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Three Perfect Introduction of Romantic Chinese Songs

Romance is the act or language of a person or person who is touched, happy, or otherwise remembered for a time or longer.Romance means indulgence.Romantic is full of poetry and fantasy.The term is derived from the evolution of western words “ romantic”, which is the transliteration of it.And many romantic Chinese songs have the magic of touching a string, let people listen to as sweet as honey, but also between lovers filled with trace of sweetness. Now, Let me introduce three romantic Chinese songs.

“Sand Painting”,A Romantic Love Song of A Mixed Chorus

“Sand Painting”, written by Fang Wenshan, is a chorus song sung by Jay Chou and Cindy Yen,who is also the music maker.This song is included in the personal debut album "Cindy Yen" released in October 30, 2009. In December 6, 2010, the song received the most popular choral song award in the tenth Global Chinese songs list.

Jay Chou asked Cindy Yen to write a song that is a chorus with him.Cindy Yen handed over the first song which is only appropriated with her oneself singing.Cindy Yen then continues to modify. Always imagines how suitable for their two persons in the mind.Then hand over second songs. Jay Chou after listening to let her continue refueling.Cindy Yen imagined the music for the two person's range and feeling, and designed a rap for Jay Chou in the song, staying up late to write the painting of“Sand Painting”, which won the approval of Jay Chou.

Painting sand is a love song for men and women.The wind is a combination of R&B and classical.It is special that there are dialogues of classical instruments and there are piano violins and cello.Vincent Fang uses the "sand" image, with a firm commitment to offsetting the nothingness of sand, with repeated lyrics “It will not wipe”,“ the future will never be redrawing”give the most tenacious meaning for the most vulnerable things.

Exert cicadas, summer flowers, phoenix flowers, showers outside the house, girls in the room painted fingernails to accumulate a warm tone of quiet.Like painting of Jimmy, the color is optimistic, the tone is clear, which is a little love minor.The song’s style is really special.

But there was still Jielun's shadow, though Jielun didn't sing much. We can still sense that Jielun is singing with his heart.Cindy Yen also toils and moils,who co-operate with Jay Chou that highlighted her.The lyrics are fresh and clean, just like two people talking to each other on the beach. Midsummer、Sunshine Warmth、Sweet、Cozy、Transparent, are this not the romantic songs that are required to cover with.This song is suitable for a single cycle. The more you listen, the more you smell. Like a painting. Need careful experience. A song, listen to a few times. Is unable to feel the author to express emotion.

In the mv of song, Cindy Yen and Jay Chou show to play in the same stage.Cindy Yen plays the piano and the violin in front of Jay Chou, while Jay Chou plays the cello, which is capable to get a sense of romance.Jay Chou, who has always loved to be a handsome man, made a handsome pose in the shooting, spun the body quickly from the outside of the body at the speed of lightning.

In the mv,the turn of Jay when he appeared and the rotation that starts at 3 minutes and 28 seconds is extremely handsome.The rap of “No matter how dusty”and the lyric “The tears of love for you I can be a fool” are fond by the most people.I think the whole song, about all the beautiful sentences, is saying the lyric "Because I love you”,which is full of sweet love.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   yīn wèi wǒ ài nǐ ya

Chinese:  因  为  我 爱 你 呀

English:Because I love you

The “因为” means “because”. The “我” means “I”. The “爱 ”means “love”.The “你”means“you”.

"I Want You", A Romantic Song Yearning For Love

"I Want You" is written and composed by Fan Chong,which is the episode of a drama "Donkey Get Water",sung by Ren Suxi.In March 27, 2017, the song had the honour to get the twenty-fourth Oriental billboard dynamic 101 Annual Golden Melody Awards.

2012, when "donkey" water drama forming at the beginning,as film directors and screenwriter.Zhou Shen asks Fan Chong for the production of the song.When Fan Chong makes the song,he not only feel like to assist the audience to release the emotion that accumulates when watching the movie,but also want to stand out the striking character of a prominent figure,which is not obvious.Therefore,Fan Chong made a decision of writing something different that is unexpected but reasonable after second thoughts.

Fan chong thought that Zhang Yiman in the drama belonged to the social butterfly who always hum some of the music.Consequently, Fan Chong decided the basis of the song, at the same time, Fan Chong took account of that Zhang Yiman might get something when she sings the song.So he gave the name of the song as "I Want You".

The creation of the song took forty or fifty minutes and several kinds of versions have been released.After the song was chosen as the theme song for the movie donkey, fan chong designedly invited his friends, Wolf ang Ren Suxito sing the song together and interspersed with “The Wandering Songstress” in the song.The melody is very sexy, the melody is clean and simple, the guitar accompaniment is slow, the voice of the Old Wolf is low and gentle.

“I want you here with me / I want you for my dressing / the night that the wind blew/ my heart itch /my boyfriend /watching the moon at the foreign land/ blame this moonstruck madness / blame the guitar bomb too bleak / Oh I want to sing”.Solo version of Ren Suxi in addition to retained original role of emotion, but also combines with a lively rhythm.Ren Suxi,as the tone of the people in the play, euphemistically tells the story that is warm but cold,which is like the answer, like sign, and different from the old Wolf’s singing.Ren Suxi's performance in the song is more gentle and more exciting.

The song "I Want You" is a song full of retro color, both from the rhythm choice or harmony processing, restored the cultural characteristics of the old Shanghai in the Republic of China.Similar to the case of songs can refer to Li Jinguang teacher wrote songs for Li Chunlan "Cordate Telosma". The background of the story "donkey gets water" is 1942, and the classic song "Cordate Telosma" was also created in 1942.If the film “Donkey gets water” itself is in the record of human nature, expression of the absurd, tragic touches.

So "I want you" is a very contrasting artistic flavor floats to everyone's heart.This courtyard music itself is brilliant, yearning, direct that is colliding with the era background, plot and values.Although the ending of the film was a little sad, the songs did not continue to be sad and dreary, which ended in a clear and yearning form.Perhaps, there are hundreds of bad stories in our lives.It is a pity that if you're longing in the heart is lost, it will be too bad

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   wǒ yào  nǐ zài wǒ shēn páng

Chinese:   我 要  你 在  我   身   旁  

English:I want you here with me

The “我” means “I”. The “要” means “want”. The “你 ”means “you”.The “在…身旁”means“here with”.The “我”means“me”.

There are stories of people, feelings of songs.Titillation is no longer a face, the intoxicant more than moonlight.I am accustomed to the beauty of the wind and the moon and left the only love of the pure love of my heart."Let's get married" can be said is classic in one of the romantic Chinese songs. It's a very romantic song for lovers who crave love and crave marriage. Now comes on listen to this.

"Let's get married",A Song Yearning For Marriage

"Let's get married," is a song sung by Qi Chen and composed by Jane、Huanhuan and Zhang Wei.The song was published in november 2013. In 2015, the star annual ceremony "Let's get married" won the Ten Golden Melody Award.

"Let's get married" is composed and produce by the composer Gao Lei.And Qiu Xinghao, a new generation born after 80, participated in the production and elaborately arranged.After composing the music work, Gao Lei needs to find excellent singers to record the sample, so as to make sure that the songs he wrote can be successfully selected by the singer.So he went to the bar street in Beijing Houhai for three days to find the singer.

The early cooperation that Qi Chen helped Gao Lei to record a song,was the first to be moved by the sound and pure voice of Qi Chen.Later, he learned that Qi Chen had been a signing singer for a record company when he found the Chen.Gao Lei said on the show: "it looks like I have a good eye, and I went in to look for a singer that makes us a small sample.

The consequence was the case that the singer was the record company's entertainer.Then two people have a more in-depth cooperation, of course, which also includes the popular "Let's get married" on both sides of the Changjiang River.

When a love comes to a climax, the wedding comes naturally."Oh My Love / let's get married yo/really want to have a home with you/ this life the most beautiful dream ah / have you accompany me into the world /Oh,My Love let's get married / I will use my life to love you / I wish to lay down everything / give you a happy home".Morning brings us such a sweet song – "Let's get married". Let us believe in the beauty of love, let us smell the fragrance of life.

The sweet melody and the light rhythm are the standard of a sweet love song.Qi Chen's voice is tender and affectionate, which perfectly demonstrates the romantic and sweet expression of this love song. Love her, give her a happy home, which may be the ultimate dream of every man in love. This "Let's get married" is a declaration of love for every man who has responsibilities and responsibilities.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   hǎo xiǎng hé nǐ yōng yǒu yí gè jiā

Chinese:   好  想    和 你   拥   有  一 个 家  

English:Really want to have a home with you

The “好” means “really”. The “想” means “want to”. The “和”means“ with”.The “你 ”means “you”.The “拥有”means “have”.The “一个”means“a”.The “家”means“home”.

What is Romance?It is that he took your hand, turned around the world, but not because of sweating in the hands of open, never tired of. What is Romance? It is he who, in the comfort of your need, gives you his shoulders and wipe your tears.What is Romance? It is when you are sad that you are still waiting for him and ease his weariness and displeasure.

Does romantic can be defined?If it can,it must be the happiness that you spend with him. Romance is when you're in the cold, and holds you in your arms.What is Romance? Maybe it's just a word, a look, a smile, or a period of time! Maybe…. Nothing?These kinds of romance, you can find in romantic Chinese songs and aftertaste them with heart.

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