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The Top Chinese Song Lyrics Quiet Hours Free Listen In 2017

We firstly hear the singer name Zhang Yifan and his song in 2011 when he releases the song My Love of the compilation album The Creation of Cao Tai Echo.At that time, his Chinese music is pure and just like the fresh fruit even you can see the dew on it.Today we will share another top Chinese song lyrics Quiet Hours with him.You can get the free hear it in our website.

Following the rule of this normal music review, maybe we would like to enter the new flow that introduces the new album of Yifan and uses some adjectives like the ripe, growth to describe it.But we are regretful that it has failure in front of his first new album Quiet Hours.

In the past six years,he become older but his music did not change that still keep the pureness and plain.From 2011 to 2017, it is not too long but can you remember the great Chinese chicken song and great Chinese old song? Maybe you can still hum the Chinese song lyric ’ Who remembers that who said firstly you love me forever’.

After 6 years, Chinese music is on a busy time that includes the Chinese EDM, Chinese folk songs, ’ Divine Comedy’ but also has some songs that just entertain.We can attach many music styles and many voice even disaster caused by flooding water in Chinese music.When the voice is more noisy,the ‘quietness’ is more valuable.At this time, it is not easy to release the album Quiet Hours for Zhang Yifan.

After his song of Childhood,he sang a popular Chinese song My Love.A year after the baptism we can find unexpectedly the integral texture doesn’t’ change expect the different recording detail.You can said that it doesn’t follow the times goes but just like the copy writing of this album that it is ‘subtraction folk music’ album because the folk music is originally the easiest music style and there are many musician who add more element on it.

Yinfan not only does the subtraction on the structure but also chases the ‘return of connotation’ that is returned to the territory includes mountain forest, lake water, heart. 

The same name theme song Quite Hours has the violoncello, guitar, harmony that just like a single person odeum that looks like alone but on all the world.Harmony is important role in this album that the wide difference uses the most classical way to the grant infection than dozens of audio track.

When you listen the Chinese songs Utopia,Wander,Old Movie Theatre,if you have experienced the old folk music times that have the Chinese singers Tom Zhang, Shuimunianhua, Zheng Zhihua,Pu Shu, Sky Wu,Steve,Chow,Chyi Chin and you would catch the point of this song.

YiFan use the simple chord to sing the most pure emotion with the contracted romance and natural subtle in the China song Quite Hours.It is not a rough album because it shows the fulness, satiation, solid to the music of the less audio track, tone.He takes a subtraction without any redundant tone and element for from a professional standpoint.

We are grateful that this new singer gets the help from the old great musician Michael Zheng.Michael digs and forge the great compositional environment for Zhang Yifan that help his has the independent environment to sing.The music and creation not only need independence but also need composition force.

Obviously,they do a great job in their musical cooperation and creates many great Chinese songs.If you want to get Chinese song mp3 free here.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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