2018,we think it will pay more attention on the copyright protection.Because the music copyright always be broken by many large companies.You can find the authorized copy songs in this music player.

In 2018,it will be thousands of Chinese Internet singers who will take part in the music company.You can find the complete play music interface in their website.

Here are the 5 steps that make up the songs download from NetEase Music:

Step 1: Enter http://music.163.com/

Step 2: Input your Chinese song’s name and click the search icon or tap the “Enter” keyboard.

Step 3: In the result page, moving your mouse to the song which you want to get.Then is in the download button when you are hovering your mouse.After you clicking, you would see a prompt dialog box.If you have installed the NetEase music software, just click the “已安装PC版” to open your local NetEase Music and it will start downloading.If you don’t install it, just click the “PC版 V2.3.0” to download the software and install it on your computer.

Step 4: Finally, you should follow the operation to finish the final step.

7. Htqyy Light Music:The Biggest Chinese Light Music Shared Website

Htqyy Light Music is the biggest Chinese light music shared website.It provides the online listening test, Mp3 download, appreciate and analyze, rank of the Chinese light music.Htqyy also has collected millions of classics songs from the world.The website is focussed on sharing the great light music, absolute music, piano music, background music that is a professional online light music.

You can down Chinese music there, but it has the amount limitation.You can download 2 songs from this website free every day.

Here are the 3 steps that make up the songs download from Htqyy Light Music

Step 1: Enter http://www.htqyy.com/

Step 2: Search your favorite Chinese song’s name in the input field and then click the “搜索” button.

Step 3: If it has a match result, then you should click the result and then enter the song detail page.Finally, click the “下载” button to download this Chinese song.Once you have clicked the button, it will alert the tips that tell you have the limitation of the download amount.If you have the amount, just click the “确定” to finish your download.

8. M117 Music:The Best Chinese Square Dancing Music Download Website

Nowadays, Chinese have more people who like Chinese square dancing which is very popular in China. m117.com is a professional Chinese square dancing music download website. You can download all of this type of music here with some easy steps.All download is free and you can put it in your way.

Here are the 5 steps that make up the songs download from M117 Music

Step 1: Enter http://www.m117.com

Step 2: Search your favorite square song’s Chinese name, and then click the blue “搜索” button to get the search result.

Step 3: It will take you to the result page.Click the result and go to the song detail page.

Step 4: In the detail page, you can see the “点击下载” button to go to download it for you.

Step 5:Finally, Click the “本地下载” to download it in your computer.

9. Guanzizai Music:The Best Chinese Buddhist Music Download Website

With the high speed development of the social economy, people have more and more annoyance.The work, life, study takes the more and more spiritual pressure to the people.People is not satisfied with the abundant of the matter and the health of the soul and body becomes the point that people focus on. In this materialistic and impetuous time, Guanzizai Music gives people a place to release annoyance, purifies the soul and helps our tired heart to get relaxed.

Guanzizai Music includes the Chinese Buddhist culture knowledge and the new information.By the Buddhist music, video, image, library, uses multiple views and new information to provide the traditional culture for you and the health harmony development between man to man.

Here are the 4 steps that make up the songs download from Guanzizai Music

Step 1: Enter: http://www.guanzizai.com.cn

Step 2: Enter your favorite Buddhist song name to the input field.And then click the “搜索” button to find the result.

Step 3: At the result page, choose the correct result to download.Clicking the “下载” button, then you will jump to the download page.

Step 4: In the download page, click the button to get your song.

10. Jdjgq Music: The Great Chinese Christian Music Download Website

Jdjgq Music has the great Chinese Christian music mp3 free download service.It collects many Chinese Christian songs from Chinese music and provides abundant Bible story, worship and praise songs, lyric.

Here are the 4 steps that make up the songs download from Jdjgq Music:

Step 1: Enter: http://www.jdjgq.com/

Step 2: Input your favorite Chinese Christian song name to the search box.Then click the “音乐搜索” button to find the song.

Step 3: From the result page, click the “下载” to go to the download page.

Step 4: Then you would find that it blank a new page.Moving your mouse to the blue word “立即下载” and then right click mouse. Choosing the right menu “link save us..” to save the mp3 to your computer.

We want to get a brief introduction to our website.If you have followed our renewal every day, you would understand that we want to share more numerous Chinese songs for everyone.You know 10 music websites which are Chinese language.So if you never learned Chinese before, you would find it hard to enjoy those songs.We consider that’s why we are here.

We want to find the wonderful traditional Chinese song, Chinese love song etc. to share with you and help you understand more information about it.Otherwise we provide the free download service and then you can have your song easily. Nevertheless, please don’t use them as the commercial use. If you want to find one superior Chinese song download and can’t find it in the internet, please email us and we will try our best to help you find it.Also you can share with website with your friend who like China too.In 2018,we will continue providing more interesting song for you and hope you to support us as usual.

Can you download the Chinese song for yourself after reading the article?Maybe you will find it hard to download because of the problem of the Chinese.We have found this problem after we finishing this content and we will try to solve the point at the succeeding article.Nonetheless, before this you can also hear other song online at those websites.Hope you come up with a way to enjoy it.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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