The Great Popular Chinese Song: Fate is A Bridge (Yuan Fen Shi Yi Dao Qiao)

Zhang Yimou's new movie The Great Wall

Fate is absolutely a bridge that the China music can help the movie to become vivid and the movie help the music become more unusual theme.It also makes those professors Leehom Wang, Fang Wenshan. Tan Weiwei work together to create great popular Chinese song Fate Is A Bridge  from every area.

Fate Is A Bridge which is the ending song of Zhang Yimou's new movie The Great Wall that gathers Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Zhang Hanyu, Lu Han, Peng Yuyan, Lin Gengxin etc.

Fate Is A Bridge has many outstanding originality.Firstly, it’s the first time that Leehom Wang “lend” the lyricist Fang Wenshan from Jay Chou.Alought Leehom has worked together with many famous lyricists. He never works with Fang.It’s pity for him before.

The appearance of Fang takes the new extremely skillful classic music skill for this popular Chinese song but also takes some skillful temperament for Leehom.This temperament also has the match with movie The Great Wall.At the same times.The war lyric of Fang make the clear melody music line of Leehom to add some historical layering.

Leehom also took more originality for Fate Is A Bridge in the composition.In this work, you can listen the classic musical element and many modern popular Chinese music style.The combination and transform, between those just make you feel the only natural status.


In fact, the combination of Leehom Wang and Tan WeiWei is not only staying in the expectation but also surpass the normal temperament in performance.It would be not in the middle antiphonal singing.They are singing this song just like the close partner and sometime like two martial arts experts fight but not at outranged.And just show their skill in the song which makes this song broken.The fighting but not the talking match the movie line and strengthen the impact.

At the same time,it’s also the first time that Leehom worked with Tan Weiwei.Leehom is the king of singing and composing in Chinese music.Tan has the outstanding combination between her voice and soul especially her new attempt in Chinese rock music, Chinese folk song that helps her have a great surpass in music pattern.

In this Chinese song, Leehom apply the oriental voice line to conduct more layering northern melody.But Tan Weiwei is more amazing that it includes the transformation between the national opera voice and rock anger voice.It’s without warning but is floating clouds and floating water.In just short knob, this popular Chinese song takes us past thousand years.

After the movie The Great Wall public showed, it catches many people’s eyes when the movie is ending.No doubt this song will become the most popular this year.

When I wrote this article for you, I have listened to this song over 20 times.But I can’t stop listening to it.I very very love it.Maybe I would listen it over 100 times.How about you?Do you wish to get get the music, just find the download Chinese music methods in our website to get it.

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