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The Great New Album My Name Of China Songs In 2017

We know Chinese music will have many new albums every month and many great Chinese songs will be made public.In fact, many albums will which talk about the love would take up the main part of the musical market.Today we would like to share a new album My Name of China songs.It also includes many Chinese love songs we have shared in the past time.

My Name is called the album and is a normal name.But to Jocie Kok, the normal name has the nontrivial meaning.

Due to the sad affair of the same Chinese name of another girl, Jocie Kok is at sea in the music market.After 6 years, she can take part in the Taihe Music and then release her 4th solo album My Name.

In fact, 6 Years can change many things and Jocie Kok change a lot.We can say that the new album will be the beginning of the Jocie Kok 2.0. If it said that the past Jocie give the feeling about youth, vitality, the new Jocie is a more mature singer which is intellectual and thermal, skilled and emotional.

From the music, My name is a traditional Chinese popular music album like those Chinese pop songs we talked many times in the past.Many people always use any reason or even set any standard to define the quality of the popular music album.For example, they will say that it don’ has the feelings, or don’t have the rock spirit or even is not pluralism.In fact, the thought is that judge people by their appearance in the musical world.

The feelings can be behaved affectedly. The diversification can be custom-made by using money.But a popular music album doesn’t need the constraint of the type.It needs to be that is the right singer does the right thing in the right way.

My Name is not an album which created by all the great musician.Although it has some great Chinese musician like Yao Ruolong, Yi Jiayang, Wang Yajun, Peng Xuebing,other songs is from Xiao Lu, Miao Xiaoqing, Mai Shujuan, Yan Xiaolei which are the young musicians. Young musicians don’ have the skillful technology in composition but they have the perceptual forthright and sincere and the pure natural melody.

In fact, it is equally matching the temperament of Jocie.Jocie is not the fire-eatiing singer.The past Jocie was winning by the lily-white ego. The new Jocie is also winning the reality, truth.Great status of this type of singer is good at neglecting the identity of the singer and just to sing.

Chinese songs of the album My Name don’t have the theme song because of the Jocie who sings seriously. Every song will be the theme song.

For example, the song One Hundred Alone Reason, the loneliness is as if into the voice of Jocie which you can see it and touch it.In times that Chinese loves songs also need to be roared, you can hear that still has other thing like the temperature and loneliness after the love songs.The another song is Loneliness, which Jocie have a great work to sing it that has the intellectual sense of distance.She really does limit loneliness and don’t let the painful emotion to inundate.

Abstinence is the most valuable characteristic of the album My name.For example, the song Tears of the Blue Sky which is also an inspirational work but the melody don’t emerge from the completely released and just have a balance in the deploying and retracting.

Although the China songs of this album are loaded with the Chinese love songs like we have shared before, the album still contact the attitude and knowledge of Jocie.

For instance the two Chinese songs You Are Not The Place Where I Must Go and It Is Love show their corner angle of the music.It was not the old Jocie in the Don’t Afraid and the new Jocie in the album is having the personality,independent modern female image.The transition of the female singer doesn’t have to be wrapped.Jocie shows her natural growth in this album.

Specially I love the song Time of the album? What the level that the singer should reach?Countless people maybe would say that it is the inimitable symbol of the sound ray or the characteristic skill.But in the song Time, Jocie definitely tells us all that is the emotion of the singing that cannot be copied.

The Jocie of the Chinese song Time, her singing is forcefully articulated and her sound shift is natural and sharp.She performs the story of the time in the music and uses her voice to pierce the limit of the time to let your time connect with her time that leads to the other shore to release the emotion.

Obviously the album My name is an album that helps us recognize Jocie again.The China songs of this album take the great feeling to you when you enjoy them.

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