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The Top 3 Old Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

Thankful Heart By FeiFei Ou-Yang 

Our website has shared various Chinese marvelous songs before, today we will share the top 3 old popular Chinese songs, we hope you can learn a lot and they will be helpful for you to learn Chinese.

Teresa Teng’s Sweet Honey Like Spring Breeze (甜蜜蜜)

In 1979, Hong Kong PolyGram Records Limited released Teresa Teng's album Sweet Honey.

Unlike previous albums, since the album began, with the development of China's reform and development, Teresa Teng's beautiful love songs have blown into mainland China like spring breeze. Just three weeks later, the song became the champion song of Hong Kong commercial radio songs and was one of the first popular songs to be popularized and sung in mainland China.

In 2008, Sweet Honey was named one of the top 10 classic songs of the three decades of reform and opening up by the Chinese newspaper Southern Weekend.

The sweet, tender voice gently awakened the sleeping people, and the human nature and warm voice penetrated the hearts of people.The sweet Teresa Teng’s image on the cover of the album quickly led to a scramble by Chinese women in the late 1970s and early 1980s.In particular, her hairstyle and photo pose became a common pose for young Chinese women's hairstyles and photographs.

The tune of Sweet Honey originated in an Indonesian folk song written in the early 1950s, and in the late 1970 s, Teresa Teng, during her southeast Asia tour, found it and took it back home, to PolyGram Company looking for lyricist to write lyrics.

PolyGram Company gave the music score to Zhuang Nu for writing words. When he took the score, he always inquired about the tune, and he knew that the song was given to Teresa.Zhuang Nu had never met Teresa Teng before, Zhuang Nu only saw Teresa Teng on TV and in his mind Teresa owns her unique sweet image and has been associated with the word "Sweet Honey ". So, in just five minutes, the lyrics of Sweet Honey were completed.

Zhuang Nu said that if it wasn't for Teresa Teng , he might not have written the lyrics. If it hadn't been for Teresa Teng, maybe the lyrics would have been different. Zhuang Nu said his writing was not good, but the melody was good and it is a coincidence that he met Teresa Teng, filled out Sweet Honey, and sang by her, which brought out a big success of the song .

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   tián  mì mì   nǐ  xiào dé  tián  mì  mì

Chinese: 甜    蜜 蜜    你   笑  得   甜    蜜  蜜

English: Sweet honey, your smile like sweet honey

The “甜蜜蜜” means “sweet honey ” . The “你” means “you”. The “笑”means “smile”.

If you have read more posts of our website, you would find that we are sharing more and more China songs in Chinese for you. Our task is finding the great Chinese songs and then share with you who are interested in Chinese culture.Hope you continue to pay attention to us.

After enjoying the sweet of love, meanwhile we also need to taste the bitterness of it. Here is the song about never losing the courage of pursuing true love though fail.

Single Love Song By Terry Lin (单身情歌)

Since 2003, as the popularity of Singles Day–November 11th in China , Single Love song has been described as one of the best songs to sing on singles day. Because the audience believes that this song is the voice of all brokenhearted people. In the face of the lover's abandonment, the abandoned is holding the guitar to sing the love song to mourn the long dead love. For single, lovelorn people, it not only gives them a good vent to their feelings, but also plays a soothing and inspirational role.

Single Love Song is a rock song written by Yi Jiayang, composed by Chen Yaochuan, arranged by Han Xianguang arranger. It was sung by Terry Lin and was recorded in the new songs selected album Single Love Song released in December 24, 1999. In 2000, the song won the Taiwan regional Song of the Year award for "China pop song list" in 2000.

In 1999, Lin's contract with SONY's music was set to expire, with a new selection of songs, Single Love Song was selected as the theme song sharing the same name with the album.

But at the beginning Terry Lin quite disagreed with this song, he thought its melody no problem, however the original lyrics did not conform to their own outlook on life,because Terry Lin's outlook on life has ever never been so gloomy.

Therefore, he went to communicate with the writer Yi Jiayang, and then made some changes. At the chorus, they changed the words" God, please help me, oh, my lover, please look at me…(天啊请帮帮我,爱人请看看我……)" into

" love must be more and more courageous, love must be persistent…”(爱要越挫越勇,爱要肯定执着……) . And this verse"To find a love love love dear to say goodbye to the single, a passionate spoony ruthless cold person to give me the scars(“找一个最爱的深爱的相爱的亲爱的人来告别单身,一个多情的痴情的绝情的无情的人来给我伤痕”)" is also from the concept of Terry Lin.

He thinks that if people closed himself up at the beginning, and never injured in feelings, that true love is impossible to him, because it's hard for you to get again, it's hard for you to have growth, lose more chances to run into people who really suits you. As a result, we would write the lyrics of finding a Mr./Miss Right to give a farewell to being single, but more importantly and by contract, it is a person to do your scar, because Terry Lin think this thing is inevitable, few people’s first love has the happy ending for the imperfect first love gives you experience and and makes you grow.

In this song Terry Lin has a great breakthrough, his sound changed his previous clear high, showed the strength of alto area, with elements of rock, and showed lovers’ mood that are still longing for love but not have.

The rhythm of the song goes up and down, fully presenting the characteristics of the singer's voice, which is rich and not dignified, fluent and not banal, pleasing but not exaggerated.

Singers sing out in heartfelt emotion which looks like the handsome longing for love, causing the resonance of the single. It embodies the "rock" century gentleman of the old and new mixed flavor.

In order to cooperate with the change of the composition style,Terry Lin’s image has a great contrast, a change of consistent courtly and polite Confucianism, wears leather clothing, plays rock and roll, cool and dazzle, getting wild and bold.

In the MV, Terry Lin and his music partners form a band singing in the bar, inadvertently became a love tragedy bystanders. The hero and heroine have a date at the bar, the heroine wait for a long time but don’t see the hero and she leaves the lipstick in the bar the hero gave her and runs away out of frustration. The hero comes late for the date with flowers preparing to propose but the bar empty, and leaves desolately.

Single Love song has been described as one of the best songs to sing on singles day, also plays a soothing and inspirational role on the road of lovers chasing true love .

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:     ài  yào  yuè cuò  yuè yǒng

Chinese:   爱   要   越   挫     越  勇  

English: love needs courage

The “爱” means “ love ” . The “要” means “ need ”. The “越挫越勇”means “ courage ”.

Different with the love songs above among the top 3 old popular Chinese songs , here we are going to introduce you a famous Mandarin song, Thankful heart, which is inspirational thankful song and popular with people all the time.

Thankful Heart By FeiFei Ou-Yang (感恩的心)

"Thankful heart, thanks for having you, with my life, let me have the courage to be myself…".

Lu Mengmeng was grateful for her best friend, and sang the classic motivational song Thankful Heart in a different way.

Thankful Heart was composed by Chen Zhiyuan, wriitten by Chen Lerong and sung by Au Yeung Fei Fei and also a touching and heartfelt popular sign language song.The lyrics and melodies of the song are very touching and moving. The origin of the song is more inspiring and stimulating.

Every song has its own story and so the song Thankful Heart does.It’s a true story from Taiwan: there was a little girl born to aphasia in a poor remote village, and her father died when she was a little child. She lived with her mother and loved her very much.

Her mother went to work early every day and came back late. At sunset, the little girl would stand at her door, looking expectantly at the road, waiting for her mother to come home.

It was the happiest moment of her day when her mother came back, because her mother would bring her a piece of rice cake every day. In her poor home, a small piece of rice cake is the supreme delicacy.

Owing to her mother’s hard working, the little girl had the chance to go to school , and luckily she had finished college from then on. On the day of her graduation, she ran home happily with her diploma and was ready to report to her mother.

When she went home and found mother hasn't been home, she hurriedly cooked the dinner, then sat quietly waiting for her mother coming back. But the sky was falling and it was so late, she didn’t see mother back yet. While outside it was raining cats and dogs, she was anxious, then hurried to ask neighbors, the neighbors said, her mother went out to the town in the morning.

The girl was so reassured that it might be too late for her mother so that missed the last bus back. In this way, the girls continued to wait until the noon next day, the rain did not stop, mother also did not return, the girl couldn't wait and went out to find mother along the way. She walked and went away, and finally saw her mother lying on the ground by the side of the road.

Then she knew that her mother had been in trouble, and she threw herself on it, shaking her mother, and her tears ran down with the rain, but her mother never answered her.

While she was crying, she accidentally found her mother holding a bag of rice cakes tightly in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. She slowly opened the paper and found it was a blood bill. At this moment she was suddenly enlightened, why every day mother went out early and came back late , why every day they could afford a piece of rice cake, why she could afford to the school fare l till college. This time she understood all thanks to what mother did.

At that time, a musician passed by and saw such a sad situation, and comforted the girl.After hearing the story of the girl, he was deeply touched. Being home, he wrote this song Thankful Heart to the girl according to her experience. From that time, the song was sang popular across the country, which encouraged all people to have a grateful heart to treat our people who give us a favor all the time.

Thankful heart is so popular that on every occasion of expressing thanks there’s no doubt that it will be selected as the background music while at the same time it has brought a considerable popularity to the sign language .

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   gǎn  ēn de xīn gǎn  xiè yǒu  nǐ   

Chinese: 感    恩 的 心  感  谢  有  你   

English: thankful heart, thankful to you

The “感恩的心” means “ thankful heart ” . The “感谢有你” means “ thankful to you ”.

After sharing the top 3 old popular Chinese songs above, they’re three songs describing love in different aspects. We hope you enjoy them and learn more about Chinese culture. Please follow us, we will show you more.

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