Top 10 Chinese Songs In Chinese Musical History

Top 10 Chinese Songs In Chinese Musical History

Chinese songs are characterized by their variety, abundance and different styles. The combination of elements from the old traditional music with the modern music is a new trend now. In this aspect, there are no single criteria to evaluate the best songs, but we can list several classical famous and beautiful songs from diverse perspectives.

1.Guang Ling Verse (Ancient melody with Chinese Guqin)

It originally came from the mysterious secret music score of Ming Dynasty, expressing sympathy with the assassin Nie Zhen and praises his heroic deeds. This song consists of 45 musical periods and six main parts with rich diversity. It’s featured by the heart beating and thumping melody.

2.March of the Volunteers (National Anthem)

This song was born during the time of counter-japanese war, calling up all the citizens to strive for the resistance against the invaders. In the year of 1949, when the republic of china was founded, it was defined as the national anthem, thus performed in many cases, particularly representing the Chinese folk in big events.

3.Jasmine Flower (Folk song with high popularity and features in south china)

As a typical Chinese folk song, it enjoys a high popularity, even among the foreigners because of its fresh melody and positive attitude. It symbolizes the girls’ life in southern China and was performed in the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game.

4.My Chinese Heart (A song arousing the patriotism of all overseas chinese)

It was sung by a Hongkong singer Zhang Mingming in the spring festival gala of CCTV in 1984 for the first time and became a household name. This song is powerful and fully express the patriotism, which aroused the homeland missing of many overseas Chinese.

5.North Wolf (Popular music composed by a Taiwan singer )

This depicts the appearance and character of a north wolf, which is a metaphor of the wandering man, who feel lonely and is seeking a new direction. Its creator and singer Qiqin enjoy a high reputation in the modern Chinese music, which is famous for his clear voice.

6.Rosy Clouds Chasing The Moon (Famous song with National orchestral)

This song was created in the year of 1935 and belongs to the most representative

 Works of folk orchestra. This music integrates the musical instrument of Erhu, the combination of the bass part and soprano part together describes the fantastic night sky vividly.

7.The Moon Represents My Heart (Lyric song in 1970s)

A classical song performed by the dead Chinese female Singer DENG Lijun, it has many reproduced version. This song skillfully combined the description of moon with the deep love in heart, which strikes a chord in many generations.

8.Live a Dashing Life (A song full of philosophy by a famous Hongkong singer)

The Title song of the album with the same name of the famous singer YE Qianwen in 1991. This song won the top 10 golden Chinese song for many times not only because of its rhythmic melody but also its abundant life philosophy behind that.

9.Sad Pacific Ocean (Popular song as a theme song of a hot TV play)

A Lryic Rock song is presented by a famous Taiwan singer REN Xianqi. Although it is another version of a Japanese song. But it is especially successful as the theme song of the TV play The Return of the Condor Heroes.

10.Meteor Shower (Pop song loved by the generation after 80s)

A hit song by the 4-person singing portfolio F4. This song was easy and relaxed, reflecting the burning and romantic love between the young lovers. It once made a sensation also because the 4 young singers are so handsome, which attract a lot of girl fans at that time.

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