The New Chinese Songs In The Beginning of 2017

The New Chinese Songs In The Beginning of 2017

New year, new songs. There are many new Chinese songs coming out, but here I choose three Chinese songs worth listening.

1. Lang Ge Li Ge Lang (Chinese name is 啷个哩个啷)

This song is sung by a new Chinese singer, and his Chinese name is Peng Bo. In the old book of the great philosopher Chuang-tzu, Peng is a name of a very big bird and Bo is the name of a big river, his anme means his music is inclusive and free style.

At first listening to Peng Bo’s sings, your ears are likely to be exposed to a language that doesn’t exist in the world, for you cannot hear the lyrics very clearly, but it just makes you feel comfortable when you hear it, smooth and relaxing. He sings in a unique way.

In fact, Lang Ge Li Ge Lang in Chinese has no actual meaning. It’s more like a sound you will make when you feel relaxed, happy or free. It totally reflects the personality of the singer. 

2. Don’t Walk Me Away (Chinese name is 别送我)

The song is adapted from the song called Five Hundred Miles composed by American country music player Hedy West. In the film called Duckweed, the wirter of the movie Han Han chose Chen Hongyu, Su Zixu, Liu Haolin and Han Luo to sing this song.

The famous Hong Kong musician Peng Haitong also participated in the recording of the song. Han Han rewrote the lyrics to describe the story in the movie, so he changed the name of the song into Don’t Walk Me Away.

The lyrics are all about “your farewell with me” and “you don’t need to walk me away”. This first half of the lyrics expressed a carefree feeling of leaving. The character said farewell to his hometown, and he told his old friends not to walk him to the place. He just wanted to leave in a chic and cool way.

But the second half has revealed the true inner thought of him: he wanted his lover to meet his for the last time before he went away. He didn’t want to leave his lover but he had to. This song perfectly reflects the true feeling of people who leave their home to work or study all year round, and who don’t have enough time to stay with their families, lovers or friends. When the short holiday is over, they will have to leave their hometown and say goodbye.

3. Let the World die(Chinese name is 让世界毁灭)

This song is played in the Chinese version of the new movie Wolverine: Logan.

The powerful voice of the singer and tense of the music really make us observed in the movie plots.

Because of military service and other reasons, the singer Yoga Lin has not released any album in 4 years. Yoga Lin launched his fifth solo album. In the album, Yoga Lin for the first time took the work of the album production and co-ordination.

He got involved in the producing process, and took care of the main content of the album, the music direction and other aspects. He totally did this album himself and it’s a real new start for him.

Those songs are my sharing today, and I hope you will enjoy them.Please remember that you can download those new Chinese songs for you in our website.

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