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The Latest Chinese Songs In Chinse Music

Hua Chenyu is a singer who naturally expresses emotions in music.He was enthusiastic on stage.His eyes are sharp and determined.The strong body language, the vocal and emotional singing style, made him the luminosity of the stage.In the latest Chinese songs,Hua Chenyu’songs have been extremely popular with people,such as “IQ 250”,“To be free”,“Monkey King ”and so on.So, next, Icome on talk talk about why these songs are so popular.

“IQ 250”,The Song That Describes The Role Of The King Glory–"Luban Seven"(智商二零五)

In recent years, King Glory has been very popular.Compared with DOTA, LOL and other similar games, King Glory operation is simple, easy to use, and anytime and anywhere can play with friends, which is very convenient and quick.In addition, characters of different shapes attract different groups.Therefore, when Hua Chenyu published the song "IQ 250", it aroused the pursuit of the majority of friends.

In September 27th,2017, Hua Chenyu released a new song "IQ 250" before the concert, which is the main song that Hua Chenyu creat for the role of "Luban Seven".It is likewise the theme of the king's glory song.And after that, more than leading song will be launched for the hero of the game.

Luban seven is a little naughty boy with high IQ, who doesn't know the love but interest in the scientific invention, the outcome of the game and the unknown world.Hua Chenyu decided to try Indie Rock+ f rap reggae style, writing a song that is unique and a little rascal.

“I was watching the movie “Deadpool”.The sort of cocky personality and Luban No. Seven slogan‘IQ 250, worship, remembers to worship’gave me inspiration.I've combined these two characters to write a relaxing and enjoyable way to get people to watch or listen to the addictions of music.”Hua Chenyu's first attempt at reggae exotic style, paying more attention to the fluency of melody, lyric and narrative.

"verse" part of reality is like a stabilizer, and the rap part of magic is like an accelerator".

Song a simple repetition of the melody and lyrics directly indicate the theme“Look, the world is too mediocre, I stay at home so that have no friend / Go straight and without affectation, hide the pursuit of a lifetime.”a2-a4 paragraph, Hua Chenyu also specially intended to sing the game player electronic voice, with variable speed singing.The B segment, the rhythm of the jump catchy bring a sense of speed and fun that let you can't help shaking your head.C unexpectedly uses a marching drum, which can push the passion of "IQ rolling, pride and arrogance".

The team invites poet Pei Yu to join the song again, who know Hua Chenyu extreme and good at writing rap.Evil Plot + black humor + cold joke + contingency + circular narrative = “IQ 250”.Luban seven is such a presence, gathering the energy that is scattered over the map of the human body and detonating at a certain point.The Dr.Crispy, a short-legged crispy, is a man who has the ability to crush ordinary people with a high IQ, letting the players love and hate.

Zheng Nan, the gold medal producer, gives a complete frame and freshness for the song from the arrangement.The use of various features of orchestration, such as piano, choir, snare drum, lets the electrical tone change.Finally, let the song stopping in a disharmonious piano key and leave the auditory tease in an unending excitement.From the first note to the end of the blank that you can't turn off the music, Zheng Nan makes the whole song being a deep dive in the skull when put on the headset.The rhythm of crisp taps on the nerve,which makes the body of control!

This ghost rocks song only like Hua’s voice,with full of energy that can control.How can it not be love?

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:  kàn shì jiè   tài píng yōng wǒ zhái dào méi péng you

Chinese: 看  世  界   太  平     庸   我    宅   到   没    朋   友 

English:Look,the world is too mediocre, I stay at home so that have no  friend.

The “看” means “look”. The “世界” means “the world”. The “太 ”means “be too”.The “平庸的”means“mediocre”.The“我”means“I”.The “宅”means“ stay at home”.The “没朋友”means“have no friend ”.

“To Be Free”,The Publicity Song Of “The Gate Of The Warrior”

2016 the publicity song of “the gate of the warrior”–"To Be Free" was officially launched.This song was composed by Hua Chenyu, who uses an indolent and explosive sound and rock, opening an auditory adventure.The song invited the new girl Yin Yue to make the personal lyrics, intended to create a strong relaxation of fantasy stories.Producer Zheng Nan to restore the metal texture of melody, making the song’s energy bursting.

Yin Yue, who has been overseas, has written several drafts of the song over the Pacific Ocean, and finally presents a powerful work, which presents the view of the world.“We should be far away from brainwashing/away from vanity/far from incitement/far from blind obedience/Youth does not need a cushion/Even if we were trapped in place/Blindfolded by black cloth/A hand can touch the dawn”,the lyrics are written along the story line, restoring the film character's inner voice,which makes the painting feels very good.

This song not only carries the process of a weak and confused young man growing into a warrior who can rely on shoulder, but also analyzes the inner expressive changes of the people in the mainland disputes, and also sees many miniature of the real world.

“the gate of the warrior” constructs a world of truth and fantasy.A story about courage is unfolding here: The fire is burning brightly.

The fantasy world will sink in the flames of war.The unknown boy strayed into the warriors of the door, with the fortunes of the princess as a friend, skill strength of the samurai as partners and the cruel king Hu as enemy.It's hard to live in a camp where people are killing people.The evil spirit, in secret, create a net, waiting for killing.Waiting till him, will be a change in the fate of the fantasy adventure, but also a breakthrough self growth of the road of warriors.

The original melody of the classical double sound was expected to be completed by piano creation.However, piano writing of rock songs has the limitations of expressing restlessness.In order to make the song more combustible, Hua Chenyu invited his good brother, Zuo Li, to come to the home to help him.Built on the harmony and rhythm of the two men's ideas, an exotic medium speed rock was born.Although demo is just one guitar, it also makes producer Zheng Nan shine.In the communication with Zheng Nan, Hua Chenyu hopes to have a chorus in the main song.What kind of voice has become an interesting controversial point, a single female voice or imagining a bolder choice?

Finally, Zheng Nan suggested a children's chorus.The two hit it off. a group of children's chorus is very powerful.The young timbre is strongly contrasted with the rock and roll, which are very dramatic.Zheng Nan's orchestration idea is also extremely rich.

The prelude is jumping in with a broken Bass.And the chorus is even more painstaking to find a group of children who are of the same tone.The part of the drum is steady and full of tension.

The flashes of various elements make you feel like you're watching a movie, bringing an unwieldy experience to your ears.There's no bedding, not melodramatic, just the energy alone.The final song becomes the leader of the magic action blockbuster, throwing you the first deep water bomb.The small notes on the important syllables make the songs a little more exotic.Together with Hua Chenyu's magnetic voice from laziness to explosion, the confusion of the world, hesitation, rebellion, anger, uncertainty about the future, the collectively burst out.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:     nǎ pà wǒ men bèi kùn zài yuán dì 

Chinese:  哪   怕 我    们    被  困    在  原   地 

English: even if we were trapped in place.

The “哪 怕” means “Even if”. The “我们” means “we”. The “被 困 ”means “be trapped”.The “在 原 地”means“in place”.

After introducing two amazing songs of Hua Chenyu, one of the famous latest Chinese songs I feel like to introduce is also sung by Hua Chenyu, which is called “Monkey King ”.

“The Monkey King”,Adapted From Songs Without Words(齐天大圣)

The “Monkey King ”was an adaptation from the pilgrimage to the west (version 86).This song has a strong sense of rhythm, but it has no lyrics, and the adaptation is difficult to imagine.Even though he felt devastated when he drew the title, but Hua Chenyu did it.He adapted it into the “Monkey King ”.Recompose on a definitive basis, interspersed with rap paragraphs, and even add the "Jingjing" plot.And the innovative music was more abundant with the help of Shi He.

The entire process uses the two classical elements of the original pure music as the background music.On this basis, new creation is carried out.

,which let people feel the endless possibilities of music.The unbroken song is rich in structure, and the lyrics have depth, which interprets the image of the monkey who has been misunderstood by the later world and is rich in deconstruction.Whether it's in writing or singing, the completion is pretty prohibitive.

And this song, its great success is in line with the singer's stage performance.When the beginning was accompanied by the original accompaniment,it laid a very calm tone to the first half of the deduction.Rap tells the story of the monkey king in the way of the heart.The rhythm is compact, but it doesn't feel rushed at all.Until lyrics "but not stride forward"appear.

Hua's introduction of the song to the audience is over.So the ensuing monologue was more indignant, and the stage performance was even more intense.This is more faithful to the role of the character of the monkey king.From the surface to the depth, the role is shaped vividly.“A few lies/Who is in charge of the world/Is it true or false/I wake up and get out”.

Please note that the original song’sound always as an accompaniment in the work,which is nothing unexpected.When the accompaniment again sounded the melody of the original melody, then, it was Hua Chenyu that play with the audience.From the lead us to follow the melody "ah ~ ~ ~", to the "explosion of indulgence, hey, including how to promote the atmosphere, how to make the audience feel interesting and high enough, but also did not slow, this is the test of a singer on stage control.

However, Hua Chenyu held it completely.The atmosphere seemed to be quiet in one of his eyes, and in one of his gestures came to a climax.At the end of the passage uses the way of superposition,expressing the front end of the rap with more screaming and more decisive tone.The end comes back to the beginning of calm.There is a spirit of "people laugh at me too crazy. I laugh as others don't know".This is the reason why the“Monkey King ” broke out overnight.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:​

PinYin:jǐ jù huǎng huà

Chinese:几 句 谎    话 

English:A few lies.

The “几 句” means “a few”. The “谎 话” means “lies”.

Of course,there are still many latest Chinese songs that I don’t introduce, which are all kinds of styles.This requires you to dig slowly,listening attentively to the beauty of songs.I believe that in the process of digging slowly, your mastery of Chinese will become more fierce.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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