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The Landmark On Andy Liu’s Music Road in Chinese Music

Once upon a time, Hong Kong gangster film’s thunder and influence over the gangster movies in Hollywood. In the golden age of the beauty of the flowers, there are two names are all remember: Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. Compared with Andy Lau’s music, his film career has been relatively smooth, although it was a little bit late for him to win a prize. Follow me and I will show you the music road that Andy has walked.

The Maiden Work Of Andy: Love You Now

As a "virgin" in Andy’s musical world, this song, love you now, is of great significance to him, which released in 1985, and the song has had a high frequency during the last two decades of his concerts. "Blankly to the sea, silently to fold the hands, turn away from the dark, not to answer you, unknowingly, we just fall in love with each other" .The scene in the lyrics is always so cozy that feels as if you are in love.

But at that time, the song was released only 30,000 copies, and the number was pitiful. However, it was the tiny, poor 30,000 copies that gave Andy an attack. They judged his voice to be flat and poor, just as plain as water. He was also accused of imitating Leslie Cheung and robbing other people's jobs…Andy’s heart became very cold because of all kinds of saying.

Although at the time, this song did not resonate, even due to his unique "Lau's singing voice", which is not accepted by the audience. However, thankfully, the industry is quite optimistic about this new singer.

The lyrics of this song are about the encounter, mutual understanding and love between men and women. He expressed such a feeling in the song “Love you now”: no matter how long it is, it only matters now.

From this song, I know that we should cherish the present, enjoy the present loves. It appears that there is another reason why the actor and the actress can't talk about it. Even if they do break apart, they will not regret it, but the feelings and passion will also become memories, which will become a delightful part of their heart. Only the things I have owned, no matter how long it is.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   fǎng sì  yì shēng yě  bù gǎi biàn  

Chinese:  仿  似 一    生   也  不  改  变

English: It seems that doesn’t change in a lifetime.

The “仿似” means “as”. The ”一生” means “the lifetime”, The “也” means “also”. The “不” means “no”. The “改变” means “change”.

Being Famous For Vision Tour

After the release of his first album, Andy Lau's music road was controversial. It was not until 1991 that he hit the record with the album “Vision tour”. The main song "Vision Tour" has long been sung in the street. This is the first time that Andy Lau has been recognized by his audience of music.

This is the theme song of " Casino Raiders," directed by Johnny To, and this is the most popular genre of the Hong Kong film, the gambling film, starring Andy Lau and Jacklyn Wu. And Johnny's movie will be always different, even if it's about gambling. The sadness is still in this movie, everyone is a tragic hero, and everyone has innumerable helplessness to face. This is equally the tone of the song “Vision tour”.

As for the creation of the song, it was drafted by Hu Weili, who from mainland China to Hong Kong as a music editor composer, and the lyrics were filled by Xiao Mei, who discovered another king, Aaron Kwok. In his autobiography, he revealed that he used the "slow and slow singing" in Peking Opera when he wrote the lyric for this song. An accompaniment of er hu followed by the rhythm, and the rhythm of the syncopation to relax the song.

He also utilized the insignificant to render the sad atmosphere of the film. And the whole song uses the vocal range which is best of Andy Lau. It only gets nine degrees of differences from up to down. Add to Andrew Tuason's wonderful arrangement. The album sold out when the movie came out. Because the songs are not widely available, everyone could sing easily, so it was a popular choice for the latest karaoke.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:    huó zhe dàn shì méi líng hún

Chinese:  活   着   但  是    没  灵   魂

English: alive without a soul.

The “活着” means “alive”. The ”但是” means “but”, The “没” means “no”. The “灵魂” means “the soul”.

His First The Top 10 Chinese Golden Melody Awards In Hong Kong: Can We

Before the song “Can we”, Andy had a hard time selling his own records, and when they discussed it, they decided to form a record company, Xinle Company, to make their own records. This was the first time that Andy had been involved in the business. At the beginning of the company's establishment, he set about making his new album. "can be we".

And it is the earliest record of Andy Lau made personally, the entire process, is very careful and meticulous, each song is composed of several decision makers close scrutiny, every detail design, successively make a comparing several schemes. This record, the second album released by Xinle, also became the company's primary record for making money. And it also helped Andy to get his first award.

From this song, we can feel a story of separation. The familiar melody came from the computer, and I listened to the song, reminding me of the sunset when we broke up. The autumn wind caressed my cheek softly. The sunset was as beautiful as you are.

Suddenly, you let go of my hand, leaving me alone standing there with your back sight. Now we are thousands of miles apart, I still miss you, but I do not know how tell. I looked at the blue sky and white clouds, I just think, if they could bring the word “I miss you” to you?

Look back to when he first started singing, James Wong had laughed at Andy’s level of writing and cursed him for three years. In this song “Can we”. Andy Lau not only developed his baritone magnetic voice as a trademark, but also improved his ability to write. His honing and insisting made him finally had his own place in the vacuum after Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung, and finally got the recognition of James Wong.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   huái niàn céng gòng wǒ rè ài  de nǐ

Chinese: 怀    念    曾     共    我  热 爱 的 你

English: I miss you who I loved.

The “怀念” means “miss”. The ”曾” means “once”, The “我” means “me”. The “热爱的” means “loved”. The “你” means “you”.

The First Masterpiece Of Andy Lau’s Music: Forget Love Potion

From Andy's past album, most of the performance is the story of the handsome guy with his outer style. However, unlike most of the positioning singers’ bitter lover song or muddled honey, the company wrote this topic work “Forget love potion” for Andy. Instead of simply writing about a romantic partner, it's about a world of non-simple love.

The song, composed by Chen Yaochuan and wrote by Li Anxiu, was inspired by an experience of a flight. After receiving the invitation from Andy Lau, Chen thought of a song by Andy called "Thank you for your love". Now that we have "Thank you for love", the only thing we can do next is "forget it". So, Chen began to think how to forget to love during the composing. In the process of a plane, the flight attendant asked Lee that he would like to drink or water, he had an inspiration suddenly. He thought of the idea of putting forget love and water together to explain the concept of wine, so that people would take that as if they thought of the Five-Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness.

I know that you are wondering now, but what is it? There is a tale about the Five-Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness. Depending on it, there is a road called Huangquan road and the river, after crossing the river to the bridge, there was a platform called Wangxiang, and there was an old woman selling the Five-Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness. Those who you have loved, who you can't let go, the countless sorrows and joys of the billows of the dust, will always be fixed on the bridge as the tea slowly enters the throat.

When it comes to style of this song, it is clean and clear to the bottom, and the broken heart of the man is on paper. In addition, it gets a great melody and a genuine feeling. It is a classic of Andy Lau’s music. With love and a slightly plaintive, it will put people, who were in love, forget about the unhappy things for a moment. Andy Lau also successfully performed this pop song with his unique singing voice.

In my personal opinion, this mandarin song of Andy, has precise positioning, conservative attitude and lovely singing. It is true to say that, in terms of the positioning of the mandarin market, there is more backbone than the overall compromise of some singers.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   céng jīng nián shào ài zhuī mèng

Chinese: 曾    经    年    少   爱   追   梦

English: I once loved chasing dreams.

The “曾经” means “once”. The ”年少” means “the youth”, The “爱” means “love”. The “追” means “chase”. The “梦” means “the dream”.

After following me through Andy Lau’s music road, I hope you have a new understanding of his music. As one of the Hong Kong Four Heavenly Kings in the 1990’s, his musical style carries a positive, healthy and progressive image just like himself. By the way, I am grateful to George Lam for Andy’s recognition. At that time, Andy was just a little boy who never had a professional vocal training or just had a love of singing.

Fortunately, George Lam saw Andy’s studious and persistent, so he was willing to teach Andy the skills of singing without reservation which made Andy had a wonderful improvement. Even though he had been neglected by his company many times, he still insists on his music dream because someone like George Lam is supporting him. So that’s what makes him who he is currently, the most award-winning Hong Kong singer in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Andy once said that there was no such thing as regret, right or wrong. Everything that happens, every person you meet, is just an experience in your life. The point is what you can learn from this experience. As he grew older, his voice became more stable and attractive. It makes me love him increasingly.

In the end, I hope you will enjoy his music too.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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