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The Most Famous Chinese Songs That Will Make You Homesick

When I was walking out of the building at 23:00, I noticed that it was raining, and the drizzle of the rain hit my face because I don’t have an umbrella. So I ran back to my dormitory quickly. At that time, I got a call from my mother. I stared at the cell phone screen, and my tears just ran down. I afraid my mother could detect my emotions.

So I can’t call back. I just don’t want her to worry about me, her daughter who was thousands of miles away. At that moment, I was feeling very homesick. I just missed my parents. And then I opened my music app, the melody of the most famous Chinese songs just rang which make me feel worse.

Along with feelings of insecurity, loss of control and nervousness, physical effects, including sleep issues, fatigue and loss of appetite, are caused by homesickness. Almost everyone experience homesickness when moving to a new place — some people might just be better at hiding it. Being homesick is no longer a sign of personal shortcoming.

Feeling homesick when separated from loved ones motivates people to try to be with those supportive people. But keep in mind that everyone is different when it comes to forming those different relationships. When making new connections, it’s best to stick with the style that works for you in order to mitigate homesickness.

To Transmission Positive Energy: Listen To Mother By Jay Chou

“Listen to mother” is a song written, composed and sung by Jay Chou, which is included in Jay’s album “still fantasy” in 2006. In the same year, due to the positive energy of the lyrics and the meaning of the subtle education, this song was selected as a first grade textbook for the national experimental primary school affiliated with the Taipei University of Education.

About the creative background of this song, Jay's parents divorced, and he usually lives with his mother. From his mother, he knew that the education of children is very hard, in order to show filial piety to his mother, also to convey positive energy, education everyone learn to be filial. Jay Chou wrote this song. This song is an R & B tune, and the lyrics are really sincere. 

The section “mother's hard work won't let you see, the warm recipe in her heart, if you have time, just hold her hand and dream together”, is very warm. It subverted Jay Chou's uninhibited image in the past. The lyric is easy to understand, which shows Jay Chou's boyish humor. It is still Jay Chou’s most unusual warm style, sincere and touching without hypocritical state.

The words between the lines expressed Jay's deep affection for his mother. This song is also the most fresh and simple song in the whole album, and the arrangement is straightforward to only the accompaniment of the piano and the guitar, but just the right thing to reflect the theme of the song.

In the music video for this song, a little boy who reflected Jay Chou’s childhood, worked hard to practice the piano by himself. Jay used his songs to speak to the little boy. The scene is very lively, satisfies the imagination of the fairy tale world.

Every time I heard that song, I remember my mother who loved me the most in the world. And I will go pick up the phone and call my mother, she will always tell me that just take good care of myself, and eat well. It is a standing dish, but also the warmest words for me.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   tīng mā ma de huà bié ràng tā shòu shāng  

Chinese:  听  妈   妈  的 话   别  让    她  受    伤

English: Just listen to mother and don’t let her get hurt.

The “听” means “listen”. The ”妈妈” means “mother”, The “话” means “words”. The “别” means “do not”. The “让” means “let”. The “她” means “her”. The “受伤” means “get hurt”.

To The Time We LostA Poem Written By My Father By Xu Fei

In the above paragraph, we talk about mother, and there is another indispensable role in our family. This song “a poem written by my father”, as a gift, sends to the wonderful father all around the world. When I just think about my father, I will get homesick too.

The song was released on June 17th, 2016, as a present for Father’s Day. As a new approximate song, how can it become one of the most famous Chinese songs? Countless poems were written about fathers, and what was really touching was the one which was written by the father. This song is a consociation between Xu Fei and the famous poet Dong Yufang.

The poet collected the fragments of his father's diary into the lyric which was deeply moved Xu Fei and her carefully composed this song based on the lyric. She used notes to express father’s love and responsibility for his children between the lines, and the children are conscious of the passing time and the old father with helpless. She put the helpless interpretation of silk into the buckle. The lyric is wonderful, the singer is nice, and the song is excellent.

Without flowery phrase, the song is a description of the most authentic life. I have no time to see the open-air film today, and the wife reminds me to repair the pedal of the sewing machine. Or I will borrow money from neighbors because the children cried a whole day just for the cookies.

These simple and unadorned words touched our hearts. However, it is a considerable challenge for the composer. What kind of rhythm should she use to make the text more fully and sincerer?

Speaking of this song, Xu Fei said, this is a song that can be recited, recite and sing, I can't say which one is better for me! I am afraid of the kind of music that shows the obvious intention now, stiffly forcing others to shed tears. I wish I shed tears because I know the meaning.

Finally, Xu Fei uses her best guitar to mix warm and clean voice, creating a unique" sense of passing" style. When the music rings, the scene in the father's diary comes to the audience, as if to look at a faded photo as the time went by.

This song, as a present, sings to father, the hero who always stood behind us in silence.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:    nà shàng mian de gù shi   jiù shì yí bèi zi

Chinese:  那   上     面    的  故 事    就  是 一 辈 子

English: The story above is a lifetime.

The “那” means “that”. The ”上面的” means “above”, The “故事” means “story”. The “就是” means “precisely”. The “一辈子” means “lifetime”.

My Favorite Most Famous Chinese Song: Truly Love You By Beyond

When I first heard this song “truly love you”, it was a public service advertisement on TV. On the screen, a child accidentally fell on a bicycle, and his mother used her broad hand to gently lift up the child and look at the child and laugh, as if saying "don’t be afraid". The little boy wanted to cry, but when looked at his mother's eyes, he stands up strongly.

At the same time, the melody of the song rang. I envied the kid, because his mother was so gentle and is different from my stern mother. Then I am grown, and listen to the song again. The feeling is different. I am just thinking how do we repay the kindness of our mothers? Mother is selfless to us, but our reward is limited. The song made me think a lot that is the reason why i love it.

The song “truly love you.” actually has two versions, one is Putonghua, the other one is Cantonese. And what I introduce today is the Cantonese version. It is included in the Cantonese album “beyond iv”, released by CINEPOLY RECORDS in July 1989. The song praises the great love of mother. And the lyrics contain the gratitude and the blessing to the mother.

When the ban was first set up, they could not afford a decent instrument. The lead singer, Ka Kui, his father were conservative, he hoped that Ka Kui would grow up with a stable job, and do not want him to engage in music. However, Ka Kui’s mother had always respected her son's idea.

She thought that her son was very talented and motivated, and that he would be able to do something great in music in the future, even if there was no big act, at least he did what he wanted to do, and he would not regret. Therefore, she often secretly saves money for Ka Kui, and Ka Kui is very grateful.

In music, four members of Beyond sang a paragraph. This can slowly highlight the vocal talents of each member, and can also give fans the understanding of the band, rather than focus on one. Later, they sang the song when they visited the poor in Africa. The extension of the song is more and more grandiose, with the meaning of humanitarianism. The “you” in the song, originally meant a mother, but with the change of beyond focus, the meaning of "you" is more and more extensive. Therefore, besides expressing a kind of praise to the mother, there is also a kind of great love for social concern.

The music is a little bit sad but excited, basically composed of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Especially a great deal of the guitar prelude makes many fans obsessed! This is also the essential track for guitar beginners. The fiery, powerful guitar prelude

, Ka Kui's slightly husky and high-pitched voice, that beautiful and coherent guitar solo, and the three strong high-spirited harmonies, makes me intoxicated with it.

There is a kind of love, which does not seek a return, just want to quietly protect you, love you, that is maternal love. "Truly love you" accompanied countless people through nearly thirty years. Until many years later, you can hear the classic and familiar melody of this song in many places.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:     shì nǐ duō me wēn xīn de mù guāng

Chinese:  是  你  多 么   温    馨  的 目   光

English:  It is your cozy sight.

The “是” means “is”. The ”你” means “you”, The “多么” means “so”. The “温馨的” means “cozy”. The “目光” means “sight”.

As for me, where there are parents, there is home, and the place where there is home is heaven. However, as we grow up, we all have to leave our parents and live alone. Because when we left our parents’ asylum, we can really be strong and be the one who can make them proud.

Loneliness is the eternal topic when we far away from home. The most lonely is that these feelings of homesick, you don't know who can talk to. Because people often answer, "who makes you go so far "? In fact, I really do not like it, and there is no other reason, just because the saying is too factual.

Its implication is that, far away from home will be lonely, you know that and you just go away, so you will be alone is inevitable. Loneliness is never understood, so loneliness is an eternal thing, probably we can’t go out of this strange circle even struggle with our whole life. It is miserable.

After heard these most famous Chinese songs which can make you homesick, I hope you could pay more attention to your parents.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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