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Top 10 Chinese Songs In 2016

Few days ago, we have shared the 10 great Chinese Folk Songs in 2016 for you.The 2016 have passed and Chines music also created many great popular songs.In the day of China in 2016, many musical competition has appeared and many Chinese singers began to show more in this year.That’s why we always want to share those top Chinese songs in 2016 for you.

1.Ten miles of Spring By Mr Deer Band

 “I said that all of wind wine can’t compare with you”.The Mr Deer band released their first single song Ten miles of The Spring.What they wanted to talk about is that even you got drunk that your deep heart would still have someone to make you more drunk.That’s why they came, come to sing this song for you and help you find out the deep feeling from your heart.Because the voice of your listening comes from my heart.

2. Confessions Balloon By Jay Chou

Confessions Balloon is wrote by Vincent Fang and composed by Jay Chou.It is registered in the album Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories which released in 24 June,2016.

As the legend of Chinese music, Jay never stops the exploration and innovation in music.The combination of Chinese style and hip-hop,Chinese opera and rapping.The attempt of those content helps him to gain the music awards in China.In the vector of his music, he has paid more attention to cooperate with the mainstream media platform.

3. Smaller Part By Chen Li

Smaller Part is wrote by Tu Lizhi and composed and sang by Chen Li.It is registered in the album Small Dream but Big Part which released in July 7,2016.

The beginning of this song is very soft and then the peak is recalling the past in the light lost which tightly controls the emotion of the audience.And the lyric of Tu Lizhi carved the sincerity of love into the bone.

4. Fairy Town By Chen Yifa

Maybe most of you would think the singer is male.But the singer is female whose name like the male name. The song is wrote by an audience of Rumble Fish and composed by a friend of Chen Yifa.

There is always a colorful river in fairy town which split the ideal and reality and then join in the foot of the mountain pass.

The melody of this song is very cool and the voice of the singer can catch your heart into the song.Just enjoys it.

5. Echoes Of The Rainbow By Vanessa

In fact, it also has a same name movie, but they don’t have any connection.The song is the subject song of the movie Beijing Love Story.

After went through many difficulties, she can write and composes herself music by herself.Of course, the great basement becomes the affirmation by the music critics and song fans.

6. Actor By Joker

Joker is a calamitous singer who spent ten years to write, compose and sing.Because the his first brokerage contract, he can’t show, sing and release his album in the seven years.After 2015, his effort gains acceptance by the song fan.He becomes the illustrious the singer and presenter.Nonetheless, all of those things are targeting to the music.To be a famous singer is his life goal.

The song spent 19 months to build.Joker goes to Beijing and back to Shanghai then spare no effort to compose this song for the gift to his song fan.

7.I Want You By Ren Suxi

I Want You are wrote and composed by Fan Chong and sang by Ren Suxi.The song is the subject song of drama Mr.Donkey and the movie Mr.Donkey.

The movie is adapted from the some name drama which relates the story that the teachers of a remote school make a false report to falsely claimed the salary in the period of the Republic of China.

8. How Do You Want Me To Do by Joker

You would find that Joker have two songs selected into the top ten Chinese songs in 2016.It’s amazing that one person can get it.Of course, all of this can’t do without his effort.

How Do You Want Me To Do was sang by Joker in the Mid-Autumn evening of Music of China in 2016 and his soulful singeing moved the audiences in the theater.

Except it, Joker always invited the director to find a view to California for shooting the MV of this song.

9. Sleep Alone By Eason Chan

Sleep Alone is wrote by Ge Dawei and composed by Li Xiaoyang and Xie Guowei.The song is the subject song of the same name movie Sleep Alone.The movie is talking about that one sweet guy is soft and shy.When he knows he loved the girl who had her own lover, then he accompanied her to overcome the difficulty and then leave but still keeping the commitment.The lyric is customized for the move and invites the Eason Chan to sing.

The song continued e musical style of Eason and penetrated the moving melody to convey the voice of the heart and the fixed style of Eason.

The song agreed with the theme of the movie “I am the existence of silent, don’t want to be your world but just be your shoulder”.The Chinese lyrics hit the listener’s heart and move them deeply.

10. A Little Happiness by Anita

A Little Happiness is the second time that the music cooperated with music for Anita.The song is formed by Jerry C and wrote by Xu Shizhen and Wu Huifu.It ‘s composed for the movie My Girlhood.Before Jerry C composing the song, he reads the play twice then finds the suited melody out.

The director of this movie selected for Anita to sing this song is because she thinks Anita has the special property of across the time between the primary school and senior high school.The director put Anita in the very important position that the song of Anita is a most important symbol of the spirit of the movie.

In this article,we have shared ten best Chinese songs for you.Maybe you need more time to digest the groovy music.Hope you have a great musical trip to our website.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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