Two Say Goodbye Chinese Songs

Li Shutong

If you don’t want to say goodbye, then sing a goodbye Song. here are two say goodbye Chinese songs to help you.Remember you can find other great Chinese songs in our website.

1. Farewell

The tune of the song is originally from an American song called Dreaming of Home and Mother, compose by Jone Pond Ordway. When Li Shutong was studying in Japan, a Japanese lyrics writer used the melody of Dreaming of Home and Mother and filled out a song called A Traveler’s Sorrow. And Li Shutong liked the tune of the Japanese song and filled Chinese lyrics in that tune in 1941. Farewell was born.

This song is not related to education, but it has a deep and great charm. It is the combination of music and literature, which is perfect. The lyrics are written in a long and short sentence structure; the language is refined; the feelings are sincere and the mood is deep.

The song is of a single trilogy structure, and each period consists of two phrases. The first and the third periods are exactly the same, with ups and downs in music, depicting the kiosk, the old trail, the sunset, the flute and other things. All that cultivated a quiet and cold atmosphere.

The first phrase of the second period becomes a contrast to the former; the mood starts to change. The second phrase of the second period slightly changes to reproduce the second phrase of the first period, appropriately performing sadness of the farewell to friends.

These repeated phrases seem tedious, but to strengthen the integrity of the work, giving us a special beauty of music and literature.

There are many different versions of this song, but here I recommend the version of Pu Shu.

2. Kiss Goodbye

In 1993, Kiss Goodbye won the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for the best annual song. In 2004, the international well-known pop band called Michael Learns to Rock (referred as MKLR) covered the song in English and put it in the album Take Me to Your Heart, so that the Song swept the world and became a hit song.

Kiss Goodbye is one of the most representative works of Jacky Cheung. The lyrics express the complicated feelings of the lovelorn people vividly. This song is very emotional and sad. It is telling us a story that two lovers break up with each other, and they have to say goodbye; they use a final kiss to say goodbye.

It also shows a special sympathy for people who have lost their love. This song gives a different feeling when you listen to it in different time, so that’s one reason why it is well received by the audience.

Jacky Cheung sings with his charming voice, rich of the expression, which all adds a lot of elegance to the song. This popular classic song has become a mark of that time, carrying a lot of memories and feelings of people.

This is all my sharing about say goodbye Chinese songs. Hope you will like it.  

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