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The Type of Chinese Love Songs for Wedding

Weddings are very exciting ceremonies for every couple who want to get married in the world. To hold a successful wedding, we should choose suitable songs to cultivate a certain atmosphere to lead our guests and also the lovers absorbed into the wedding. In different weddings, we may choose different styles of songs to outstand the topic. Today, three kinds of Chinese love songs for wedding will be introduced.

Traditional Love Songs For Wedding

Some traditional weddings need traditional wedding songs to accompany with the traditional clothes and decorations, corresponding Chinese traditional wedding customs. In my memory, there is a song called The Big Bridal Sedan. In ancient China, the bridal sedan is used to pick up the bride to the groom’s place, and the bride will be seated on the chair in the sedan, with a red head cover. It’s a part of Chinese wedding customs.

In the song, it clearly showed the steps of picking up the bride into the red sedan, with a very happy and joyous atmosphere. 

Classic Love Songs For Wedding

When it comes to the classic, there are two songs I would highly recommend to you The Moon Represents My Heart.

This song is one of the most classic songs used in weddings or when a guy tries to tell his love for a girl. It sings:

“You ask me how deeply I love you,
How much I love you?
My heart is true,
My love is true,
The moon represents my heart.”

Every time we talk about love, this song will be mentioned, and it also remind many people of true pure love in the old days, beautiful and nice. Many adults, mostly born before 1990s, can sing a little bit of this song. It has been sung by different singers, and different versions give us different feelings for the song and the love described by the song, but one thing that didn’t change is the song can always touch the softest part of a person’s heart and let the person know the love.

Here is a version sung by famous American singer Patti Austin, moreover, I recommend a R&B version sung in Chinese by young singer Khalil Fong.

Popular Love Songs For Wedding

In modern weddings, young people like to use popular songs to express their happiness and make their wedding more lively. Here is song called Today You are Gonna Marry Me, sung by Jolin Tsai and David Zee Tao. This song is a duet with a younger and cuter atmosphere. It showed the spring, the mood, the lovers. All that indicates there is love. Here is a picture from the MV of the song. This song is perfect for young couples and it’s widely used in Chinese modern weddings. 

Chinese love songs for wedding are of great number, but the songs I introduced above represent the main styles of songs used in Chinese weddings. Hope you enjoy my sharing. 

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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