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Top Chinese Song I’m Here Waiting For You By Li Wei In 2017

Today we decide to share a top Chinese song I'm Here Waiting For You.This is a popular Chinese song.In fact, this topic is normal that not only in Western music but also in Japanese and Korean music.Both of them exits the two complete risky way to show that include slow shot or staunch with moral integrity.But if you listen more Chinese music about them, you would be tired.

Although I'm Here Waiting For You by Li Wei is also a great Chinese love song which is very hot after online.It is a lot different with the traditional Chinese love song. I'm Here Waiting For You is a sweet, warmhearted, romantic love song.

When you find this type song, you would find that the best one is Honey which is singing by Chinese female singers Maggie Cheung and Sun Li.Many Chinese love songs cannot reach the peak that it made.It also effects many love songs behind it that they cannot break the music circle out.

But this song I'm Here Waiting For You show the same topic that emerges more modern characteristic.After all, as a Chinese singer in a new generation, maybe Li Wei has the same emotion like a normal music fan to traditional Chinese love songs.

But from the musical angle,he must look ahead and walk ahead when he wants to be an excellent singer.Using the heartbeat and pulse that belong myself and the big generation to show the unreasoning passion and warm passion.

The top Chinses song I'm Here Waiting For You is rhythmic pattern work in the harmonious constitution.But in the same rhythm, it also has a different process.With the operation of the arranger Song Tao, I'm Here Waiting For You also emerge an emotional appeal between the dancing song and England rock music.

It holds the soft melody of the former and rock style of the latter.The feeling of all is that it has a hot blood flow in the soft emotion.Despite the fact that the arrangement is skillful work and it is great work in this song.It sets off the couple hardness with softness of this song of Li Wei of the solid music.

In vocal hype of this song, Li Wei also shows the sense of depth.From the reserved beginning to the releasing ending,he did a great suitable balance between the collection and release.It also has the progressive sense in the emotion that has the humanized truth and dramatic strain.

At the same time, Li Wei not only uses the playback performance to improve the level of the emotion but also add the harmony to set off the world music become a big song in this love song I'm Here Waiting For You.It is infrequent in China music.

But I'm Here Waiting For You is romantic and sincere song that displays courtship.It would be nice to let the world know about the emotion.It is the thinking of the loves that doesn’t afraid of the high level emotion to express our true emotion.

Li Wei chooses this true situation to help this top Chinese song to have the rock others with the music melody.You can get more great Chinese songs download free and enjoy them in our China song website.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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