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The Two Great Chinese Video Songs In Today Chinese Tv Series

Recently, there are two popular TV series in China. One is about the love of fairies, and the other is love in ancient Tang Dynasty. They have both received great comments on their stories. Moreover, the China music in the TV series are also popular with Chinese people right now. here are the Chinese video songs.

1. Liang Liang (it means cold in Chinese)

Liang Liang is the ending song of Chinese TV series – Eternal Love (Chinese name is 三生三世,十里桃花). The lyrics are written by Liu Chang, and the music is composed by Tan Xuan. The song is sung by two singers — Zhang Bichen and Yang Zongwei, released in January, 2017.

The song is composed according to the story in the TV series. It is a love story between a fox fairy and a god prince. The fairy is called Baiqian, and she lives in the peach flower grove in the green valley. The prince is called Yehua, and he lives in the heaven. They missed each other twice for many reasons. During the third time, they finally get together and have a happy ending.

The song is performed by talented singers Zhang Bichen and Yang Zongwei, in a form of male and female duet. For the female part, with a gentle female perspective of the fairy, the song is trying to express the fairy’s love for the prince and show her mood changing as their destiny is full of ups and downs.

It shows the happiness of the fairy when they were together, and the sadness when he hurt her. For the male part, the song is well presented by Yang Zongwei’s low and warm voice.

It makes people feel the security surrounded by soft male voice. Yang Zongwei echoes with Zhang Bichen, which is like two people are talking to each other. That totally lifts up the emotion level of the song, which will make audience imagine they are in the story.

The prelude selects the traditional Chinese musical instruments to play, and the melody of it is very ancient and beautiful, which reminds people of fairies; the melody also sounds sad and helpless, showing the complicated emotions between men and women.

2. Su Nian (it means” always want to do”)

This song is from TV series called The Glory of Tang Dynasty, sung by famous sing Yu Kewei.

The Glory of Tang Dynasty tells a love story between a talented beauty named as Shen Zhenzhu and Lord Guangping in Tang dynasty.

This song continues the style of Yu kewei’s former solo songs. On the aspect of the composition, Chinese ancient music style, melodious and sweet, is used to create a dreamy effect of dynamic Tang dynasty. It sings," How much I miss you, how many years, how many complaints, how many destinies, how many rounds … how much it pains, how much I owe you… " the repeating lyrics shows a sense of helplessness and also the endless love.

This is my sharing today, and hope you will like it.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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