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The Top 4 Chinese Children Songs in China Music

Chinese children song is a way to express a meaning,a truth or a goal for children which are easy to read, remember and sing.  It intersperses everyone's childhood. When the baby is in the cradle, the mother will sing the children songs and before the age of 10, children all love to sing songs. Children songs are one of children’s favorite language form and the most appropriate food for thought.

What’s more, they can rich children's emotions, broaden their knowledge, inspire their wisdom and let the children form a good character, a lively personality, and a healthy mind. Here are 4 ones.

The first one is a song called “Small rabbit lambkin”. This song comes from a little story. It describes that after the Mother Rabbit left, a Big Wolf wanted to go into the house to eat the little rabbits posing as Mother Rabbit. But it was found by the bunnies.

After Mother Rabbit came back, she praised the bunnies. The lyrics and music of this song were all from Li Jinhui, who was a composer and songwriter and was often dubbed as the "Father of Chinese popular music". This song is not only easy to understand but also can be used for safety education. The parents can tell the child through the story don’t open the door to strangers when alone at home.

The music score copy of Small rabbit lambkin.

The second song is called “Song of Newsboy”. It is a very famous children song created by Nie ER, best known for March of the Volunteers, the national anthem of the People's Republic of China in 1930s. The song of “Song of Newsboy” is mainly about the newsboy’s suffering life in the old society.

Actually, there is a story about the idea of this song. In 1933, Nie Er walked outside with his friend and they saw a girl walking around selling newspapers. Her voice was loud and clear. Nie Er went to buy a few copies of newspaper, and talked to her, then knew that her father is sick, and it put a strain on family life. On the way home Nie Er said heavily: "I want to write down their tragic life, and ask Tian Han or An E to write lyrics.

" After a few days, An E finished writing the word, and Nie Er read it to the little girl to ask her whether it was appropriate. The little girl thought for a moment, and said:” If the price of newspaper can be written into the lyrics, then I can sing while selling. " Nie Er discussed with An E and added the sentence ” seven copper can buy two copies of Newspaper” into the lyrics. Later, with the help of this song, her business was up.

Nie Er, the composer of “Song of Newsboy”.

Here is a link of this song:

 The third one is a song called “Song of The Smurfs”.  This song was introduced by Guangdong Television in 1983 as the supporting song of the cartoon the Smurfs. Also, it was the first China's original theme song in 1980s and won the Silver Award of the first National Children's Song Competition.

The song is about a group of the Smurfs working together to defeat the enemy Gargamel. The lyrics of this song were written by Qu Cong, the Vice chairman of Chinese Musical Literature Institute and the music was composed by Zheng Qiufeng, the Director of the Chinese Musicians Association.

The Smurfs

"Song of The Smurfs" quickly became popular on both sides of the Yangtze River with the popular TV cartoon. It even became the compulsory song in the music classes of many kindergartens and primary school.  However, almost all people thought that this song was just the Chinese version of the English theme song as a matter of course.

Because the melody of this song was very coordinated and integrated with the original theme song and music style, so people preconceived. In fact, it’s truly a Chinese original song.

The last song is called “A little girl with mushrooms”. This song is sung by Jin Xiaocai, a famous Mezzo Soprano in China. It is a Chinese classic children's song. The rhythm of the whole song is fast and happy.

When we sing this song, the singing is very close to spoken-word which is one of the reasons for this song being so catchy. Its cheerful melody and simple fresh lyrics have won the children's love. It is Rural theme song which pleased the multitude.

The main function of art is to summarize, abstract and create various artistic images, and to make people enjoy the beauty while at the same time, they can be enlightened. As the emotional art, songs can't be an exception. 

This song depicts a scene like this:In a big forest without people,the little girl was picking mushrooms alone after a rain.  Small squirrels were jumping in the trees, and little rabbits were accompanying her. Besides, there were birds singing songs. The small mushroom shook with the beat of the music.

It’s so beautiful.

In this song, what we see is an image of a hard-working, simple and innocent rural girl. The author does not use the rhetoric and too many metaphors, but uses a line drawing approach to show the form and the spirit of the image really and vividly for us.

A little girl with mushrooms

That is all about the 4 Chinese Childrens songs I want to introduce to you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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