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Three Famous Chinese Pop Songs of Eason Chan Take You In Chinese World

Eason Chan is one of the iconic figures in Hong Kong's mainstream music scene and has been hailed as a successor to Jacky Cheung.He experienced a process from commercial to non business.He was recognised by more people because of popular songs. After becoming famous, he gradually changed people's understanding of popular songs with music, so let me introduce some of the famous Chinese pop songs.

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Your Backpack(Chinese Name is 你的背包)

"Your Backpack" is included in Eason Chan's "Special Thanks To" album, but also the main song of the album, which is written by Albert.Although the lyrics aren’t too much, a few words also tell a lot of the vicissitudes of life.This song has likewise become one of Eason Chan's national masterpieces.In 2002, the song won the fourth CCTV-MTV Music Festival in Hongkong single of the year award, and was named the second Global Chinese Music Awards 20 songs.

The inspiration of "Your Backpack"" is actually derived from Albert's own true story.With friends, each carrying his backpack, walk in the familiar street or exotic foreign country.In the lyrics, the treasure of the backpack is utilized to express the love for the owner of the backpack and the persistent emotion.

The song of Eason Chan "Your Backpack" describes the first love story that is pure but full of regret.The boy and girl love each other, whose emotion is pure and sincere.However, perhaps it is because too young, or because a little bit of quarrel and misunderstandings, that results in two people apart.The girl and the boy said goodbye at the airport, and the girl left the boy with a backpack.

The girl walked away and never came back, but the boy carried the backpack every day.Years later, the boy experienced the ups and downs of the world, and passed the age of the young and the old, more experience this period of emotional value.Only, the past already in the past, unable to pursue, only the backpack that he did not mean to return.The backpack loaded his youth, truth, purity, regret and sadness, which are still vaguely with the shadow of the past.Unconsciously, the backpack dissolved in his life, along with those unforgettable memories.

Albert's lyrics are not many, which the affection is pure, only a few hundred words, but also made a lot of vicissitudes.It sings out the figure of the lamentable man who carries a backpack, which is extremely touching.Albert said, "your backpack" actually wrote his own story, if it is his personal story, the protagonist should be him and Anthony Wong.

Their fans are quite clear that two people transcend the feelings of friendship, but for a variety of reasons, their relationship has been maintained on friendship, for many years has not been forward.(Perhaps for them, the taboo feelings are unacceptable. It's hard for them to step out of this, or do not want to destroy friendship.It's not known.) In the lyrics, Albert expresses his love and persistence to the owner of the backpack by showing his love of the backpack.

"Your backpack/the heavy trial to me/borrow something, why not change it?".No hoarse, not deliberately say, not even loves and hates. Your backpack, I carry it to work together every day, that's enough. Carrying all the memories and thoughts, silently waiting, faint miss.The day is still smooth, precipitation with all of the all.

"Your Backpack", Eason Chan's songs, as the title of the album, is the most famous work in “Special Thanks to”. A few hundred words portray an affectionate person with a backpack.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  duì  wǒ chén zhòng de shěn pàn

Chinese: 对  我      沉   重    的    审   判 

English: The heavy trial to me.

The “对” means “to”. The “我 ” means “I”. The “沉重的 ”means “heavy”.The “审判”means“trial”.

Lonely Patients(Chinese Name is 孤独患者),An Extroverted Lonely Patient

“Lonely Patients” is a mandarin song sung by the Hong Kong singer, Eason Chan, which is written by Xiao Han and included in the album, released in November 11, 2011. 2012, "Lonely" were obtained "the 12 Th Global Chinese Song list – 20 Annual Golden Melody Award.2012, “Lonely Patients” received the "Twelfth Global Chinese Music Awards – Annual Golden Melody Awards 20".

Xiao Han is the number of the team of Khalil Fong, who writes the lyrics of the song and co-operate with Khalil Fong the production of the song.Xiao Han’s words write a state in which the state is quiet, and in silence there is no lack of an external disturbance.Eason Chan had received this song long early on,and at first he didn't feel much about it. He later recorded it and went into the studio to find out that he was very similar to the song.

Eason said the song became the first major hit of his album.An extrovert and lonely patient, is like singing himself. Lyrics focus on the contemporary life of the metropolis. Everyone is difficult to escape the emotional illness problem.Everyone is lonely, but the degree of loneliness is different. When loneliness comes into being, no one understands, and only the heart is constantly tearing.It seems that Eason Chan is singing optionally, but the emotion he sings out his deserve to re-feeling.He deduce the inner pull through the style of himself, using the magnetic voice to welcome a clash of hearts.

The whole song with a lonely atmosphere is appropriate with the theme in the extreme. Melody is undulating but full of tension.Beneath the surface, there is just an undercurrent.Especially in the second half there was a cry of repression, like the howling of the Wolf, which is desperate and painful.When one listens, no matter feeling or not feeling lonely, there is a kind of release lightness inside.

The song continues to use Eason Chan's love songs to cover the social theme in Cantonese albums. Regardless of the lyrics or singing are worth to taste carefully."I don't want the hoarse love song/to prompt the moment that I need you".Because I hope you can understand me,I would not tell you what I think.You can see through my smile, see through my disguise, I pretend to be strong, see my loneliness, my loneliness, my insecurity, my vulnerability

The producers did not shoot MV for the lonely patient, the studio launched a network after the release of the album, and asked participants to express their understanding of the song by making video.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   lái   tí shì  wǒ xū yào  nǐ de  shí kè

Chinese: 来  提  示  我  需  要  你 的  时  刻

English:To prompt the moment that I need you

The “来” means “to”. The “提 示” means “prompt”. The “我”means “I”.The “需 要”means“need”.The “你”means“you”.The “时 刻”means“ moment”.

Eason Chan is one of the representatives of Chinese pop music, and is regarded as the successor of Chinese pop music Jacky Cheung. He was described at the time as a figure who influenced the style of Hongkong music. He could digest every song, and then interpret it in a direct and sincere way.He cannot only sing love songs from the heart, but also have many layers of personality and thinking, which make him almost capable of all kinds of songs. That's why he seems to have a lot of songs that are famous Chinese pop songs. The next song is still his song?. Let's have a look.

Elimination(Chinese Name is 淘汰),A Hysterical Song

“Elimination” is a song written by Jay Chou and composed by C.Y.Kong, sung by Eason Chan, which is included in the album "recognition" and released in April 24, 2007. In 2007, the song won three awards for TVB8 golden melody, best arrangement, best producer and golden melody award.

Eason Chan indicates that the song “Elimination” is created by Jay Chou, which melody is simple and the lyrics are very simple.But the range is wide and is really difficult to sing.The song “Elimination” mainly describes the girlfriend's uneasiness about the protagonist's love attitude and suspicion, who select evasion.The hero had tried to cool to give up this affection.However, when recalled the past, he only to find love in the real life is not anything like the love song lyrics so perfect.In the face of the broken feelings, the girlfriend left to make a period for their love, he also had to choose to abandon.

The first time I heard “Elimination”, I did do not know exactly what he sang.The song is good but the words are not rhyme, and even in some places,it is still awkward. However, after listening for a long time, it will gradually find out the hysteria in the lyrics.”I've told you all the lies/You all believe / simple / I love you / You Don't believe it.“I've made countless excuses, just to get close to you, and I've been looking for lots of excuses, just to say a few words to you. You never doubted me.The time of their own, it is cowardly and hypocritical.And once the courage to say that expert like you, you really think as a joke, let it go with the wind.Maybe we are two parallel lines. There is always no intersection.

“Wake up / the dream has been powdered / you and I have lost.”All the nice things that you want to have with you can only be enjoyed in a dream. When you are grieved and heart broken, you wish it was a dream, and you will love to dream when you are sad and sad.Because after I opened my eyes, there is a completely free of your world, living alone in the dark.

The lyrics of a song are praised, perhaps because of its exquisite interlining, or its beautiful words.And like "elimination" This, can't let a person be surprised at the lyrics, need to taste similar cold and warm in the world.Only with them can you savor and slowly understand.Also is such. These are seemingly not perfect lyrics, worthy of scrutiny, will resound This is my story .Why should it rhyme, why do you want to have a gorgeous language these plains to no longer insipid lyrics, is my life, not perfect but true.

So, in my opinion, actual excellent lyrics are when you suddenly read it and make you want to cry. When some life experience resonates with the content of the lyrics, we can understand the emotions that the author runs through his work.Associated with the primary and secondary school language reading comprehension questions, at that time we experienced, we really don't understand, so don't know how to answer.However,it is never mind that you don't understand.When you then come back in a few years, perhaps you are competent to understand.40 and not confused, why should young people be anxious. To tell the truth, not to talk about love, not brokenhearted, how can you understand love songs.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   wǒ shuō  le suó yǒu de huǎng

Chinese: 我   说    了 所  有    的  谎   

English:I've told you all the lies

The “我”means “I”.The “说” means “told”. The “所 有 的” means “all. The “谎”means“the lies”.

It is stated that only experienced can resonate. The famous Chinese pop songs are because it can speak the voice of most people, describes the story that most people experience, that have the ability to arouse the large number of people's sympathy.There is no question that there is no lack of the singer's heart singing and the producer's painstaking efforts to make.Talented music needs careful attention.

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