The Great Chinese Worship Songs In Chinese Music

Wo Ge Wo Zhu(I Sing My Lord )

At the present time,the development of Chinese Christianity in China is full of life.With the deepening of the building of theology, the general promotion of the quality of clergy, Chinese Christianity has become the diverse culture in China.That’why we can share the great Chinese worship songs for you. Today we would keep the journal and share more and more great chinese Christian songs for you.

1. My Light Need Oil

The song is talking about that the Christian wants the love of God just like the light need oil to light up their heart.

2. Jesus Gives You Peace

The song is talking about that Jesus will grant you peace and help you face the difficulties in your life.

3.Money Is Not Everything

Money can’t buy the happiness for you, can’t buy the peace for your heart.If you want to happy and peaceful, just believe in God.

4. Jesus Love You

Whether you’re a Chinese or American or other people from different countries, Jesus love you and would bless you.

5. Hallelujah

With reiteration of the word, you would get the peace from the song and follow the guide of the god.

6.Glorify The Name

Nothing can overspread the effect of the God.The world would glorify it and indicate the effect of it.

7. There Is A God

God is not at the top of the people.He lives in you and me.If you’re sincere, you can find that he lives in your side.

8. Rain of Blessings

The rain of blessings is the good fortune for you and me.You can find that it exists in everywhere in our life if you look at the thing in detail.It can’t stop like the rain.

9.Jehovah Bless You And Keep You

Today we faced more and more challenge in our life, life makes up nervous.We should be brave and believe Jehovah will bless you and keep you.

10. Flowers of the Field

The blessings of God like the flowers of the field.We can smell it out but can’t catch it in our life.Just know it exists in our side.

11.  Praise From Heart

When you pray in the church, you can’t pray in your face but in your heart.After you do that,then you can get the praise from the heart of God.

12. Let Praise Arise

Just open your heart to wait for the praise arise.When you want to get the happiness,just let praise arise.

13.Stream of Praise

The praise from God just likes the stream which keeps going and gives up the peace to us.

14.I Will Praise The Lord

The lord takes the peace and happiness to us.That’s why we should praise to him and write more praises for him.

15.Amazing Grace

We were born to be done manifest the glory of God that is within us.Then the god will set the grace to us.When you do things that beyond your ability,your powers that God will give the grace to you.

16.Thanks to God

Why we should be thanks to God? God gives us right to live and dead,and the health,the peace.When you have got something at that moment,just thanks to God for what you got.

17.   Life Is a Gift

God takes all of life as a gift to us, God is all we have.

18.People need the Lord

When will we realize, we need the lord.When you depress and need to be faced with your sins and difficulties, you need the lord.

19. Sacrificial Love

God sacrifices his life to save us from suffering and teach us what life means and with sacrificial love to serve you.

20.   Miss The Love of God

Maybe you have found that many of those Chinese worship songs which are thanking for gold or praise.All of those are the characteristic of worship songs.You can get more songs by this way.

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