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The Top 5 Good Chinese Songs In China Music

There are so many classical traditional and pop Chinese songs famous both home and abroad. These songs are common in their nice rhythm and lovely melodies, although they can be divided into many catalogues, such as folk music, jazz music, pop music, rock music, dramatic music, and we can exemplify several excellent good Chinese gongs in each classification.

Today, we would like however find another way out to introduce you some good Chinese songs, which however still not attract enough attention of the public. We also call them as wonderful minority and independent songs.

1.Incomparable Beauty by the Band Sodagreen

Inspired by the deep friendship between the lead singer and his female colleague Deserts ZHANG, who encourage him to overcome a hard time of psychological depression.

This song is positive and full of the optimistic attitudes. The audiences feel it just like a wisp of cool breeze in the scorching summer. Furthermore, distinguishable voice of the lead singer Qingfeng WU makes this performance unique.

2.The Meaning of Travel by Cheer Chen

This song is collected in her album marvelous adventure, which is a fresh song accompanied by a guitar. The audience can easily image a picture of the travelers wandering in different countries, including the tropical islands and mysterious turkey.

This kind of music can resonate with the busy people who live in a noisy city, but eager to enjoy a peaceful time. It’s worth to mention that, the creator and singer Cheer Chen is famous for her independent music creation. She purchases the music dream and express her mood and experience as well as philosophic thoughts through her music.

3.Remember by Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang is a minority singer from Taiwan, whose songs are characterized by the gentleness but determined courage. This song helped the album to reach a sale volume of over 30000. It’s a strange phenomenon that Maggie is always not so hot, despite her perfect voice and songs. But this song remembers awake active response for a long time. Her song is especially suitable for the coffee club and alone time.

4.Lonely Season by David Zee Tao

The lazy however lyric melody makes this song special. It depicts the rustle in the air and golden fallen leaves in the autumn season, which arouses the loneliness and disappointment of the love loser. The singer wants to go through the sad season and say farewell to the failing love.

This song combines some electronic music, which injects some special elements in the romantic songs. David has abundant career experiences, which helped him to express the music from many realistic perspectives.

5.Ms. Dong by SONG Dongye

This song was created by the balladeer, which was collected in his album modern sky 7. Inspired by the story of his colleague Teacher Dong, who falls in love with one. He helped his friend Ms.DONG to summary the love story with this special song.

The Lyric is somehow strange, saying Ms.Dong.You are not a female classmate without stories behind, you love with a wild horse, but I don’t have prairie laying in my home, this makes me feel despair, Ms.DONG. Repeated Ms.DONG and its narrative singing style makes is totally different with the mass music, and open a gate for such lazy folk music.

After reading the top 5 good Chinese songs,you would find out that all of them represent the great point in Chinese songs.That's our goal why we provide the great Chinese music content for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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