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Those Chinese Video Songs That Can Help You Learn Chinese

We have discussed a song with national characters. And there are additional factors that promoted Chinese songs develop. Among them, I am in favour of the Chinese songs with ancient factors. Learning Chinese has various ways such as learning by Chinese video songs. Most of popular music videos would like to cover ancient Chinese factors or traditional Chinese culture. This article can help you learn three songs and make you learn Chinese culture more interesting and easier.

Music Video: You Hongming Performs White Lover in KangDing

The first song that we are going to know is White Lover that a song mixes factors from Antarctic to Sahara, Terracotta Army and other regional scenery to perform its grand and magnificent features. The recording company also arranges the music video in the “overview of the earth”—-KangDing, the famous town of loving songs.

As we all know, the beautiful and famous KangDing is a symbol which presents sincere love and it breeds a lot of loving stories that touch us. Most touching stories in KangDing are spreading around the world. The KangDing Love Song is recognized as one of the masterpieces among loving songs and it wins the reputation around the world. And it is adapted into different work by other singers such as Mo Wenwei.

The reason why the recording company chooses KangDing as background scenery of music video is that KangDing should be the best place which can reveal this song’s real artistic conception without estrangement from the space and time. And it can fill the song with poetic quality. The average height of the mountain is 4700 meters above sea level and its terrain is rough than other places. Having not adapted to the local environment, our shining handsome poetic singer Yu Hongming even had symptoms of vertigo and nausea when he was recording the music video carefully. The weather was terrible especially in winter though it had a gorgeous view.

The production unit was suffered from wind and severe cold when they were recording. Due to the terrible climate, staffs had to lend a wind meter from relevant departments in order that they could examine whether the wind would damage their equipment and protect the equipment on time. They had examined 10 levels wind and 29 degrees below zero which worried them once while recording.

However, it was usual phenomenon in KangDing. In order to record the video clearer, director Jiang had to claim to put off the job until the weather became better. Some staffs even made jokes that White Lover should apply for the Guinness World Records with three subjects: First, It was recorded in higher height than others. Secondly, it was recorded while there was 10 level wind. Thirdly, it was recorded in 29 degrees below zero. Although the weather was terrible, You Hongming was not influenced. His soulful singing conquered all the people on the scene again, showing a perfect loving songs singer in front of us.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  rén shì jiān bēi huān jù sàn

Chinese: 人  世  间   悲  欢    聚 散

English: There are kinds of joy and sorrow in life.

The “人世” means life. The “悲” means sorrow. The “欢” means joy. The “聚” means uniting. The “散” means separation.

Mistake in the Flower Field: Romance Across Time, Thrush for Loving Girl

The second Chinese video songs we meet is Mistake in the Flower Field, composed by Wang Leehom. The famous company Sony spent 1 million 500 thousand NT dollars to create music video of Wang Leehom’s Mistake in the Flower Field. It is one of Chinese video songs as well.

The music video was set in a background of Beijing Opera scene and antique equipment with large money. In the whole video, Wang Leehom felt that he was falling in love with the Beijing Opera in the story of Mistake in the Flower Field. It was recorded day and night without resting. Besides, Wang Leehom gave a romantic performance. He drewl the heroine’s eyebrows, who wore in female role in Chinese opera. It looks like the real life between a couple.

In the music video the Mistake in the Flower Field with modern and Peking opera crisscross, Wang Leehom acted as a modernist, bursting in a world which is covered in Beijing Opera, and he fell in love with the heroine. He compared Beijing Opera to the appearance changing heroine. The heroine wore clothes as female in Beijing opera. Then she wore modern clothes as modernist now.

This two kinds of appearance exchanged in different plots. It seem like Leehom was falling in love with the Beijing Opera. The music video has the same sympathetic conception with his Clinked-Out music conception—Meeting of Western R&B and Beijing Opera. Originally, the Mistake in the Flower Field is happened in a flower field, telling a romantic comedy of love between a miss and a poor scholar.

In order to make music video suitable with music conception, the recording company spent 1 million and 500 thousand NT dollars. Moreover, it invited national Peking opera performers as a character in the video. The Beijing Opera makeup teacher who had made up for Hao Baicun was invited to make up for the heroine as well. Additionally, the company chose staff who are professional in film art to design background.

It also rent expensive antique equipment such as ancient screens, tables and chairs. The entire scene is super realistic. In addition, Leehom would also invite five professional Beijing Opera teachers to perform accompaniment while they were recording. The whole team was very particular about every little detail. It’s full with Peking Opera flavor. Also, Leehom shuttled between modern and ancient time and space, falling in love with the heroine in flower field and Peking Opera scene joyfully.

Recording the Mistake in the Flower Field led to Leehom’s super record that he had not slept for 5 days! Because they need to invite professional Peking Opera actors, the actors in video practiced with each other 10 days early. Each practicing spent 7hours at least. What's more, heroine had to wear in Peking Opera makeup for a long time(the clothes are heavy and the makeup wastes 2 hours each time). And the modeling just owned 2 minutes scenes. Everyone was busy especially Leehom. He invented a method “30 seconds to fall asleep” once he had time to rest. Fans were concerned about his health.

The Mistake in the Flower Field should be progress after Leehom washed heroine’s hair in the music video Heart Moon. More importantly, the video mixed Peking Opera factors and Leehom drew heroine’s eyebrows that made fans crazy and jealous. Leehom also told us that it was his first time makeup for others. As a left-hander, he held the pen carefully, afraid that he would damage heroine’s eyebrows and it may embarrass them. Even the eyebrows sharping scenes had NG eight times! It was hard to image our piano prince draw eyebrows in such a difficult way! As Leehom said, drawing eyebrows is more difficult than playing the piano.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    xīn qíng jiù xiàng yè liáng rú shuǐ

Chinese: 心    情   就  像     夜  凉    如 水

English: My mood is as cold as night and water.

The “心情” means mood. The “夜” means night. The “凉” means cold. The “水” means water.

Pour the Affection Only for You in Turbulent World — Nine Looms by Ye Xuanqing

Nine Looms is one of my favorite songs. I can’t wait to introduce it to you. Nine Looms is one of new Chinese video songs with a ancient dramatic style. It tells a story about previous life and contemporary life with endless singing. The heaving melody passes away as fast as a stream in a short time. In the scene of the song, while the protagonists meet, it is just like that something unlock the rough seal between them which has separated them in a distance as long as thousand years and as wide as space.

A picture scroll is unfolding slowly. Between the bridge and the water under the blue slates, a smiling reflection is dancing with black clothes and a handsome reflection is playing sword in miles forest which is full of peach trees. In the Qinhuai River, he spends money like water only for her smiling. Below the moon, he gets drunk only for the dying promise. He still wonders whether the valuable memory will be drowned into history and he always that no one will remember it any more.

It is lucky that Ye Xuanqing’s voice can be sensed in depth and it can enrich the song. It really enjoys my ears in fact. It expresses complicated tales in the song. While we are listening the song, some stories appear as movie such as Su Xiaoxiao and intellectual Li‘s meeting in shore of west lake, the king in the Tang Dynasty ‘s evocation for Yuhuan in front of golden palace, Li Xiangjun’s serious injury by her loving’s fan, etc.

They are both several loving stories in Chinese history or novels. And this stories happen in ancient china mostly because it is an era that one can disregard his own safety for others, it is an era in favor to good faith, virtue and patriotism, it is an era that everyone is in perfect sympathy with each other.

Nine Looms is also the theme song of Princess with Two Lives. It is hard to say which one brings the other popular. And it is performed by Ye Xuanqing. The TV series Princess with Two Lives is adapted from a popular novel named Funny Princess, directing by YuanDe, rewriting by Yang Shiye and producing by ZhaoJie, YangSu, Zhang Zhiwei and LiYang. They choose new actors, performing an interestingly loving story but not as ordinary as works before. The heroine is working in the modern world at first.

Then she sleeps in a magic bed which sends her back to ancient China and blocks her soul into a body. In order to back the modern world, she tries her best to find the magic bed and meets the hero she loves. In the novel, they leave the ancient China and travel among different world.

The TV series just shows the plot that the pair fall in love and reach another magical place. Audiences are looking forward to receiving the continuation. Princess with Two Lives breaks traditionally old plots that Heroines are stupid but sweet in previous TV series. The heroine in Princess with Two Lives is clever and the couple is skilled in dealing problems. Little details between the couple also become our dreaming love model.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  zhuàn  kè xīn tóu   shì  nǐ de míng zi

Chinese: 篆      刻 心  头    是   你 的   名   字

English: The thing engraved in my heart is your name.

The “篆刻” means engraving. The “心头” means heart. The “名字” means name.

After reading article, do you have better ways to learn Chinese? Mixing ancient factors can make Chinese video songs more elegant. More and more composers are encouraged to create Chinese culture works. And this works usually get popularity in public. You may want to know more Chinese learning ways and get wider knowledge about Chinese culture. In addition to You Hongming’s White Lover, Wang Lihong’s Mistake in the Flower Field and Ye Xuanqing’s Nine Looms, there is still many other work mixing ancient Chinese factors. Welcome to find it and share it with us.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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