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The Great Music in China Act Self In China Music 2017

Few days ago, we have sharee great music of China.Today we would like to share the wonderful music in China Act Self of Zhang Bichen. Zhang Bichen begins to open her first solo concert and then she releases a concert advertising song Act Self which surprise the audience.

She plays a ‘Female Emperor’ role in EDM dancing song world and applies colors to draw the bright red music style.At the same times,her new album also begins to be released and begins to start her new career in Chinese singer in a blue Chinese folk song of the Children’ Dream.

One dancing song which is hot and one folk song which is calm.All of them are the milestone song in the music way of Zhang Bichen.We can see obviously that Zhang Bichen use music as the painting to act different music style which discloses her grounding of her life.

3 minutes 35 second Act Self is colorful Zhang Bichen who just put temporarily the love song and enter resolutely the swimmy world of EDM music in China.The restless R&B accordatura is the fluorescent light of the header.

The black Dubstep melody splits the fuzzy blind spot.When her side is the slivery hertz, Zhang Bichen walks at the margin of the stage with her voice ‘I decide my own way/Broken any possibility on my side’.Taking the power of attack,her voice is the dancing red flame and is the main role: sexy, wild nature, firm.

The repetitive ‘Break it down’ slogan express the wild ambition of Bichen.Anyway, after experiencing the music game, she can’t leave a monotonous impression to the audience.So she uses the music as the painting to act the attacking singer and tell us that she has more possibility in the music in the future.

But in Chinese song Children’ Dream, she never uses any skill to perform it and just shows purely the most monotonous part in her voice line: hoarse low undertone, pure middle voice,mellow aloud.

Without the break of the hot dancing song and the movement of the Chinese sad song,she just use the stable emotion to sing his child’s voice: ‘I want to huge the sea wave/I want to walk on the cloud/I want all of the world become children/Anyone don’t need to pretend/I want to be nourished by all things/I want to retain that time/I think I would possess the pure heart and angelic face/I think that the all isn’t the dream imaginary heaven’

It follows from the above that the Children’s Dream is a fairy tales for adults.She transforms belief that the childishness and dare to chase the dream.

Chasing the dream but don't be impatient.The audience expects that the new progress of Zhang Bichen.She spent two years to prepare a performance and an album which are very long for the talented singer.But she is still patient and get the practice for more Tv theme song to improve her skill in the music.

We can notice that Act Self is the confidence.But after the confidence,we can see the hard work behind of Zhang Bichen.Just enjoys this great music in China Act Self.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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