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The Popular Chinese Karaoke Songs That Are Very Hot in Chinese KTV

If you have browsed the posts on our website, you will never be difficult to find we have shared various songs in different styles, including folk, blog, pop, rock and so on. Today we want to talk about the popular Chinese karaoke songs that are very hot in Chinese KTV. Hope you not only can learn the Chinese but also have a profound know of the Chinese culture.

Chinese Song “Brother, Holds it” is Sang For Brother By PangLong

The signature song of PangLong is Two butterflies, which to some extent restricts PangLong to stand the higher height. However, there is no doubt that "Two butterflies" is one of the most popular songs in China because it is sang by many people and become one of the hottest cell phone ringtones. In whole, we can hear this song everywhere. Owning such a famous song not be more lucky for a singer who just steps into the music world as a newcomer.

However, PangLong did it successfully. The past few years, PangLong didn’t have a rest. On the controversial, he composed lots of songs one after another, such as Taste of Home, Brother Bottom up, Happy couple and the new song “Brother, hold it”. From a series of songs, we are not difficult to find PangLong likes the songs with the topic of emotions.

The lyrics of the song are warm and mainly expresses the love between people and people who can arouse listeners affections ignored gradually or even discarded by us. Under the ancient with millions of love songs, Panglong caught the exact time and brilliantly explored a music rode to sing for home and country.

There are many songs written for brother, especially the song “Brother” sang by RenXianqi has a great impact on people. This kind of song conveying emotions must connect with listener’s feelings. What about the song “Brother, hold it” sang by PangLong? Without boiling blood and knife light, the lyrics of this new song outline the picture that brothers drunk the alcohol and chat, which is a new way to get to the export of feelings. In the song, the first lyric is “Brother, you get slim ang look tired”, directly speaking out the words in the heart and making listeners sad.

From the perspective of the entire song, PangLong abandoned written language but chose the oral language, which can make the songs sounds more comfortable or acceptable and finally broke up the obstacles in listener’s affections. PangLong has an accurate position on himself. Telling stories happening in the civil by songs will never be a false, on the contrary, it will be more likely to attract more fans. Next, we speak of the style and arrangement. The ballad has consistently been his forte and it is his usual pattern.

The melody of the song “Brother, hold it” is level. Section A and section B are some inseparable, which caused the whole song to be like the spacious road, fewer peaks.

The climax of the song is not clear. Of course, the front also elaborated that the lyrics of the straightforward are like the chatter homely, also are not too suitable for the ups and downs of the melody. In addition, the entire song arrangement is very simple, almost a guitar to go to the end, quite clean. Although the background is not gorgeous, the advantage is to be able to protrude PangLong sound.

The sound will not drown in the orchestration and will be easy to grasp the listener’s ears. The positioning of the whole song is not a glorious past, but the insipid after the passion. In such music, the audience is easy to devote themselves into the role because those words of relief are like the comfort from the old friends who have never seen for many years. So, perhaps those passionate songs will never be one less, but the song that can put the belief of relaxation into the heart is always less.

From affection, love to friendship, Pang almost sings for all our daily feelings. Perhaps this new single will not let you impassioned when singing in the KTV, but always in a night when you have a thought of an old friend, it likes trickle and slowly flows through the dry heart.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    shān pō gǔn luò de shí zǐ

Chinese:山    坡  滚   落  的 石 子

English: stones falling down the hillside

The “山坡” means the hillside. The “滚落的” means “falling down ”. The “石子” means stone.

The Popular Chinese Karaoke Song in The Album “No One Loves You More Than I Do”  By WangZheng

We have shared kinds of Chinese songs on our website because our goal is to help you learn well Chinese by introducing the Chinese songs. Today we will talk about one of the popular Chinese karaoke songs “No One Loves You More Than I Do”.

The album “No One Loves You More Than I Do” sang by WangZheng was the best Chinese record in2008 for me. Of course, everyone can have their own conclusion of the best record in 2008. This conclusion belongs only to me, but I believe that the people who have heard WangZheng this album will have the similar feelings with me to some extent.

Because there are so few good and quiet records. Like the names of the songs on the album, there are lots of happiness, love, simple or sad memories. Nonetheless, WangZheng doesn’t try to drown you with these emotions. On the cover of the album,She is the woman playing the piano in the field where there are yellow flowers. She sings her songs in her own way, but her sincere and beautiful voice will impress those who hear her music.

I love Dad this song on the album, because it is very emotional and touching. In this album, the songs sang for mother are few but for father are more. The love of men always is hid, so we can’t easy to see it. Wang successfully sings out this kind of love.

I believe this song certainly can move many people,at least when I listened to this song for the first time, I was numb and moved to a mess. Of course, I also love “no one more than I love you”. I have heard this song in the demo and predict that the song would be popular, because the melody is too comfortable and catchy. The lyrics and the song are also perfect.

“Xi’an Love Story” “More simple and more happy” “Sunshine gets pale blue” “balloon” these songs are also on this album. If put these songs into others album, they must be the primary title of the record. I don’t want to say the songs or the record.

Now I say one thing about WangZheng in my memory. Actually, I have always been a friend with WangZheng, but there is not much overlap in life. Later when I started “Music weekly”, I invited WangZheng to write essays for the column. In the whole year, WangZheng wrote a lot of wonderful text to me. I still remember once she wrote a very tangled emotional novel with 4000 words to me, which actually the number of the essay’s words is 1000. I just stopped the other three columns and sent them all in one issue. The editors who saw it after they were published are almost lost in their minds.

A year later, I left the column and the column was halted. We had less overlap, just maintain a respect and concern for each other in the two corners of the city. In 2006, she released the song “we are all good kids” that I liked. Then at the end of 2006, in the “Happy Twist” debut theater, where many stars and reporters were joining the scene, I met WangZheng before the opening. With laughing like blossom, WangZheng pounced on us when ZhengYang was chatting with me.She said “Mr.Cole. ZhengYang sister.

I have a boyfriend! I’ll take you to meet him. Okay?” WangZheng who sang the song “we are all good kids” and made the song hot brought us to meet her boyfriend (of course, later ,the man became her husband)under the media ,the behavior was just like a child for adults “show”. I never told WangZheng that I was so moved by her that day. In the entertainment circle, I had seen too many performances and insincere. But that day, I believed that WangZheng in emotions was satisfied and happy, which let me think that she is a unique start in the music field.

 Finally, mentioning “no one loves you more than I do” this record again, I draw another conclusion to end up this critical essay: Only WangZheng who not only loves one person simply but also  love music devotedly can make “no one loves you more than I do” “Dad” “more simple and more happy” “Xi’an Love Story” these songs sound touching and sincere and sing the lyrics into the softest part in people’heart. Finally, I wish WangZheng to continue to be cheerful and happy forever. I also wish every listener a happy New year, let us remember the belief of “more simple and more happy”.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    wǒ bù zhī rú hé zhèng míng ài

Chinese:  我 不  知  如 何   证      明   爱

English: I don’t know how to improve the love

The “我” means “I”.The “不知” means “don’t know ”.The “如何” means “how”. The “证明”means “improve”. The “爱” means “the love” .

After learning above 2 popular Chinese songs, we would like to provide another hot Chinese song for you. The song gets much praise for its style.

In Spring By WangFeng: Cries Of Despair

If you read more and more essays on our website, you are not difficult to find that we have introduced lots of songs sang by WangFeng. Today we want to share another his songs with you. The song called “In Spring” is also one of the popular karaoke songs and very hot in Chinese KTV.

April is the cruelest month. It not only is the time to mixing memory with desire but also the time to let spring rain urge the slow root buds. —-from T.S.Eliot “the Moor”

Who says spring is just a flowers season

Who says spring is just a season of thoughts

In fact, the deepest despair, like spring grass, cannot be curbed

In fact, the flood of the dying, goes with the sacrifice of the spring.

In the spring of 2009, in addition to the cancellation, music festival, copyright, a long time no works can inspire the hearing. Yes, what can be exciting for a while under the financial crisis?

This spring is still coming, we can also leave countless thinking, see the whole building of SOHO which is filled with an eyeful Green, see the spring rain, breathe the wet air that only exists in the spring.

If we don’t make a detailed plan for the future, we may have a moment of ease after a struggle. Nevertheless, you can’t stop thinking about one once spring in which no one stayed with you but you felt free and happy. Although it was not a perfect experience, you had the illusion of love at least in that time that like a pattern of short-lived bloom. But the song “In the Spring” sang by WangFeng,tears of a brief numbness and swarms the strong uneasiness. From the beginning to the end, what the prim past interweave with is complete despair. Even if leave in the despair, I will choose to bury in the spring time. Lost and sad, I am not afraid of self-pity only.

Whether or not WangFeng is a representative of Chinese rock is no longer a question to be taken up. Just as there has been a debate about that Bob Dylan is as a real rock or a purely commercial rock among non-professional people. However, in WangFeng's music, there is no shortage of rock and roll elements. You can say that he used a rock and roll coat to successfully package himself, and even you can say that his music is a product of entertainment in the business world.

However, from the lone indignation revealed in the “Good Night Beijing” to the despair of sadness in “orphans of the Beautiful World”,it is undeniable that commercial songs absolutely can’t do it. In any case, Dylan has infected and enlightened more than one generation. At the very least, their songs,aften the time when people are no longer worried about the food and clothing, will also make people think. Perhaps, this is the spirit of rock.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    rú  guǒ yǒu yì tiān wǒ lǎo wú suǒ yī

Chinese:  如  果   有  一 天    我 老   无  所 依

English: If one day, I am old and have no backer.

The “如果”means “if”. The “有一天” means “one day”. The “我老无所依”means “I am old and have no backer”

Thank you for your reading on our website. In this passage, we have shared 3 popular Chinese karaoke songs that are very hot in Chinese KTV. We sincerely hope that our articles can help you learn Chinese well and obtain more knowledge about Chinese culture

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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