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The Popular Chinese Love Songs That Are Very Warm To Encourage Us

If you are an old reader of our website, you will never be difficult to find we have shared many hot and vogue Chinese songs.  We hope that our articles not only can interest you of the Chinese songs culture but also help you improve your English at the same time. Today, we continue to introduce to you 3 popular Chinese love songs that are very warm to encourage us.

Alex To: An Optimistic View Of Love Conveys Emotion(你在我的爱情里)

Alex To still keeps his frequency of the released songs, while maintaining his high quality of music. After last year's "tight handle" which is sang for his beloved son, recently he released a new song, "You Are In My Love". If you judge the song only by the name of the song, you may predict that it is a lyric song.

But if you think about it carefully, what is the love song that Alex To has sung since then and that is to only focus on lyric money? There must always be his romantic beat,as well as rhythm, from "Marry Me", "Lover", "Love Life", "Follow Me For A Lifetime", and then to the song "I Love You", Alex To, with great achievement in avant-garde music, even in the field of love songs, also still has a lot of play.

Show the song –"You are in my love" to today's young people, the main audience groups of fans and called as after 95 and after 00.When they after listening to the song,they may not fully understand the Alex To, but they will also be fascinated by this song.

After all, "You are in my love" has the most fashionable electronic music and the main tone of the genre is also to continue the Alex To consistent R & B content. The integration of hip-hop drums makes the song be more full of dynamic elements. In the appearance of texture, the song goes with the times. So, the song’s appeal of young people is a little less than years following Alex To's oldest fans.

New fans will like Alex To the advance with the times in the style of the song.  And faithful fans may be more moved because of the song's creation background.

The creative motivation of "You are in my love" is from a true love story. Alex To accidentally read a news article, in that,two hundred-year-old couples from Sichuan, with the help of the public welfare organization, is the first time to take the first wedding photo in the life after 88 years of marriage. In the picture, the old men wear the white wedding dress and tightly hold each other's hands.Their face are filled with a smile from the heart.That kind of happiness as if it can convey to people through the screen directly,  so-called "willing to put someone in the heart and never giving up " story. True love is so simple and eternal.

The song can move young people by the music language with the new posture, but also can use of the moving love story and make them become a touching note, by which the people can hear the deep contents behind the music.That is what Alex To fight for so many years to gain.For the younger generation, his current musical qualifications are hard to catch up easily. In addition to convey moving,"You are in my love" also transmit a kind of persistence and a firm belief that love is the sole theory of love, regardless of age.

Alex To has debut for many years. In addition to the number one "Dance King", a title always accompanying with him around, his love songs every time also give a new surprise to people.

In the age of musical pluralism, there is no need for pathos love songs, but it is enough just like Alex To, singing optimistic feelings and smiling to love. "You are in my love" convey a deep touch with gorgeous movement.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:       yí  lù de  lì  liàn duō me  měi lì

Chinese: 一  路 的  历  练    多  么   美  丽

English:  how beautiful all experiences on the rode are

The “一 路 的 历 练” means all experiences on the road. The “多么” means “how”. The “美丽” means beautiful.

Xin Xiaoqi "Understand": Sound Around To Soothe The Heart(明白)

If you have browsed the posts on our website, you can obtain many popular Chinese love songs in the column that we specially set up for the readers. Now we talk about another love song “understand” sang by Xin Xiaoqi.

Put on headphones and listen to this Xin Xiaoqi's new album "Understand", postponed to be released after four years. I did not expect her changes that she brought in her own music this time.Although four years ago, "meet happiness" has been labeled as "soul music", but the love song is still people’s impression on her, which is difficult to erase a mark. From "Taste", "comprehend" to "Silent Love Song", in the past 30 years of personal music career, the music marks that were sang by Xin Xiaoqi are really too much. The marks also let her become a veritable " singing king of healing ".

However, when came to his debut in the 30th year and back to the Rolling Stones, Xin Xiaoqi can be said to bring a "pioneering" in the name of music to all like and know her people! Because in the "clear" this album which she handed over, she really wiped out the memory that all the people keep about her in the mind. Although, after listening to Xin Xiaoqi’s new album,we are still moved because the emotional expression is still vivid.

But the woman who once was mad in a variety of love songs and loved ups and downs, in the baptism and testing of years or time, has already achieved a different attitude towards life now. Just like what she wrote in the new song "understand,":"I can afford to love me!" what the lyric conveys is the breadth and courage for life. Compared to the past mournful love songs that sang by Xin Xiaoqi and have been hot all over Asia, the songs in Sinxiaoqi’s new album will let people feel refresh and even a little surprised!

The album opens with the song — "female star", which shows that an optimistic sense of life suddenly enlightened from this. But this song is different from the number of new creations appeared in the album. "female Star" is a song that is turned to sing from the Russian folk songs. It demonstrates the self-confidence and elegance in Xin Xiaoqi who has already become a generation of music days after. Through singing the next song "My Dear You", Xin Xiaoqi clearly expresses her own calm attitude of life in the present. "Just understand that peace is the greatest happiness!" .

Perhaps, as the album's name "Clear" shows, what accompanies with the voice from the Xin Xiaoqi is a true and broad emotion.As all of the growth, before becoming mature we will always fall and suffer from pain. Today, she does so to borrow this "understand" to express herself. Facing the twists and turns of life, she has been learned to put down the obsessiveness of love, affection, the life.

Therefore, whether "like a kiss" tells the through understandings  in the sadness of life and love t, or"Do you care" conveys the open-minded of facing “gain and loss” or “right and wrong”, or "read think" has more mature interpretation and interpretation in the word "love"… in this new album "Understand", the content Xin Xiaoqi  brought can be said to have already surpassed the role of a "pop song" or "Love Song" .

Exaggerated point to describe, she is not only singing but also sharing her own life experience to the fans with the aim to convey a more open and more indifferent feeling of life.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:    wǒ   ài dé   qǐ   wǒ fàng dé xià

Chinese:我   爱 得   起   我   放   得 下 

English: I can afford it

The “我” means I. The “爱得起,放得下” means “can afford it ”.

After learning above 2 popular Chinese songs, we would like to provide another hot Chinese song for you. The song gets much praise for its style.

Liang Jingru “Care”: Sing For Love Bloom Warm Feelings(呵护)

If you read more and more essays on our website, you are not hard to find that we have introduced lots of songs sang by Liang Jingru. Today we wish to share another one her song and the story behind the music with you. “Care” is one of the popular chinese love songs composed by Liang Jingru.

This winter, Liangjingru send a warm song "care" for fans. Long-lost Liangjingru and long-lost "warm" come together. Let the listener pleasing. Let people moved. From the love song to this one that is first full of warm feelings of care, Liang Jingru surrendered the perfect "answer" in the cause and family.

At different times in Liang Jingru's singing career, she used her songs to bring emotional comfort to a generation. “Courage”, “ the pain of breathing” "Happy breakup", "Unfortunately not you" and many other her classic love songs touched the countless people.  Liang Jingru won the beautiful results again and again in the history of Chinese pop music. Furthermore, she arrived at the throne of the Asian Love Song step-by-step. From the new, to the strong singer, and then become music diva, in this way, every work reveals her growth imprint. And "care" is the best "memorial" for the Liang Jingru Life transformation stage. Those small and warm care of the life, which Liang Jingru received and got after she became a wife, or became a mother also let her song's interpretation more profoundly meaningful.

This song "care", in addition to let many people feel a long-lost Liang Jingru with wonderful voice, is moving so deeply as in the past because the song present out the color of warmth in which love and affection have been implicated. However, different from the previous work highlighting in the joys and sorrows, the new "care", which Liang Jingru hand over this time,was sung more with a selfless and tender of family. Everything is as the word she sings in the song. "I decided to care for you in this life and let happiness surround you…" This is the word that the first Mother Liang Jingru want to say to her son Anderson.

From the melody, to the libretto, to the interpretation of Liang Jingru, this first "care" express a full of warmth. For many fans of "Liangjingru love songs", this new work may be less sad emotion than the past "popular love songs", but will be more incisive and vivid expression about selfless love of precious relatives of. Liang Jingru hope everybody has a more profound understanding of love through this first "care".

The most precious emotion in life is the small care around us every minute. No matter how happy or unhappy we have experienced, return to the bosom of loved ones, the thing waiting for you is always sincere care that is never to be asked to  return . This priceless and great love is the gift of time. Sing this song to your family.It is our best response to love.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:     yǒu yì tiān nǐ yào zhuī shǔ yú  nǐ de mèng

Chinese: 有  一 天   你  要  追     属  于  你 的 梦

 English: One day, you should aspire after your own dream.

The “有一天” means one day. The “你要” means “you should” “追” means “aspire after”. The “属于你的梦” means your own dream.

Thank you for your reading on our website. In this passage, we have shared 3 popular Chinese love songs that are warm to encourage us. We sincerely hope that our articles can help you learn Chinese well and obtain more knowledge about Chinese culture. If you are interested in our passages, you can pay more attention to our website and we will offer more meaningful stories to you.

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