The Overview of Chinese Chicken Song

Chinese Chicken Song

“Chicken, chicken, cool day” the melody spread across China via internet rapidly in 2014. Don’t be surprised, it’s the song named “Chicken, Chicken” which was created by Wang Rong, and then a series of similar songs such as “Chicken Bibi” hit the web soon. Such a kind of songs which are described as “magic song” the lively rhythm and simple lyrics will invade your brain like wildfire, so it is called “brainwashing song” also, whether you like it or not, it has become into social phenomenon not only in China but also all of the world.

China outbreak bird flu in large areas in 2005, people dare not eat and touch egg and chicken any more, a new magic song “I dare not admit that I am a chicken” was created against the background, the melody and lyrics were adapted from the old popular song “I don’t want to say” by Yang Yuying, the song express the helplessness as a chicken, it is funny and impressed at the moment.

As a matter of fact, the first hot magic song is “Mice Love Rice” by Yang Chengang, it appeared as early as 2004 and became hit song beyond expectations, the straight lyrics and simple melody impressed people deeply at that time. The song was adapted and decomposed into different versions both home and abroad in spite of all kinds of criticism by commentators.

From then on a variety of magic songs turned up subsequently. Unfortunately, “Mice Love Rice” was a flash in the pan for Yang Chengang, although he created other songs afterwards, but all of it could not splash water as “Mice Love Rice”, it became his first and last hot song, and this is the common problem for the composers and singers who are in vogue via internet, maybe it means their sudden popularity just depends on timing and luck but talent and intellect.

In 2012, “My Skating Shoes” by Pang Mailang turned up and became popular soon, the song express a country folk who is eager to get a pair of skating shoes in order to realize his dream, it’s the eagerness to the future and beautiful life for nobody, the lyrics “friction, friction” impressed people deeply despite the singer’s poor intonation and dialect. And then one of the well-known song is “Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers, the song swept the world before long its release in 2014. The song was played in every corner of the city in China and became the favorite accompaniment for square dance, almost the people could hum the melody casually, the audiences range from kids to aged people.

Because of resonance, the kind of melody became hot songs quickly, TV show and social media always play these songs as background, some stars imitate their song and dance on the TV which push the spread of these “magic song,” and the singers became famous star from nobody overnight, all of this provide hope to the ordinary people who owns dreams, it’s the positive effect in a way, the popularity of “magic songs” has become national carnival.

It’s very inexplicable when you hear the magic songs firstly, but it is incredible that you will hum the melody in a casual way at the second time, and you can’t help dancing along with the music at last, and this is what the fascination of such a kind of magic music. But such a kind of melody will control people’s brain easily and this is its’ negative affect.

The phenomenon was defined as “ear worm effect” by some of the experts. People were forced to listen to the songs again and again unconsciously. On the other hand, the melody sounds like noise because of its’ strong rhythm, and let alone listen to it repeatedly , it is not possible that everyone like the songs blindly, but as a popular factor, we still want to listen to it in order to keep up with the trends and have common topics with the people around us.

The internet is the essential tool for the broadcast of “Magic songs,” their subversive rhythm and absurd lyrics impress people quickly. Early magic song imitate and recompose old popular songs, but recently, the magic songs become more and more loony and meaningless, we do not know what is the meaning of its lyrics. It is just the outlets of emotions. Some people think the spread of such a kind of music means the decline of culture, it decrease people’s aesthetic and art taste and could not be on behalf of today’s culture and art, but there are still a lot of people enjoy it.   

“Magic song” is the specific phenomenon of the time, people want to express their sadness, happiness, emptiness and eagerness via the music, they want to find a outlet to release their emotions and pressures by its exaggerated rhythm, meaningless lyrics and novel dance. We all live under big pressure at the moment, our insomnia, nervousness, restlessness and anxiety need a innocent release, and the music provide the outlet for us to forget our work, loan and other annoyance, we could obtain peace of heart and courage from the music temporarily, this is why the magic songs still keep popular along with the criticism for its insignificance in recent years, but perhaps its insignificance is the significance of existence.

It’s the Rooster year of 2017 according to Chinese lunar calendar. Maybe the “chicken song” will become more popular than past years. All in all, the “magic song” is the product of the web time, it’s just like fast-food culture, if it could live as long as the classic songs, how far will it go, who knows?

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