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The Three Traditional Chinese Songs Painting Some Beautiful Pictures

Today we would like to share three traditional Chinese Songs which are very popular in China and we hope this article can give some valuable information to you, which can help you understand the profound Chinese traditional culture better.

“The Dragon Ballad” Sang By Phoenix Legend Combines Dreams And Tradition

Our website has introduced many popular Chinese songs in the past years. Today we would like to share a new traditional Chinese Song. Do you want to sing Chinese Songs with us? Just read the article and find out the song with us.

Martial culture is a unique culture in China, when people talk about Kung fu, it’s always related to the chivalrous spirit, the spirit people is keen on persuing. However, there're few people who can actually master kung fu. Therefore, there are lots of Kung fu novels and movie for people to enjoy and imagine what it’s like to be a hero with kung fu.

In recent years, the films which take stories during the Three Kingdom Period as background are becoming more and more popular, and people are satisfied with its great, brutal battle、soul-stirring stories. Yet, these films hardly combine the Three Kingdom Period and the goal becoming a fighter who can help people in need with its kung fu ability, we can say that there’s nearly no artworks can combine them perfectly until the song “The dragon ballad” sang by Phoenix legend.

Phoenix legend can always set off a wave of popular intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, the song “Above the moon” creates male-female duet pattern; the song “Moonlight over the Lotus Pond” is the model of Chinese style; the song “The Most Dazzling Folk Style” is the most popular square dancing song which can be heard everyday. And this time, “The dragon ballad”, the song combining dreams and tradition with its catchy way, will present the Three Kingdom Period in a different way, enriching the impression we have.

After years of hard work and practice,Phoenix legend has reached a new level in the pursuit and demand of music. Just composing famous pop song clearly do not meet their needs, “The dragon ballad” use Chinese Folk Music as the beginning of the song, Pulling the audience back to the ancient times immediately. Ling hua opens the verse in a gentle way like a movie, successfully creating a romantic mood.

At the same time, Yi Zeng sings with great passion, showing us a picture that a general fights against his enemy bravely. In chorus, familiar phoenix legend style has returned. The sound of ling hua's voice like the horse galloping in the battlefield, and the mood of the song keeps the listeners being passionate and excited; Yi zeng, at the same time, performs his symbolic rap to express feelings.

In contrast to the exciting part, the last sentence” I was at the watchtower, praying for a blessing.” using the soft beauty of Chinese women, presents a real, normal person in The Three Kingdoms Period, which has always been the superman.

After the song “Moonlight over the Lotus Pond”, Phoenix legend does more than just man and women to sing, they find their way to highlight the balance of yin and yang and brings new feelings to the audience.

“The dragon ballad” is a work with great ambitious, It epitomizes the pursuit of all the people of this era who had the dream of chivalry. The style of Block fish and wei wei Ju’s lyric like Wen shan Fang’s, and make people mistakenly believe that it is fang's work. But the clever thing about the song is that Ling Hua and Yi Zeng put the most common love stories into the song, Making the work closer to our familiar Kung fu novels. In novels, the characters can save the world and have a romantic love story.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   méng  long  yuè   wēi zhú  yàn

Chinese:  朦      胧     月    微    烛    焰

English: misty moon weak candle flame

The “朦胧” means misty, the”月” means moon, the “微” means weak, the “烛焰” means candle flame.

Listen “The Night In Qin Huai” By Yi Fan Chen To  Enjoying Classic And Romance

If you have read many articles from our website, you would find out that we share more and more traditional Chinese songs for you. Our goal is to find the great songs and then share with you, hope your continuing attention to traditional Chinese culture.

I prefer to listen to classical pop songs, with its slow rhythm, I can remove all other distractions, just sit quietly and enjoy a song. With the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, Classic music is becoming a shrinking part of the mainstream of our lives and music. But, we have to admit the most "refreshing" and "comfortable" emotions we can get are in those beautiful classical melodies.

After listening to “The Drunken Beauty” by Yu Gang Li and Volume Bead Curtain by Zun Huo, “the night in qin huaiby”,a melody full of the special jiangnan qinHuai River feeling sang by Yi Fan Chen, truly brings some quiet and away from these so-called modern mainstream songs.

Just see Yi Fan Chen’s”the night in qin huai” lyrics, you can feel a combination of song and poet.” The wind passes through the hair, Willows emit aroma, sing a melody of parting…hear the melody of parting, and beauty is in tears.”

Every sentence is full of emotions, every word expresses feelings. It conveys the love of qin Huai River like an ancient man with melancholy. Listen to this song will promote your understanding of ancient qin Huai River customs.

For thousands of years, The qin Huai River breeds the ancient culture of Nanjing, and deduces the joys and sorrows of the world as well. Qin Huai River area is the most prosperous place in nanjing since ancient times, and the most prosperous part of qin Huai River area is the Confucius temple. To build the qinHuai River music card, YI Fan Chen composes the song “the night in qin huai”.

Spring flowers, autumn moon, beauties, Chinese zither Gu zheng, beautiful apart, occur sequentially in this qin Huai River. Sad and beautiful mood, Plaintive rhythm, Bring us back to our spiritual home chasing what we really want. Just close eyes and listen, escape from the noise and traffic of The Times, Go back to the ancient time, chat with the beauties.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:    měi  rén  yě  luò  lèi

Chinese:  美   人     也  落   泪

English: Beauty weeps too

The “美人” means beauty, the “也” means too, the “落泪” means weep.

“Same Road, Same Heart” By Jia Lei: Eulogizes The Motherland, Presents The Silk Road Feelings

Few days ago, we have shared great songs for you. But most of them are rock music. Today we would want to share traditional Chinese songs that are full of Chinese wind.

As the theme song of “the silk road international art festival”, “same road, same heart”, sang by the singer Jia Lei who is known as “the most Chinese voice”, is definitely one of the most bright and ethnic folk songs in recent times. With the performance of Jia Lei, people feel Various regional customs in the silk road,the road from ancient China and Connect Asia, Africa and Europe. Besides, the element of "new Chinese wind" which is permeated by the work itself is also being hotly debated by the audiences.

Different from many popular music that under the label of "Chinese wind" and "Chinese style", “same road, same heart”, the song musician Jia Lei latest release, Perhaps will be a new experience for many audiences who love pop songs.

The song with the voice that can’t be forgotten, removes the format and routine of general popular music, bases on the traditional features of folk songs, mixes the fashion elements in the 21st century, Shows a beautiful combination of modern and traditional. Amid the background music “same road, same heart”, and from the sentences of the song, audiences can the feelings belongs to the ancient and modern Silk Road.

“Camel bells toll, telling of 1000 years. Chimney smoke curls above the Loess Plateau. The scenery opens up my heart. Shining silk brightens the vast land. People grow closer by meeting. Roads and built, barriers conquered. Nostalgia on Chang’an’s ancient walls. Heartwarming Spring revives the plants. The Belt and Road is a blueprint. Neighbours near and far share riches. The Belt and Road is an inspiration to many with one heart we set out in the new era. Voyages across oceans.

The stars watch over our friends far away carrying my salute and your good wishes. Surging sails defeat the treacherous seas, with understanding we overcome adversity. The silk Road extends to connect the world. Passions soar along the way. Courtesy of China, a better world.

The Belt and Road is a blueprint. Neighbours near and far share riches. The Belt and Road is an inspiration to many with one heart we set out in the new era. With one heart.” For the singer, she sings in her own unique appealing voice to perform this song. For audiences, amid the background music, they can see the long, beautiful, exotic road scenes.

Jia Lei who has starred in The Poem Of Mulan、The Poem Of Canal and so on, is studying on her music doctorate in China Conservatory of Music. Jia Lei has already developed a set of characteristics in her performance, and it can be proved in the song “same road, same heart” she performs in "Silk road international art festival".

The part she sings in a gentle voice or the part she sings in a passionate way, both greatly express the feeling want China to be prosperous, the love for China. The most brilliant part about this song is Jia Lei mix her familiar unique national music from northwestern area in China into “same road, same heart”. Lots of audiences are surprised by the Shanxi opera Jia Lei play in the song and immerse in the beautiful melody.

The song is a breakthrough in Jia Lei’s individual acting career, she finds a new way to connect the modern sound aesthetics with the unique and profound national culture in our country and this becomes a new way to expressing “new Chinese wind”.

Except for the style of “new Chinese wind”, the song is an art work with plenty positive energy that celebrates the great achievement China has achieved. No matter is the positive energy Jia Lei expresses in the song or the wish that all the people together to create a beautiful, promising future, both leave people a deep impression. “same road, same heart”, the song composed by the famous singer Jia Lei, based on the profound cultural heritage of the motherland, performed by extremely glorious voice, can be said is one of the most successful music in this year.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   měi  lì de  sī chóu  zhī guāng  míng  liàng  le  liáo  kuò de  bǎn  tú

Chinese: 美   丽 的  丝  绸    之    光      明      亮    了  辽    阔   的   版  图

English: Shining silk brightens the vast land.

The “美丽的” means shining, the “丝绸之光” means silk, the “照亮” means brighten, the“辽阔的”  means vast, the “版图” means land.

After reading this article, you have knew three traditional Chinese songs .If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn more about Chinese traditional knowledge please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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