What Can We See From Chinese Music Charts

What Can We See From Chinese Music Charts

No doubt that in the multimedia time, we can encounter diverse music charts in different forms, there are numbers of separate institutions, academies, online radio program and TV station to figure out a music ranking annually, even in each quarter. We can also not set up a unified ranking list to evaluate the best and most popular Chinese songs. what can we see from  Chinese music charts?

We would like to introduce you today only one of the most influential music chart as example, which enjoys a relatively high reputation and recognition. Its full name is Chinese songs chart, which is also called as the Beijing popular music ceremony. It was founded by Beijing Music Broadcasting in 1993 with the longest history in mainland china, which is also recognized as the most authentic ranking not only among the insiders but also the ordinary audience.

It covers 400 million music fans and focusses on the promotion of original songs. The annual prizing ceremony gathers all the star musician in china together, when the winners consider that as a great honor in their professional career. This music chart as well as the ceremony is held annually and includes the best male and female singer, the most popular male and female singer, the best album and the best creative singer, etc.

Following we will show you some of the winners during this 20th music chart prizing ceremony hold in Taiwan in 2012:

1.The Most Popular Creative Singer: QU Wanting

A creative female mainland singer born in northern china and living in Canada, who is impressive in performing the European and American songs and innovative musical arrangements. She became a household name in China for her original song: You Exist In My Song.

2.The Most Popular New Singer: Bruce Liang

Born in 1991,Bruce Liang is a young singer who displays his musical talent in the TV show: The voice of China, and he won the first prize during this national competition. He attract sattention since then and won several prize by his original work: Because.

3.The Best Annual Female Singer: Jane ZHANG

She became a superstar after winning the third prize during the talent show program of super female voice. Particularly, she is able to perform the highly difficult dolphin sound.Many of her works are hot in Karaoke.

4.The Best Annual Male Singer: SUN Nan

Sun is a long-lasting singer in mainland China, who can continuously work out some famous songs. He received formal training from famous musicians and professors. Thus has accurate tone and appealing stage performance. His penetrating voice is unique and can be hardly simulated.

5.The Annual Outstanding Achievement Award:Winnie Hsin

As one of the most famous female singer from Taiwan, she is honored as the queen of love songs with a healing effect. She began her career path more than 30 years ago and achieved lasting fame with quantities of classical songs. She is good at interpreting all kinds of love in our daily life, which can deeply move the heart.

Audiences on generations can extract their own stories and prove their own love after hearing her songs. The softness and elegance of her characters as well as her big success in career enables her to win this outstanding achievement award.

From the most Chinese music charts,we can find out that the great Chinese singer in a time and find the great Chinese songs to listen.We also share many Chinese music platforms in China for you.

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