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The Solo Concert of Yunyin Su:The Brightest Fashion of Chinese Music Circle

In the Golden Melody Awards of this year, there are many old Chinese singers from Chinese mainland, like the Cui Jian, Susan Huang, Lee Kin.But the bright singer is Yunyin Su.She not only is the finalist of the ‘Best new act award’, but also the second Chinese singer from the Chinese mainland after Li Ronghao and the finalist of the ‘Best Mandarin female singer’.As a new singer who just a major debut, she is accepted by the Chinese music influential prize.Why she can get it?

From the works, development, and the acceptance of music market, Yunyin is more similar with Li Ronghao.Both of them aren’t the betrayer of music and their direction of musical composition is following the public that can accept.Nevertheless, both of them can use the normal music theme to create the unique music.The music from their takes the difficult and bright style to you.

The popularity of them told us that though most new singers declare that they will follow the character, they still follow the old Chinese songs do in the detail of their musical works.The other singers indeed lack the power to break out the limit from the previous song.In the beginning of Yunyin Su and Li Ronghao, both of them rely on the popularity of their song.None of them make the sense of presence by making news topic.It tells us that the music fans  keep their expectation for the music style from Yunyin Su and Li Ronghao.

Of course,Yunyin Su have some difficulties with Li Ronghao in detail.Li Ronghao is the famous composer who takes more attention to maintain the balance between composition and sing.Yunyin Su has more acutance in her voice which take the fresh feeling to you.In her music world, she throws all of her spirit, attitude and practice at any cost that the Chinese music world lack.

Yunyin Su is a new singer.The “new” has two explanations, one is her age because she just enters the music world for two years.The others are that she takes the new air to the music world.All of those must talk about from the song Ye Zi which Yunyin Su popular for.

There is no question that Yunyin Sun has the music talent.But the talented singer will have some talent.So where the talent of Yunyin Su? Obviously, her talent is the “rare”.Maybe you think she does’t in the normal way.But the Ye Zi is the best song that shows her talent which gives us the difficulties.

These are numerous top Chinese songs in Chinese musical world.However, less song can take such impact force to the music audience like Ye Zi.All of this song to take the wild feeling to you.The Chinese song lyrics of this song are fun of imagination.It is not simply a word games but like a fantasy socialism.

This time doesn’t lack the composer to write the funny Chinese songs.But not only in Chinese mainstream music but also Chinese not-mainstream music will trap in the program that the fan can judge the main construction and the melody of the next word.

Nonetheless, you can’t do it from the song of Yunyin Su.Every melody, note will be the power to build the full music lyrics groups.The most important part is every singer melody has their distinctive melody.When the music not builds the melody, then they become the mellifluous and marvelous music sound.

We have seen more traditional chinese songs in the past years.The Day of Chinese music lack the song that full of anima and talent.There are less song can be the sign of Chinese mainland original music, but the Ye Zi does it.

However, Yunyin Su don’t just appear just once.Her first personal music album Ming Ming which still inherits the imagination and talent for Ye Zi.The album doesn’t record the Ye Zi and the Fireworm.Yunyin Su is forthright and sincere in the creation of her music.In the front of herself personal album, she still keeps the trueness and don’t think past road.

Ming Ming like the expanded edition of Ye Zi which is consisting of ten songs and is a single independent world.You can hear the best lyric on the album.

You can find more classic Chinese songs in our website. Just keep taking attention to us.

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Jack Smith
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