Top 11 Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Modern Music

Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Modern

When the new year is coming, we have shared some great classic Chinese new year songs for you.This year is 2017 and our website will be kept updating more great Chinese music for you and you can find more Chinese songs in our website.Hope can keep paying more attention to our website.

Today we will share the popular Chinese songs in Chinese contemporary music for you.In fact, after the ending of 2016, we also find some great songs in 2016 and we will update it before long.Just enjoys the great article for you.

Courage Sang by Fish Leong

Courage of Fish Leong is a positive wound love song which can help you to heal yourself.It conveys the deep meaning that you should love yourself and don’t care about others eyesight.Courage is said not only in the south China but also the north China.This song also be regarded as the annotation to love of Fish Leong and Fish Leong is admired for it.The Chinese lyric is simple and delicate and is loved by students.Many girls love to sing it when they go to the ktv.We are also given the introduction of Chinese Karaoke Songs.

Single Love Song Sang by Terry Lin

Single Love Song is the theme of the album Single Love Song of Terry Lin which issued on Christmas Eve in 1999.This song incarnated the gentle rock of the ending of a century which mix the new song and old song.The music style of Terry Lin had the significant breakthroughs and changes.He doesn’t keep the gentle style and become more wild and unrestrained and took some rock element but still song the feeling that the lover longs for love but can’t get it.

This song used the uninhibited natural attitude to sing the lonely but positive view of life.Dark and light delicately polishes the sparks.The entry point is under a unique style.The international arranger style also helps the to keep its style in the Chinese music history.

Meanwhile,because of the popularity of Singles’ Day, Single Love Song is praised as the best fit song in Singles’Day every year.The wide audiences think this song to the single person is not only the brain but also comfort and encourage them.

The Man Cry Isn't An Offense Sang by Andy Lau

The Man Cry Isn't An Offense not only acquired the good graces of male fans because of Andy Lau voiced their worry that the man is not the powerhouse in the love world but also accepted by many female fans.Andy Lau became ripe in emotion in 1990 and he can put the flavor of the rational to the song.

Life With You Sang by Age of Water and Woods

Life With You is the first song when Age of Water and Woods band made their first stage pose and is composed and wrote by Lu Geng Xu.The Chinees lyrics of this song are very vivid and succinct, proper. The melody of this song is fluent, soft, natural, catchy.

The stretchy piano prelude, from the initial sadness to the high tide.Maybe you would forget the touching lyrics and natural melodied and you would leave the glittering and translucent tear and green and astringency smile. Life With You would be submerged in the sunny street but would rise in the wound of the moon night.

Flowers Are Blooming In Spring Sang by Richie Ren

In 1998, Richie Ren filmed The Return of the Condor Heroes.The location has a peach tree and he borrowed a guitar and sing to the tree in the free time.He filmed the teleplay from winter to spring when the withered and yellow leaf become the tender shoot and then he composed this song Flowers Are Blooming In Spring.

The brisk arrangement takes the cozy feeling.Even the content isn’t eulogize the spring but also uses the spring as the background to express the feelings that long for love.It likes the feelings that the spring takes to us.

Ten Years Sang by Eason Chan

Ten Years is formed by Xiao Xia Chen and wrote by Lin Xi.After the unique interpretation of Eason Chan, it is loved by countless fans.It represents the tousy and bitter mind and also had sung by other singers.It is also the best Chinese karaoke song in the KTV and is one of the most classical songs in Hong Kong sad love songs.

Legend Sang by Li Jian

In the winter of 2002,Li Jian lived in a quadrangle courtyard and reads many movies and books.When he read the novel Letter From An Unknown Woman of Stefan Zweig what he was deeply impressed with.He thinks that woman lived in that time is a legend and then he composed this melody.

When he began to arrange this song,his home doesn’t have the great guitar but only had especial broken lyra.One noon he took this lyra to compose the prelude of this song.

Legend is a special song that doesn’t have the obvious fluctuate but has the greatest emotion which likes a person whispered his worry.

Run Sang by Yu Quan

Run was a popular song that composed and wrote in Yu Quan and Huang Zheng and released in March 1,2003.The exciting melody and passionate performance of this song stir many people’s mind and give the brave and impulsion to move ahead.The song has the agile rhythm and harmonious melody that give the young feeling to you.All of this song used the running as its theme to show the vitality of exercise.

If I Still Remember You Next Life Sang by Mayu

If you want to love, please silently hear this love song from Mayu.The full-bodied Chinese love song helps to think that how bleak about the love.The life maybe has much helplessness and dismay to make the lover to separate.Then only to pray I would remember you next life.Why the lover don’t value this life?Love makes the lover become suspect and the oath between opposite sides can’t stand the test.So just deceive themselves as well as others I would remember you and live peacefully with you.

Changjiang River Sang by JJ Lin

Changjiang River is a wonderful love song that the time intersects the imagination.At the beginning, the song wind takes the drizzle and feeling that the South China has.In the arrangement, it adds the vertical bamboo flute to add the mysterious special atmosphere.That’s what JJ Lin wants to show the loyal and steadfast in the ancient Oriental musical instruments.Whatever it takes,the love would be still sweet in every space-time.

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