The Great Four Chinese Easy Songs To Learn Chinese

The Great Four Chinese Easy Songs To Learn Chinese

As Chinese easy songs are always short and easily-comprehensible, they are popular among the people. People also like them because it is easy for them to learn how to sing them. There is a large number of easy songs in China. Here are four songs to show you the simplicity of easy songs.Except it,you can find more great Chinese music in our website.

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1.Little Apple

Little Apple is created by Chopsticks Brothers. Chopsticks Brothers is a musical group that has created many popular easy songs. They always wanted to integrate various elements into the music. Because they often listened to disco in their youth, the creation is a tribute to their lost youth.

Why the song is called "Little Apple" ? The reason is that apple is one of the most favorite fruits and apple is a metaphor of treasure. We all know that people like to use “apple of one’s eye” to express the value of the thing. The song is also associated with a piece of beautiful love in a film .

The songwriter Wang Taili said "the creation intention of the song is to cooperate with the movie .

The whole song is fresh and bright with catchy lyrics. It has become the best music accompaniment for public square dancing.In fact,many great Chinese children songs like this song that is easy and fit to learn by the children.


"Xishuashua" in fact is a form of mora in KTV. Because mora is always full of uncertainty, it reminds the songwriter of love. He wished the two sides in love do not live in guess and he wrote the song and named it "Xishuashua".

"Xishuashua" can be played fully in KTV. The song is also used by people to express their happiness and delight. Whenever someone feels good, he can sing it. The lyrics are very simple. It is so popular that you can even hear a little kid sing the song in the street.When the song played in the street,it just like those Chinese christian songs often played in the church.

3.Chick Chick

There are only five words in the song. They are chicken, hen, cock, cuckoo and day. It is subversive that the song uses a variety of animals’ cry to relax people and ease the pressure of life. People even say the song brings them joy and satisfaction. This song is not only a music work but also an entertainment product.

   Because the whole world can understand animal's cry, there is no language barrier. Th melody has been internationally talked about by the listener. People enjoy it, from kindergarten children to square dance aunts. It tops the world's top ten most incredible MVs.

4.Tan Te

Tan Te is called “divine comedy” by Chinese people. The song is sung by Gong Linna. Gong Linna is a famous singer who was born in Guizhou Province. So her song is always full of national features. Her husband, a German composes the song. The song is very unique because we can say it has no lyrics. It has very strong rhythm.

Many people say they feel they are drunken when they are listening to the music. The song is about describing a person’s mental disturbance.

After enjoy those Chinese easy songs,do you want to learn Chinese by those songs?Tell us what you think and what you do in the comment.Of course you can download chinese music through our recommend method.

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