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The Great Traditional Chinese Song Remember Jasmine Free By Lei Jia

In the past days, we have shared more top Chinese songs in Chinese music for you.But most of them are of the popular song in the modern times.Today we would want to share the different type which is a traditional Chinese song for you.

In the past art performance of the G20 Summit, the famous singer, national first-class performer Lei Jia wears a white dress to sing the Remember Jasmine the leaders and the national audience.This is the single identical solo and the final performance of the night in the West Lake.

Carrying on the meaning ’ Past with the future’ of the G20 Summit, The Remember Jasmine of Lei Jia go through the communication with the composition and the produced team and then use the new melody,new lyric to do a new performance for the Chinese classics song Jasmine Flower.It also takes a different new feeling to the fan attendance or the audience who hear it by the Tv.

’ Meet you, you are restricted under the moon.Love you, You stay in the fragrant place’.The lyrics look like have the abundant ancient conception but it is the most creative composition.Nowadays the young people also love the style which is Chinese wind.Whether it is ’moon’ or ’fragrant’ concentration on the abundant modern melody of the beginning of this song to catch the attention of the young person.Who said that the elegant literary work can be singing only to the old person?

When the composers set their mind to create and arrange the great traditional Chinese song, the song can also attract the attention of the young people.

When the song is singing to the refrain, popular part Jasmine Flower rings out.On the one hand, it shows the eastern culture romantic charm and essential to the leaders, on the other hand, it can lead the audience to enjoy the familiar melody to feel moved and a new meaning.

We never know the arrangement like the classic folk song Jasmine Flower.In the external part, it shows the magnificent modality, in the inherent part, the old style never changes.Whether you are at home or abroad, you can also taste the lingering charm of the music of hometown.

As a new young singer, the singing of Remember Jasmine of Lei Jia use the abundant musical level to performance the salute and to inherit the traditional music and culture.

When the performance is coming, Lei Jia need to overcome the block of the sight and hearing when she needs to rehearse again and again with the symphony orchestra.Lei Jia took more attention on this song that the song performance is commanded by Li Xincao who is the famous principal conductor of China National Symphony Orchestra.

Whether won the folk style singing gold award of the CCTV Singing Contest for the Young or singing at the The Youth Olympic Games of 2014, and add this time in the G20 Summit,Lei Jia always can sing the new feeling in the tradition Chinese song that make the traditional feeling composite organically with the modern music.

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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