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Ting Ge 停格 Stop Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Chinese Song Name: Ting Ge 停格
English Tranlation Name: Stop
Chinese Singer: Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung
Chinese Composer: Cai Jian Ya 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua
Chinese Lyrics: Yao Qian 姚谦

Ting Ge 停格 Stop Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics

dòng qíng shì róng yì de 
动   情   是  容   易 的 
Love is easy
yīn wèi bú huì tài jiǔ 
因  为  不 会  太  久
Because it won't be long
yuǎn yuǎn de fǎng fú ké yǐ chù mō 
远   远   的 仿   佛 可 以 触  摸 
The distant imitation Buddha can be touched
liú liàn shì bú xìng de  
留  恋   是  不 幸   的  
It is unlucky to stay in love
yīn wèi céng jīng yōng yǒu 
因  为  曾   经   拥   有
For it has been possessed
yè yè bèi sī niàn chán rǎo zhe 
夜 夜 被  思 念   缠   扰  着  
The night is haunted by thoughts
wú nài wǒ men kàn dǒng bí cǐ 
无 奈  我 们  看  懂   彼 此 
We understand this and that
shì bí cǐ de guò kè ā  
是  彼 此 的 过  客 啊 
It is a guest of this and that
ài qíng shì gè lún kuò bù kě néng sī yǒu 
爱 情   是  个 轮  廓  不 可 能   私 有  
Love is a wheel that cannot be kept secret
bǎ zuì chū de gǎn dòng 
把 最  初  的 感  动   
Move the initial sensations
jù xì wú yí de bǎo liú xīn zhōng 
巨 细 无 遗 的 保  留  心  中    
In the heart of the great unleft behind
bù róng xǔ ràng shí jiān fú xiǔ le chū zhōng 
不 容   许 让   时  间   腐 朽  了 初  衷  
Do not allow time to decay in the beginning
suó yǐ fàng shǒu   suó yǐ yǐn cáng 
所  以 放   手     所  以 隐  藏   
To hide with the hand
shī tòu de xiù kǒu 
湿  透  的 袖  口  
Wet cuff
huā ér kū le   shí jiān zǒu le 
花  儿 枯 了   时  间   走  了 
The flowers withered and went away
méi yǒu bù shě dé 
没  有  不 舍  得 
There is no want to give up
xīn zàng tíng le   kōng qì sǐ le 
心  脏   停   了   空   气 死 了 
The heart stopped breathing and died
ài cóng cǐ tíng gé 
爱 从   此 停   格 
Love stops here

Some Great Reviews About Ting Ge 停格 Stop

Listener 1: "Look at Jacky cheung's eyes, suddenly good sad, you as the only her, because you love her, but she hesitated to kill you, because she doesn't love you, not even a little guilty, how many people like this in reality, the people your love as a joke, this kind of the feeling of heartbreak, songs of god is in place, is a by singing delay of the emperor."

Listener 2: "Jacky Cheung is born with a strong, strong, golden voice. His voice is very metallic and has a very wide vocal range (a very good, if not outstanding, high pitch; The midrange is the most attractive and perfect; Bass bass is deep and mellow), together with consummate and superb singing skills, thus can interpret all kinds of songs to be warm and lyrical, deep, passionate, majestic, qi Ileum! Jacky Cheung had the most beautiful middle and low notes from 1985 to 1995, and the most beautiful high notes from 1995 to 2000, and of course the high notes from 1991 to 1995 were also very good. Since he went to the United States for a short study in 1995, Jacky Cheung's high notes have become louder, clearer and brighter. Jacky Cheung's singing is sometimes deep and vigorous, sometimes loud and open, sometimes clear and transparent, sometimes passionate and unrestrained, sometimes warm and affectionate, and sometimes vigorous and powerful. Listening to his songs makes people relaxed and happy, which is more and more a kind of enjoyment. I like Jacky Cheung's songs, and I believe I like his exquisite trill, and his falsetto attainments are the highest."

Listener 3: "I think the character played by Jacky Cheung in the movie and the song performed with his voice in gold are the punch lines. Maybe every one of them is good, but this one left a deep impression on me. Maybe it's because of the love in the play that makes me feel sad."

Listener 4: "At the first time, you will feel affectations; after listening, you will be fascinated. The emotional level reaches the level of god. Others are just singing obediently, while God is performing a kind of emotion, which requires strong singing skills and experience."

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