The Great Tips About Chinese Church Songs

The Great Tips About Chinese Church Songs

Recently, there are more and more Chinese people beginning to have religion which so totally understandable. Along with the religion, it also appears to have the religion culture. For example, Chinese church songs would be the beginning.

 Church music is written for performance in church, or any musical setting ecclesiastical liturgy. Like Christian music. It's usually the music performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence. We have more and more churches than before and for the convince of followers of a religion.

They translated the great mass of original songs. Then we will have the same steps as the origins. Most part of songs are glorious about god and the rhythms are very joyful so that can purify people’s soul. The most important is that the lyrics must be easy to remember.

There's a small chorus called choir which is selected by people. They focus on the singing classical church songs. They can lead the rest of people to sing when they go to the church during Sunday. I am familiar with the song : AMAZING GRACE(天赐恩宠). It is a Christian hymn published in 1779. It's not like the classical church songs which are very boring.

It tells a story about atoning for one’s crime. It expresses that the principle of religion is to make us fresh, reborn. I've past a church before and the people were singing this song. I was surprised that we have the Chinese version of this song and the translation was exactly the same with the original meaning. I could tell the pure joy from the singing and the way they slightly move their body. Even I am an anti-theist, still I could feel the same like them.

Another church songs called Ave Maria(圣母颂),it was a praise song originally means Catholics' praise to Maria. Composer expresses the feelings and the hope of future through it. The prelude of the song uses the broken chord of sextuplet.(六连音的分解和弦) to bring a.kind of emotional ups and downs.

Chinese churches nowadays are making our own Chinese church music but all based on the principle of their religions. I have a friend who's a Christian. She could sing for us to prey or to express her please to us by those newly Chinese church songs. I feel comfortable from those songs and totally respect her help. Chinese church songs are developing.

They are exploring the new field of religion songs which is a good thing. Because there's no gap between us as long as we are in the same religion. Due to the current situation about the international position of china, more and more foreigner are willing to help us to get a better understanding of religion.
This is my sharing of Chinese church song today, and hopes you will like it.If you want to get those great Chinese songs for yourself.You can get the free Chinese song downloads in our website.

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