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The Introduction of Funny Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

Interesting, it's the antonym of uninteresting. Interesting concepts can be the interesting things, the interesting people, but also the positive emotions that can bring people joy.When you are not happy, some people coax you; when you cry, someone will do strange movements to tease you. You think it's funny. That's funny! And funny songs, just listening. can make people happy. Next, we'll introduce three funny Chinese songs, let's see how interesting it is.

“Little Apple”,A Far-famed Dance Song

"Little apple" is a song sung by chopsticks brothers. It is composed by Wang Taili. It is the propaganda song of "the old boy's Dragon crossing the river". In 2014, the song won the National Music Award, "the best international pop music award of the year", the Mnet Asian Music Award "China's most popular song award.".

Apple is a favorite fruit and chopsticks brothers believe that it is very appropriate to use apples as metaphor for precious people and things, so it is called "little apple". The original intention of the song is to match the scene of the“old boy's Dragon crossing the river”. Chopsticks brothers always wanted to join the various elements in the music, because they often heard warriors and other disco when they were young, so apply the retro rhythm with the divine element in order to salute the popularity and cherish the youth.

"Little apple" inherited the characteristics of the chopsticks brothers being close to the people and being grounded.From the music itself, if compared with "The Most Dazzling Folk Style", you will find the way that “Little Apple”copy divine comedy is simple and rude.At the beginning of the main song little apple spent only half the time into the chorus, which is the key paragraph that let people listen to indulge in it.There is no nonsense that describes the beautiful scenery.

The refrain straightly point that“You are my little apple, little apple”, which is similar with the lyric in "The Most Dazzling Folk Style"–“You are the most beautiful cloud in my heart”.The reason why“Little Apple ”becomes far-famous quickly is that the song uses a great deal of easy and rhetorical devices that is found by the generation.From the MV itself, all the mosaics, beauty, and anti strings attract the audience's eyeballs when they first look.Nevertheless, the chopsticks boy never thought simply.The MV describes a miserable story that a solider leaves his lover, with feelings of tactics making the audience feel warmth, while reducing the audience to the Divine Comedy of greasy.

Therefore, on the whole topic, “Little Apple”is equipped to satisfy the needs of the inner love of young men and women. It is a song that can be humming in the life of the public. That can also directly and appropriately express the emotions of modern people.Coupled with the spread of the Internet、the effort that the Public relations company makes to propagate for a movie and the vacancy of the divine comedy throne and so on, it's not strange that “Little Apples” get far-famed in a short time.

”The MV of “Little Apple” tells a pair of male and female that go through four world’s emotional entanglements.The first was a south Korean couple—The woman had a makeover in order to get a crush on her boyfriend but consequently being more ugly;The next was Adam and Eve, who ate the apple under the temptation of the snake;The third is the mermaid and the prince, and the prince treats the other mermaid as her;Fourth is the childhood sweetheart of the couple—The man grew up and went to join the army, but did not come back alive.

Can be seen from the MV, the song singer aims to set up the correct attitude, but such a set is implemented by more sophisticated technique. At the same time, coverage of audience is expanded.These things are adding up lead to the reasons for the success of “Little Apples”.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   nǐ  shì wǒ de xiǎo  ā  xiǎo píng guǒ

Chinese: 你 是  我  的  小   啊   小   苹   果  

English: You are my little apple.

The “你” means “you”. The “是 ” means “are”. The “我 的 ”means “my”.The “小”means“little”.The “苹果”means“apple”.

“The King Asked Me To Patrol The Mountain”,A Funny Catchy Song

Song “King Asked Me To Patrol The Mountain” is written and composed by Zhao Yinjun, who is also the original singer of it, Released on November 11, 2015.This song cheerful rhythm makes people unconsciously humming along.Tian Xin, Jia Nailinag’s daughter, who firstly sung on the scream, looks really adorable.The different approach of Rap singing makes people laugh.

Yi Xiaoxing express: “Sun wukong is the idol of sweet xin.The movie takes place at the theme of western travel.When the song, which is appropriate for families to sing, comes out, the first time I thought of Jia Nailiang and Tian Xin”.Jia Nailiang also said that he falls in love with this song when he first heard the song with Tian Xin.He thought it funny.Sing this song was a dream for both of them at the same time.

A saliva song can fire up thanks to the following reasons.The first one is down to earth.The life of ordinary people is very ordinary. The song that cannot be forgotten must be close to the psychology of ordinary people.The melody must also be easy to hum.How many people can be a king?Ordinary people are singing out the voice of everyone.The second factor is joy.Joy is a medicine that specializes in the various sub-health of contemporary people.Playing gongs, knocking drums.

Life is so full of rhythm. Whether square aunt or sucking child, or the workplace skeleton demon, all can find happiness from a ready-made panacea.Thirdly, sincere emotion is necessary.What would you like to listen to when you are during the Spring Festival?Now if he listens to those singing the so-called Chinese dream, Chinese landscape?The next is love.Any song that feels like to be famous just sing out the love.The lyric“I'm going to pick the most beautiful flowers for my little girl”is able to win the heart of a girl.

The last one is fashioned.The TV series “Journey to The West” has been on the air for 30 years.And new friends have already known that the sun monkeys who envy are unable to havoc in heaven.The little goblin who does not envy the mandarin duck and the king. He has the ability to eat meat if he follows the king.This theme of the lyrics to this song is deserving to be spread deeply.

In the MV of “King Asked Me To Patrol The Mountain”, Jia Nailiang、Bai Ke and Zi Mo are the embodiment of the team that Patrol The Mountain, jumping up and down the hill, which makes people laugh.In the MV, the raising leg is extremely handsome, which is magical in the extreme.In addition, the image of songwriter Zhao Yingjun in the film who Plays a little fairy who plays drums also comes to light.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    wǒ yào zhāi xià zuì měi de huā duǒ xiàn gěi wǒ de xiǎo gōng jǔ

Chinese:    我 要  摘   下  最  美    的   花  朵   献   给  我  的  小   公   举

English: I'm going to pick the most beautiful flowers for my little girl.

The “我” means “I”. The “要” means “be going to”. The “摘下”means “pick”.The “最美的”means“the most beautiful”.The “花朵”means“ flowers”.The “ 献给”means “for”.The “我的”means“my”.The “小公举”means“ little girl”.

When you are tired of learning, just drink a cup of Green Tea; when you are tired of the work, smell the flowers; when you are not happy, just to slow breeze, let the breeze to disperse your troubles.Of course, listening to funny Chinese songs has the magic to eliminate all your discomforts.The next song is “Midnight DJ”, which is a dance and DJ song.“Midnight DJ”

“Midnight DJ”,A Song That Is Especially Made for DJ

“Midnight DJ”is a DJ song sung by Wang Yilong, the king of electric sound, which is written by Wang Yilong and composed by Andre Gubin.The album was released on January 7, 2011.The song tells the happiness and griever of a nightclub DJ and bravely reveals the declaration of love, which is a dynamic dance music.

Wang Yilong, the first person of China's original electric sound, wrote and sang "shake and shake" in 2007, which became famous all over the country. Wang Yilong has 10 years of nightclub DJ career. After 10 years of unremitting efforts and learning foreign advanced dance styles and production methods, and finally becomes a maximum audio producer.Despite the constant questioning of him in his efforts, he never gave up, and his persistent personality could be reflected in his work.

This single "midnight DJ" is Wang Yilong dedicated to the creation of all the national dance DJ.The lyric“On the 365 day, I don't have a holiday/Headset with monitor / tonight's party. I'm the biggest”is the accurate portrayal of the DJ dancer who brings people happiness music every day.Wang Yilong has expressed: “DJ always gives others making and playing songs, but there is no song making for DJ.Although I am no longer a midnight DJ, but I still always want to write a song for midnight DJ that work for every day.Let more people know DJ this occupation, understand DJ’s life. Learn more about each DJ’s voice”.It's not difficult to see that this song will definitely be DJ's favorite dance music.

The MV “Midnight DJ”, the hottest electric sound music that Wang Yilong, the king of electric sound, recently made, is about to host a show on Internet.The MV truly shows Wang Yilong's party scene, and for the first time revealed the legendary life of the mysterious nightclub "DJ".In 2011, Wang Yilong released 3 solo albums, one of the most popular and popular songs is "Midnight DJ".According to Wang Yilong, the MV is China's first DJ themed music video.

Wang Yilong himself had a 10 year DJ careers.He believes he can take good use of the real scene and the scene of the most dynamic move to impress all the fans who love dance music.He also wishes fans to really understand DJ's life through the DJ of midnight MV and remove the misunderstanding of the avant-garde career of DJ.It is believed that this music video can bring a visual feast to the fans.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   jīn  yè  de party wǒ zuì dà

Chinese: 今  夜   的 party 我 最  大

English: Tonight's party, I'm the biggest

The “今夜的” means “tonight’s”. The “party” means “party”. The “我”means “I”.The “最 大”means“the biggest”.

Happiness is a good expectation of a better life and a persistent pursuit of human nature. As the saying goes: “If you are someone, you are all life. The land is made of the heart, and a step back is wide”.Marx has a famous saying: "a good mood, more than ten good medicine can remove the physiological fatigue and pain."Music improves one's temperament.

Music takes away loneliness.And the funny Chinese songs have the magic to take away all your annoyance.Listen to joyful songs to brighten your gloomy mood at the moment.Listen to funny songs Can banish worry and worry for you.Listen to interesting songs make people never melancholy and maintain a cheerful mood every day.That's what music works for. Not to spread by reasoning, but more through the way of edification and infection, music imperceptibly affects the human mind To nourish the soul with beauty.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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