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Ting Jian Le Ma 听见了吗 Hear Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei

Chinese Song Name: Ting Jian Le Ma 听见了吗
English Tranlation Name: Hear Me
Chinese Singer: Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei
Chinese Composer:Chen Zhi Yuan 陈志远
Chinese Lyrics:Yao Ruo Long 姚若龙 Daryl Yao

Ting Jian Le Ma 听见了吗 Hear Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

fēng   shuō le shén me ma 
风     说   了 什   么 吗
Did the wind say something
xīn   bú gòu ān jìng 
心    不 够  安 静   
The heart is not quiet enough
wǒ pá shàng shān dǐng 
我 爬 上    山   顶   
I climbed to the top of the mountain
bì shàng shuāng yǎn   tīng yi tīng 
闭 上    双     眼    听   一 听   
Close your eyes and listen
wǒ tīng jiàn bái yún wèn wǒ 
我 听   见   白  云  问  我 
I heard the white cloud ask me
shuō xiǎng bu xiǎng fàng qì 
说   想    不 想    放   弃 
Say you don't want to give up
yì xiǎng qǐ nà gè míng zi 
一 想    起 那 个 名   字 
I thought of the name
lèi luò zài wǒ shǒu xīn 
泪  落  在  我 手   心  
Tears in the heart of my hand
mèng   yǐ jīng sǐ le ma 
梦     已 经   死 了 吗 
Is the dream dead
xīn   tiào gè bù tíng 
心    跳   个 不 停   
The heart beats
kě wàng de líng hún   děng dài xià yǔ 
渴 望   的 灵   魂    等   待  下  雨 
Thirsty souls wait for the rain
wǒ zhī dào hái yǒu ài   wǒ xiāng xìn 
我 知  道  还  有  爱   我 相    信  
I know there's still love to believe in
wǒ tīng jiàn wèi lái jiào wǒ 
我 听   见   未  来  叫   我 
I didn't hear it coming
qù zhǎo dào wǒ zì jǐ 
去 找   到  我 自 己 
Go find me
wǒ xiǎng qǐ yí gè shēn yǐng 
我 想    起 一 个 身   影   
I want to have a body image
tā ài guò wǒ de xīn 
他 爱 过  我 的 心  
He loved my heart
ài shì yì fēng xìn   tā huì jì lái xīn lǐ 
爱 是  一 封   信    它 会  寄 来  心  里 
Love is a letter that comes to the heart
xiě de rén huì shì shuí 
写  的 人  会  是  谁   
Who would it be
yào děng dào nǎ yì tiān 
要  等   到  哪 一 天   
What day will it be
wǒ de yí gè mèng 
我 的 一 个 梦   
A dream of mine
yǒu rén tīng jiàn le ma 
有  人  听   见   了 吗 
Can anyone hear me
wǒ yí shuì jiù liú lèi 
我 一 睡   就  流  泪  
I cry when I fall asleep
wǒ tīng jiàn wèi lái jiàowǒ 
我 听   见   未  来  叫   我 
I didn't hear it coming
qù zhǎo dào wǒ zì jǐ 
去 找   到  我 自 己 
Go find me
wǒ zhāng kāi wǒ de shuāng ěr 
我 张    开  我 的 双     耳 
I open my ears
tīng zhēn xīn de huí yīn 
听   真   心  的 回  音  
Listen to the echo of true heart

Some Great Reviews About Ting Jian Le Ma 听见了吗 Hear Me

Listener 1: "If there is an afterlife, make a tree. Stand for eternity without a pessimistic pose. Half in the dust, half in the wind; Half cast shade, half bathed in sunlight. Very silent, very proud. Never rely on, never look for. If you are alone, turn off the lights, turn on the TV, put on a ghost movie, and you will feel that there is someone outside the door, in the toilet, under the bed. "

Listener 2: "Do you hear that? My call, I love you. Is with the heart and lungs sing out of the love song, floating to your beloved ears, like flowers to you, with singing flowers to move your heart. My heart is full of you, miss you day and night, dreams and dreams are full of you. Hope kung fu chase you love you, it pays off, dear you hear the song, answer to say a word, no matter what to say, I will smile, laugh we walked into the wedding ceremony together. To love forever. "

Listener 3: "I never angry with you, is I was exhausted, I'm like a consumable, like a piece of soap, you don't need to stay there quietly, need a little effort you can have a lot of bubbles, and then to calm, but it is also useful over the day"

Listener 4: "Listen to the song of my sister, the heart becomes weaker. She always tries to support herself and always secretly embraces her silent tears, a sensitive and fragile heart, but always makes her strong appearance to cover up, because all the time she only smiles to others, but cries to herself."

Listener 5:"The only time Chang has collaborated with Shunzi is this song, Do You Hear? — because of the depth of Shunzi's western pop music, the song seems to have the texture of a movie theme song, like Notting Hill, or Sleepless in Seattle, or even a warm shadow of Going Home. The feeling may be preformed, but the romance of "I hear the future call me/to find myself/I think of a figure/the heart that loved me" is timeless and does have a powerful, grandiose, classic resonance, much like the closing ode to a film story that echoes as we stand to applaud. The arrangement of Tu Ying's songs also reminds us of the "Moonlight" he made for Shunzi. Both songs are excellent casting of the Golden Melody Award. "

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Vivian He
I am a music love.There was a time before when I was particularly fond of listening to rap music, and the good lyrics always had some realistic implications. But now what I listen to more often is pop music.It's more soothing.I hope to share some of my favorite music with you guys!


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