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Three Chinese Baby Songs Tell You How Chinese Show Love for Baby

In the Chinese music library, few songs are written about babies, but this kind of songs can express the love of the parents or the good wishes for the children's happy growth. Three Chinese baby songs that you want to introduce are the ones that embody them. Come on feel the love in it.

“Baby Song”, A Song About Eason Chan‘s Love

“Baby Song”is a popular Chinese song sung by Eason Chan, a popular male singer from Hongkong, which is composed by Cen Ninger.The song is included on the album"?", published on November 11, 2011.MV is jointly interpreted by Eason Chan and his daughter,

The more life experience, the brain also increased mark.What answer will you do in the face of all kinds of human problems?

In Eason Chan's 2011 language albums,"?", he plays in different roles and goes through different aspects of rap life, analyzing the faces of the princes with a questioning perspective, which makes people unexplored the human nature and studied all kinds of emotions.“Baby Song” is one song of Eason Chan’s 2011 albums"?", which expressed his love and hope for his daughter're handbag.

In MV, Eason Chan appeared for the first time as a father, and for the first time he appeared as a bystander in a recording studio.The writing and production of the songwriting is the contribution of Cen Ninger.Eason Chan's "Baby Song" was filled with a deep sense of love.

"Your eyes/ like a transparent crystal/ there is an infinite universe / so small are you / in your little dream / all my big things / blown into the wind……"

The pure lyrics, soothing accompaniment, and Eason Chan's simple, clean voice, at this moment, the world calms down.In the soft music, it is the father's narration of his daughter's affection, and also the lover's shallow singing with pity. No wonder many fans call this "Baby Song" as "cure" golden melody, and encourage themselves when they encounter setbacks.

"Baby Song", from Eason Chan's album last year"?", expressed his hope for her daughter with full of love and warm, enthusiastic and deep.In the MV, Eason Chan appeared for the first time as his father's identity, showing a middle-aged people to come together and quiet charm. From "Too Big Too Fast" to "Baby Song", Eason Chan sang more than one song for her daughter which makes the fans listened warm, and the fans even called her daughter Kang Di is fortunate.

From "too fast" to "baby song", every song makes fans very moved.Maybe you don't know it yet, but sooner or later you'll see, not so numerous Chinese fathers' love is so hot.Maybe he had for work not accompanies your birthday, maybe a week during the week he often can't accompany you and mother at home.

Perhaps he cheats you that the father goes to work now and goes home at night.As a result, the next night, he is busy recording and can’t come back.Perhaps in the future he will say some lie to you which intend to protect you.However, these are not bad, you have to know, you are his only.You will understand one day sooner or later, he slowly sings for you "so small as you, in your little dream, all my big things blow into the wind."

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   zài nǐ xiǎo xiǎo de mèng lǐ

Chinese: 在 你    小  小   的   梦   里 

English: In your little dream.

The “在” means “in”. The “你” means “your”. The “小小 的”means “little”.The “梦”means “dream”.

A Heart-warming Baby Song —“Golden Mask Iron Gown”

The song is a heart-warming song sung by the Chinese women's group S.H.E.The song is written and composed by funk and is included in the seventh album, Encore, released by S.H.E. on 12 November 2004.

This song is the first of S.H.E.'s first fetal education music song. The meaning of the “Golden Mask Iron Gown” is the love that parents give to their children, which can protect them.The lysis "Good boy, you have to be obedient/You have to have good ideas / after all I can't look after you all the time” can see that the S.H.E’s view of socialism.

Because the society is becoming ever more complex, affected by the reality of the environment, parents give their children the attention and love less.Hoping everyone can hear this song, especially to those who want to give birth to a child, have to remember to give your kids a “Golden Mask Iron Gown”.ELLA, who has strongly mother love, said:

“This song is like the picture of our future.Singing in the studio, we feel like to go to the baby shop, wanting to have children.And the use of the child's voice is my idea.In fact, “My father and mother I love you” this sentence is not only said to my parents, but also hope that I can hear my kids will tell me in the future.”Selina said that although we are young.

But we have kept pets.The pet is like my own child, so when who sing this song, we all have special feelings, the feelings of being a mother.This song is a very lovely, very hopeful song.I hope everyone can pay attention to their children and pay more love for them.The people who have no children can adopt a child, intending to give more love to the society.

S.H.E consists of Selina that represents beauty and gentleness, Ella representing courage, and Hebe that stands for confidence.The three characters complement each other.The resources are mutually beneficial. The appearance is unique.The disposition is sweet and natural warmth. It is a type of women's combination with the jump thinking and the funny and ridiculous.There will be the sound of laughter.

Unlike many idol group S.H.E have less tenderness, also does not have the style of pure and pure beautiful appearance.They are more relying on the overwhelming support projects, to walk out every step of the way.Whether it is their funny face, or the occasional quiet side, they broke the stereotype of previous Chinese pop music,proving that female idol groups are not necessarily to be clever.Whether in S.H.E record, or the idol drama in the commercial, or a concert, and several pictorial book they write, all appear to be the special quality of S.H.E, which is the main reason for many fans who have never been abandoned.

In “Golden Mask Iron Gown”, the three girls are highlighted in their respective tone, and each of them has a unique voice and vocal range: the sound of the Hebe has a high voice and sweet singing skills. The Seliana’s moderate voice is stable, color and transparent.Ella has a low and thick female middle voice.Three different timbres added together, both harmony and not influence each other. When the chorus three together, they could hear three people’s singing is really a very good foundation.In the interpretation of the song feelings at the same time, they also retain their voice in it.Because the singing still retains the rough feeling of incomplete decoration, the kind of chorus sounds like this song let people enjoy it.

It is equally a touching work of the idol girl group.And S.H.E music production is also very smart, because they don’t impose something that not belong to the youth of the three girls,even S.H.E sings very well,even if only a bit of singing technique Here, there is only the youth invincible,only girl’s light sorrow ,only simple,natural innocence, only three girls’ pure sweet voice, only pure essence of idols, even more outstanding idol.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   hǎo hái  zi   nǐ  yào tīng huà

Chinese: 好    孩  子 你   要  听   话 

English:Good boy,you have to be obedient.

The “好” means “good”. The “孩子” means “boys”. The “你”means “you”.The “要”means “have to”.The “听话”means “obedient”.

After the introduction of the two songs, the next is to introduce one of the famous Chinese baby songs — "Kiss My Baby", and its composition and Eason Chan's "baby song" has the same purpose. It is sung by Chinese music pop star Emil Chau. Next, have a look at the king is how to express the love for his children.

"Kiss My Baby",A Song Created For The Birth of A Boy

Emil Chau is the king of pop music, who the virtue of the sun healthy and positive image won the national seal king. He could enter a song, regardless of creation or singing, are very standard. "Kiss my baby" is a song sung by Emil Chau.The song was created on the birth of the son, which is anticipated by Emil Chau.

This song expresses the Emil Chau’s feeling of out of wits, sings the voice of love and deep gratitude and moved to the family.The song was written and composed by Emil Chau, included in Emil Chau's 1990 albums, "Not a person" and the 2003 release of KEEP WAKIN 1987-2002.

As the evergreen tree of Chinese music, Emil Chau has left music of countless precious wealth for Chinese music, won numerous honorsEmil Chau in the decades of music career, created many well-known masterpieces.His music is hard and soft, sings all the world cover and contains everything—reason, love and hatred.

Whether in music or in life, he maintained a positive, low-key stable state, like those of a chivalrous man hidden, not easy to show the edge, but the aftertaste gradually feels the power of its implication.In his career, Emil Chau is successful.In life, he was also wealthy! He is a good son to his mother's eyes; a good husband in his wife's eyes; a good father in the eyes of a child; a good man in the eyes of his fans!

Emil Chau’s singing career didn't make much progress in 1989. When Emil Chau learned that his wife was pregnant,he began to look forward to the day of the birth.When Emil Chau began with the creation of"Kiss My Baby" This song, his writing plan began from the first month of pregnancy. During pregnancy, Emil Chau has written a song, but the lyrics are not written.

One night after Emil Chau's son was born, Emil Chau suddenly got the inspiration.The lyrics almost appeared in one sentence, but there was another sentence that was not written.So Emil Chau uses “lala”as the last sentence, and the baby in the words “kiss my baby / I want to cross the mountain”, is Emil Chau's eldest son, Zhou Houan.

Emil Chau formed a complete personalized music and singing style in career. His music gives the audience a feeling of pure water, although there is no embellishment too much, but can let a person feel his true love. His singing style has not only friendly features, but also gives people a sincere feeling.

Even he sings slightly sad songs, under his interpretation, the song does not have any negative feeling moaning whinge-bags.His voice has a high identification.His voice is under a high degree of identification. His tone is bright, the tenor is natural and soft and magnetic, and the treble zone has tension and explosive force. He is skilled at using nasal cavity, crying and falsetto voice, and has strong penetrating power.

"Kiss my baby" is a way to convey the spread of emotion, the song sounds make people feel very warm, which show the warmth most incisively. "Kiss my baby" not only spread widely, also let Emil Chau leave a fatherly image.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:wǒ yào yuè guò gāo shān

Chinese:我 要  越  过  高  山  

English:I want to cross the mountain

The “我” means “I”. The “要” means “want to”. The “越过”means “ cross”.The “高山”means “the mountain”.


Of course, the singing of the baby may not be the mainstream, and cannot meet the need of the market, or this kind of emotion can only be understood by parents. Therefore, Chinese baby songs will be less and less. However, in such impetuous society, should not be more this song to lead others, to feel love for our parents, let us learn to be grateful.

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