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The Top 10 Chinese Folk Songs In 2016

Chinese folk songs has the longest history,but after the wars of aggression against China.There are less folk songs composed.After 2015,the new musical style of folk song becomes very popular and many Chinese folk singers have the high popularity and composed many new songs for the public.

We can say that 2016 is the best year of Chinese folk music.Many people start to hear the music of this type and share with others.So we choose to share the best folk songs of China in 2016 for you.

1.Mr Van Gogh Sang by Li Zhi

Mr Van Gogh is a song that composed and wrote by Li Zhi.The song is made by the strumming of wooden guitar as the main line and run through the piano,organ,saxophone and others.Matching the quiet sharply penetrating voice and without the once sadness and has the placid naughty feeling.

In the modern inter era.Li Zhi always can use many ways to win the headline of the music news and become the very popular singer.

This song also is awarded at the top of Great Folk Sons in 2016 which is worthy of it and there is no doubt.

We just born alone. Fortunately we can still sing.

2.Chengdu Sang by Zhao Lei

In fact, the song Chengdu is not a new Chinese folk song which Zhao Lei had shown in the tour “Our Time” in 2015.Due to it deeply affected by everyone’s favorite, this song gradually becomes the chorus of the performances scene of Zhao Lei.But it didn’t have the official version and the live version is noisy that the fans want the official version.

In 2016, the tape version is released and detonates many topics of feelings that many people find personal resonance in this song.Because of a song, we fall in love with a city.

The lyric and tune of this song are created by Zhao Lei.Chengdu is one of Zhao Lei favorite city.In the travel that he wanders in the whole nation, Chengdu is a very important city that like the amorous decoy.Tossing many places, there will be an alien land become the homeland.Thus,the song was composed.

3.Flammable or Explosive Sang by Chen Li

The song Flammable or Explosive that begin in a low voice and then burn contagiously which used the unique crow voice to give the burn and stretches continuously feelings.

How hot of Chen Li in 2016?You can look at the tv,news,magazine and finally see the Circle of Friends.Chen Li continually is on tv,news,the cover of a magazine and open the national tour in any theatre

4.Aim of Ideal Three Sang by Chen Hongyu

Aim of Ideal Three is wrote by Tang Yinfeng and composed and sang by Chen Hongyu.

This folk song has the repetitive and soothing swipe guitar but has the deep rhythm.The Chinese lyrics are very aestheticism which can draw slowly an aestheticism love story.Maybe everyone will have the memorable love affair but finally give up.When we suddenly look back, how we can face our once lover?That’s what the song talks about.

5.I Think Sang by Hong Qi

This song is devoted to Bob Dylan.I Think is composed by Hong Qi and performed by the rocker singer Zhang Chu,Uighur singer Arken,folk singer Ma Tiao,Zhong Lifeng,Yang Jiasong.According to information,musician Pang Yan arranged the melody of Blowing in the Wind of the American folk singer Bob Dylan into the song.Hong Qi also said this song is also that is devoted to the idol and sing that idealism era.

6. When You Are Old Sang by Zhao Zhao

The creation of this song comes from the feeling that Zhao Zhao to his mother.Before Zhao attends the Music of China Tv show,he was living and working in Beijing but don’t have the chance to sing to his mother.By accident, when he read poetry when you are old of Irish poet W.B.Yeats and then, he remembered the moment when his mother worked under the lights and finally composed this song.

The arrangement of this song is very normal and don’t have the peak.It likes listening reciting a poetry when you have listened to this song.The accession of the guitar and the piano make all the song moved the cohesion of the love to mother.

7. Baby, Dania Sang by PuShu

In November 25,2016, the Chinese new song of Pushu officially released on time.For this meet,he used the long-lost Weibo to publish the advance notice of the new song and become more words.

The Chinese new folk song is called Baby,Dania(Досвидания), Досвидания is the meaning “good-bye” of Russia.It also easily brings us back to the White Birch Forest which was in his first album and described the Soviet farewell story.Even somebody said it’s the companion volume of the White Birch Forest.

8. Noise Wall Sang by He Dahe

Noise Wall is a song that He Dahe sang at the stage of Song of China third-quarter and get the all of the four tutors recognition and join the group of Liu Huan.

Mavis Fan said his performance like an sold soul is singing.Yu Quan said that he sings the romance and deep feeling.

9.On July Sang by Jam

On July is a song that composed and wrote and sang by Jam.It was released in April 17,2016 and attracted much attention and love and then become the Chinese new times song.

Since when do not know, the circle of friends and music player always starts to appear in a song that has the hotness and hold and generous feelings.The sound of this song is clean and free.

The sound of this song comes from a girl that is beautiful.She is a widespread independent musician in the internet and called Jam.

10.Lend You to Me Sany by Xie Chunhua

Xie Chunhua said “Some people concerned about the definition of folk song are narrow that think having the guitar would be the folk song.In fact, I think that my body doesn’t have anything of folk song so I don’t like others define me the folk singer”.She wants to create the music of herself but not the folk song.

We have shared the top 10 Chinese folk songs In 2016 for you.Maybe you can get your favorite song in the article.If you like other types,you can have a try to read the article to help you find great Chinese love songs for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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