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Top 10 Chinese Pop Songs in 2016

When 2017 is coming, it’s time to recall the great Chinese pop songs in 2016.You can find the way to download them when you according to the way we have recommended.In fact, we would like to share more great Chinese music for you.Today we also share other type music for you.

With time went by,2016 had generated many pop songs in China.Our task is finding the extreme for you.Hope you would love it.

1.I Love You Sung By G.E.M.

I Love You is a song that wrote and composed by Wong Ka Kui.The new cover version is sung by G.E.M.

Why the old Chinese song becomes popular again? First, the song was sung at the famous music I AM A SINGER and the song has the mass base.Many young people love the song whose version is Cantonese.The new arrangement adapts the song from a popular rap style to Western pop.If you see the song from the melody and arrangement, it’s no doubt that it seems like a European and American classic popular song.Because the high quality arrangement, it gives the audience the great feeling.

2. Bubble Sung By G.E.M.

Bubble is a song that wrote and composes and sung by G.E.M and recorded in her album Xposed.The MV of this song is directed by TAN CHANG.

In fact,the song wasn’t composed in 2016 but in 2011.It’s a sad love song.In 2011,G.E.M was in lovelorn period.At that time, she felt very depressive and wants to run away from the emotion and work.Then she bought the air ticket and flew to New York and stayed there a week.One day she walked on the street and saw that some clown blow bubble.

The screen was beautiful but she thought that the bubbles were beautiful in a brief moment, but it broke when you touch it.She is associated that the lie like the bubble which is beautiful and tender.When the lie broke, it made us upset.So she wrote this song to convey it.

3. Fleet of Time Sung By Faye Wong

Fleet of Time is a song that sung by Faye Wong and wrote by Albert Leung and composed by Kubert Leung.The song is the theme song of the same name movie Fleet of Time.

The best featuring voice of Faye and impressive lyrics made every note knock on the heart of the listener.The song performs the impressive story of the movie and the moving scene.The lyric of this song directly cause the empathy of the audience to the young time.

4. The Left Ear Sung By Vicki Zhao

The Left Ear is a song that sung by Chinese female artist Vicki Zhao and wrote by Albert Leung.It’s the theme song of the same name movie The Left Ear.

In fact,Vicki is a friend of the director of the movie.She had been long to not sing a song for anybody.Of cause her sing this song for the friendship between her and her friend.

5. In A Lifetime Sung By Jane Zhang

In A Lifetime is wrote and composed by Vin Xu.It’s the theme song of a TV play series in the Silence.The play series talks about a normal Chinese national security policeman how to defend his nation and showed selfless devotion to work.

Jane said that although singing for the national safe play that is different theme, its emotion is mutual likes other TV plays that they look forward to the great life and love but have to give up due to their work.

In A Lifetime showed the pain and struggle of the unsung hero and transfers the silent love.The beautiful soft voice of Jane deeply sings this song to having a destined love story.The lyric is vivid and moving and the melody is grace.

6. Little Apple Sung By Chopsticks Brothers

Little Apple is the theme song of the movie Old Boy:The Way of The Dragon which was acted by Chopsticks Brothers, Qu Jingjing.

This song is composed by Chopsticks Brothers.The music style of this song based on the latest electronic retro melody and the catchy lyrics.They used the retro melody rhythm match the divine comedy and the disco style.The song is saluting to fashion and the cherish the memory of youth for old boy.Of course,the song is targeting the scene of the movie.

7. Happy Dream Sung By Diamond Zhang

Happy Dream is the theme song of the same name microfilm and wrote by Poman Lo and composed by Wu Zhongheng and sung by Diamond Zhang.

Diamond stated that Happy Dream is a gentle song that is full of positive energy.This song not only in melody but also lyric can move the listener.After listening, we can get curative power.She wants to help us to know that the happiness is in our side.Our family is on our happiness.

8. Growth Ring Sung By Wang Su Long

Growth Ring is the theme song of the Tv play series The Journey of Flower and composed, wrote, sang by Silence Wang. Silence described the love of The Journey of Flower from the angle as a composer.

Before the composition, Wang Su Long read the original work of The Journey of Flower and feels the complicated emotion and then he began to compose this song.After setting the melody, he still continues in the detail.Finally he composed the Growth Ring.Growth Ring is full of Chinese ancient customs and also has the version of Diamond Zhang

9. The Classic Sung By Li Jian

The Classic is a song that Li Jian sang the I AM A SINGER season three.The song is a cover version from a theme song of the cinema of Korea.Li Jian wrote Chinese lyrics for this song by himself.This song helps him to win the runner-up in the competition.

Jian said that he is a senior fan of South Korean television dramas.He has been more that a hundred Korean movies between 2002 to 2003.He noted that he was inspired more from those movies.Li Jian had seen this same name movie ten years ago and the melody of this theme song moved him a lot.

So he just wanted to express helpless beauty of love in the movie.For writing the Chinse lyrics for this song, he reviews this movie again and then wrote more detail of the song when the competitive data were coming.

10. Where Did The Time Go Sung By Reno Wang

Where Did The Time Go was composed and wrote in Dong Dongdong and Chen Xi.When Chen Xi held a birthday party for her mother that she found that her mother became older and had the wrinkle.The feeling of the time hit her heart and then she wrote this lyric was remarkably smooth.After writing the lyrics, her husband Dong Dongdong composed for this song.

We have shared all of top 10 Chinese pop songs for you in this article.We are also given shared some chinese chicken song for you before.You can come across type of Chinese music in our website.Hope you would love it.You can get those song through this way.

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